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What Does a Fellow Keep in his Drawers"

Architecture News
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What Does a Fellow Keep in his Drawers" What Does a Fellow Keep in his Drawers"

What Does a Fellow Keep in his Drawers"

I don't have many secrets left after writing my blog for 7 years ... except one. But not anymore, today I answer the question, "What do I keep in my drawers""

Now that I am an AIA Fellow and I’ve officially hit the big time, people are continually stopping me everywhere I go and asking me, “O Supreme Leader, now that thou hast hit the bigeth league, couldst thou bestow upon us regular folk your secret"”Well, after writing a blog like mine for 7 years, you don’t have very many secrets left, but I do have one, and it’s something I’ve never shared on this site before … the only secret I have left is what I keep in my drawers. I’m not even sure how the topic came up but last week some of the people in my office had me show them everything I keep this particular drawer – and while I was a little reluctant to show them my goods, in the end, I decided it wasn’t that big of a deal. After having a few laughs at the randomness of the stuff I have held onto, it was suggested that I turn the contents of this particular drawer into a blog post – an archive of sorts. Everybody has a drawer like this – some people have one at their office, some people have one in their home, and some people have both. I know that in every house I work on I know that there will eventually be a drawer that is full of garbage – the things you think you should hang onto because it either seems wasteful to throw them away or you think eventually you might actually need whatever this thing is (that you don’t actually need.) I know that in my house, that drawer holds a bunch of random stuff with a disproportionate amount of fortune cookies, delivery menus, and individually packaged fork/knife/napkin sets.Okay – I have acquiesced and the contents of my work junk drawer will be a secret no longer … so let’s take a look at what I keep in my there, shall we"Prepare to be underwhelmed.I did not clean it out prior to this post, which made me a bit nervous because there is some stuff in here that I have touched or thought about since I put it in here. I was a little surprised that it was fuller.Headphones, and a lot of them.After I took this picture I realized that these 6 don’t even represent all the headphones I have up here at the office – I had forgotten about the ones that are currently sitting on my desk.Yes, they all work.TeaI am not a coffee drinker – even though I kind of wish I were. I’m not anti-caffeine and I’m not completely anti-hot drink. As a result, I tend to drink tea when the mood strikes me and I am partial to Irish and English breakfast teas (probably from the time I’ve spent over in these locations).ToiletriesIf you are going to eat and drink stuff while up at work, it only makes sense that you have the ability to clean your mouth afterward. I keep the razor up here for those occasions that I decide to go all...
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What Does a Fellow Keep in his Drawers" What Does a Fellow Keep in his Drawers"


Fuente de la noticia: lifeofanarchitect
Fecha de publicación: 28-02-2017 21:34
visto: 1

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prada invites koolhaas, grcic, the bouroullecs + herzog 

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shigeru ban’s first UK building will be a five-storey

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erotic electronics as robot strippers premier at CES 2018

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this google app finds your museum doppelganger

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AMO designs hyper-surreal prada showspace for FW18 mens fash

emblazoned with hyper prada-isms everywhere, the pop-coloured transformation of the industrial space is an oneiric and surreal archive. The post AMO d ...
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CARBONSCAPE, the latest kinetic data soundscape installation

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A Balance of Elements: Serene Contemporary Home in Guatemala

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Brick Walls and Spiral Staircase Steal the Show at Foster Ro

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38 sqm Apartment Renovated in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Captain Kelly’s Cottage / John Wardle Architects

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Fontana Lake House / Samsel Architects

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Cumaru House: An Imposing Example of Modern Brazilian Archit

The main functions of the Cumaru house are concentrated on a single plan, providing a single floor house aspect, sharing abundant lighting and ventila ...
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Odette Estate Winery in Napa Valley

Odette Estate Winery, Napa Valley Building, California Commercial Architecture, Images Odette Estate Winery in Napa Valley Contemporary Californian Co ...
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Veddinge Hills Summer House near Asnæs

Veddinge Hills Summer House, Odsherred Home, Zealand Building, Danish Architecture Images Veddinge Hills Summer House near Asnæs Weekend Home on Sjæll ...
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Cevisama 2018, Feria Valencia

Cevisama 2018, Feria Valencia Event, Architecture Design Prize, Buildings, Images Cevisama 2018, Feria Valencia International Architectural Event held ...
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Budapest Architecture Tours: Walking Guide

Budapest Walking Tours, Hungarian Building Guides, Hungary Architectural Walks, Architects Budapest Architecture Tours Hungarian Architecture Guides â ...
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5 Meters Residence in Tel Mond

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Museum of Language London Competition

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Mont Albert B&W House in Melbourne

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The Perfect Bathroom Layout ? The Dimensions You Need to Kno

The Perfect Bathroom Layout, Home Architecture and Interiors Images The Perfect Bathroom Layout ? The Dimensions You Need to Know The Dimensions You N ...
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Due Spring 2019

Last month I signed the contract for my next book with Prestel, tentatively titled NYC Walking Tours. Due to be released in spring 2019, the book coll ...
14-01-2018 21:59

nomadic homes: the mobile architecture movement for seekers

drawing from age old tradition yet unmistakably on-trend, the notion of the \'nomadic home\' is increasingly a symbol of spontaneity and simple living ...
14-01-2018 21:37

anonyme studio fully covers a parisian building façade with

ground floors protected by fences have been turned into lush vertical gardens. The post anonyme studio fully covers a parisian building façade with pl ...
14-01-2018 21:37

marc goodwin photographs architecture studios in beijing and

the series offers a rare and private look at the workspaces of established practices, including david chipperfield architects, archi-union, and neri&h ...
14-01-2018 21:37

david mesguich presents sculpted woman amidst riots in nante

the ex-vandal created PRESSURE 1.2 in the hopes of self-analyzing past practices with his new life as a contemporary artist. The post david mesguich p ...
14-01-2018 21:37

Watermill Retreat in East Hampton, New York / CSS Architectu

The exterior of the Watermill retreat has a rustic simplicity of a ?modern farmhouse?, mimicking the barns common to agricultural Long Island with sim ...
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Brutalist-Style House in Northern Taiwan / Yuan Architects

Built on a hillside, this Brutalist-style house intentionally elevates the living space to provide privacy while offering a comfortable outdoor activi ...
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Modern Glass Extension Upgrading Mud Brick House in Victoria

The modern glass extension was designed to draw more light deeper into the living areas, but also to visually extend the living space of the house out ...
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Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center

Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center, St Louis Sport Building, America, News, Images Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center in St Louis ...
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pH+ architects converts an apple packing station in the UK i

the design was subject to strict conditions by the planners requiring the visual integrity, scale, structure and agricultural character of the origina ...
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nini andrade silva’s huge WC beautique hotel in lisbon

the WC beautique hotel is born to wash our souls at avenida almirante reis, an area of lisbon city where multicultural movements are emerging, assumin ...
13-01-2018 21:39

john beech makes minimal sculptures from industrial material

introducing elements of utility to monochrome abstract sculpture, the artist brings purist shapes and surfaces back down to earth, spoofing modernist ...
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designboom review: kodak mini shot prints desktop-quality CM

he user experience can be broken down into three components: it\'s a camera. it\'s an app. above all else, it?s a bluetooth printer with style. The po ...
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kengo kuma’s waterfront cultural center highlights the

the proposal offers diverse experiences of water in various states and conditions such as reflection of light and shadow, steam and flow that appeal t ...
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bigtime’s CASH ONLY nightclub in florida is a modern u

the 7,500 sf venue with three bars on two levels was designed with a vintage chic persona made fresh, a harmonious mix of nostalgic, and thoroughly mo ...
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GM to put fully autonomous ‘AV cruise’ on the ro

GM asks us to imagine a world without human error. The post GM to put fully autonomous ‘AV cruise’ on the road by 2019, releases first look of int ...
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Architecture on the air: The story of Open University?s tele

A new exhibit looks at a pioneering, mixed-media college course exploring modern architecture Satisfying your curiosity for architecture, or an ...
13-01-2018 21:39

Minimalist modern desert home can be yours for $1.6M

The imposing entrance belies the sunny interiors on the other side Here?s a contemporary take on a desert midcentury modern home in Palm Springs ...
13-01-2018 21:39

Trump condo sales indicate possible money laundering, says r

More than a fifth of all Trump condo sales were all-cash transactions by shell companies More than 1,300 Trump condominiums selling for a total ...
13-01-2018 21:39

Gothic Revival: Restoration and Renewal of a 1870s Harboursi

Design ingenuity and a dose of respect for its original Gothic Revival bones deliver a blighted 1870s harbourside home in Sydney into the 21st century ...
13-01-2018 21:22

Maybanke House in Sydney

Maybanke House, Sydney Contemporary Extension, NSW Home Interior Images, Australian Architecture, Architect Maybanke House in Sydney Contemporary Aust ...
13-01-2018 21:21

Autofamily House – Contemporary Polish Residence

Autofamily House Poland, Luxury Polish Home, Residential Architecture, New Property Autofamily House : Contemporary Polish Residence Modern House Pola ...
13-01-2018 21:21

St Martins Cafe in Brighton

St Martins, Brighton Cafe, Adelaide Interior, South Australia Building, Architect, Images St Martins Cafe in Brighton Contemporary Interior Developmen ...
13-01-2018 21:21

18 for 2018

Head on over to World-Architects to see which 18 projects I\'m looking forward to in 2018. ...
12-01-2018 22:00

front puzzles rugs & poufs of geometric illusions for G

sourcing the patterns of classic parquet flooring, front\'s geometric designs for GAN\'s rugs and poufs fit together like a jigsaw puzzles. The post f ...
12-01-2018 21:38

monsieur plant crafts reebok classic into flower sneakers

the plant shoes are rendered in a hyper-realistic state, with every facet of the sneaker pieced together with environmental materials. The post monsie ...
12-01-2018 21:38

tadashi kawamata weaves 100,000 chopsticks into an immersive

inside the parisian gallery kamel mennour, the japanese artist has formed a fragile and precarious piece. The post tadashi kawamata weaves 100,000 cho ...
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