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Derniers Articles Architecture

Tunnel House by MODO

This contemporary residence located in Hawthorn, Australia, was designed in 2015 by MODO. Description by MODO The client approach us wit ...
31-12-2015 21:42

21 Photos of the Angama Mara Safari Lodge in Kenya

  Angama Mara is a new safari lodge, balanced on the rim of Africa?s Great Rift Valley, overlooking Kenya?s Maasai Mara. Inspired by the Swahili ...
31-12-2015 21:35

Holladay Residence by THINK Architecture

Designed in 2015 by THINK Architecture, this spacious single family residence is located in Holladay, Utah, United States. Photog ...
31-12-2015 21:42

String mass

By Matthias Bauer called Haus H36 in Stuttgart 2012 via Subtilitas ...
31-12-2015 21:37

Two cute kids share their experience of living in a modern h

  Chibi Moku have made a video, showing what it’s like for Harper (3 yrs old) and Hudson (5 yrs old), to live in a modern home designed by ...
31-12-2015 21:35


I got excited when the first universal remote control came out, but the Blumoo makes it look pretty ancient. The Blumoo is a mobile app that transform ...
31-12-2015 21:37

Lakeway Residence by Clark | Richardson Architects

This modern luxury residence was designed in 2015 by Clark | Richardson Architects. It’s located in Lakeway, Texas, United States. Descr ...
31-12-2015 21:42

Villa Schuler

Nestled amongst churches, collective housing, and an old mansion in Boudry, Switzerland sits a bold statement in modern architecture. Andrea Pelati Ar ...
31-12-2015 21:37

Vineyard Farm House by Charles Rose Architects

Designed in 2014 by Charles Rose Architects, this inspiring single family residence is situated on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, United States. ...
31-12-2015 21:42

Edwardian Home by Andy Martin Architecture

Located in London, United Kingdom, this Edwardian house was redesigned in 2015 by Andy Martin Architecture. Description by Andy Martin ...
31-12-2015 21:42

Step up to 2016!

Thank you for your support in 2015! The Stairporn crew ...
31-12-2015 21:37

A home on the edge of a forest in Denmark

Photography by Julian Weyer   Architectural firm C.F. Møller, have designed a home located on the edge of a forest in Aarhus, Denmark.   Pho ...
31-12-2015 21:35

Freeman Residence by LMK Interior Design

Designed by LMK Interior Design, this contemporary mountain home is located in Park City, The Colony, Utah. Photography by Scott Zimmerman ...
31-12-2015 21:42

The Four-Floor War

[Image: Russian troops in Grozny, February 2000; image courtesy of AP]. ?U.S. land forces will eventually find themselves locked in fights within huge ...
31-12-2015 21:35

A clifftop home with 360 degree mountain and ocean views

Photography by Adam Letch   SAOTA,together with interior designers at Studio Parkington, have designed a new home in Cape Town, South Africa.  ...
31-12-2015 21:35

Story Pod, Giant Open-Air Mobile Library

This compact, mobile library named ‘The Story Pod’ designed by architecture studio Atelier Kastelic Buffey. It is located near Main Street in the ...
31-12-2015 21:41

Spectacular Ring House in Japan

The forest of Karuizawa, near the city Nagano in Japan situated in approximately one hour away from Tokyo, holds a small treasure of modern architectu ...
31-12-2015 21:42

House in Hinterbrühl by Wunschhaus Architektur

This three-storey private house was designed in 2011 by Wunschhaus Architektur & Baukunst. It’s situated in Hinterbrühl, Austria. Photogr ...
29-12-2015 21:42

Beautiful slate kitchen countertops

Interior Design Ideas Beautiful slate kitchen countertops for you guys. Slate is a hard stone that has beautiful grains and great to use as design on ...
29-12-2015 21:40

Minimalist Photographs of a Colorful Building in Hamburg

In Hamburg, Germany, BSU (Office of Urban Development and Environment), has become one of the most famous in the world for its unique and colorful des ...
29-12-2015 21:42

7 examples of backyard buildings that make a great place to

1. A 92 square foot backyard office in Texas Designed by Sett Studio. 2. This backyard studio in Seattle Designed by First Lamp. 3. This backyard art ...
29-12-2015 21:36

Family Retreat by Salmela Architect

Located in Herbster, Wisconsin, this contemporary family retreat was designed by Salmela Architect. Photography by Paul Crosby Visit Salm ...
29-12-2015 21:42

Billboards in Los Angeles are showing artwork instead of adv

  If you happen to be in Los Angeles, and see billboards with artwork on them, you might be looking at the work of non-profit group The Billboard ...
29-12-2015 21:36

Eco Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Interior Design Ideas As a high traffic area, your kitchen needs deep cleaning occasionally. Check out our tips for eco-friendly kitchen deep cleaning ...
29-12-2015 21:40

Villa K

Villa K is a wondrous architectural object plucked from the imagination of ARCHITECTENCSK and placed on the landscape so as not to disturb the natural ...
29-12-2015 21:37

This group of creative people convert abandoned urban spaces

  Sitio Eriazo, a collective made up of recent graduates from theater, art and architecture schools who search out and recover empty, abandoned, ...
29-12-2015 21:36

T02 by ADI Arquitectura y Diseño Interior

The project is designed in a single level as it is designed for disabled couples, single people, young or old. The circulation is opti ...
28-12-2015 21:43


How many of us wish we had another pair of hands" I do. Often. Whether I am carrying too many groceries or all of the kid?s stuff, I frequently just n ...
28-12-2015 21:38

How to easily change the look of plain IKEA cabinets

  Everyone knows that IKEA is a Swedish company, but did you know there’s another Swedish company named Superfront, that have a collection ...
28-12-2015 21:36

What did you miss in 2015"

The best articles on Life of an Architect from 2015 - ranging from architectural redlines and sketching, to construction drawings and architectural ju ...
28-12-2015 21:36

Lake Edge by Rehkamp Larson Architects

Designed for a young family by Rehkamp Larson Architects and Brooke Voss Design, this amazing lake house is located in Excelsior, Minnesota. ...
28-12-2015 21:42

Adaptable Micro Apartments: Semi-Communal Urban Living

Is college dorm-style living for adults a viable proposal for affordable housing in overcrowded cities" A micro apartment complex in Seoul offers bed ...
28-12-2015 21:43

A large stone wall runs through this redesigned home in Conn

Photography by David Sundberg | Esto   This home in Stonington, Connecticut, was originally designed during World War II (1945) by architect ...
28-12-2015 21:36

This designer has made a flying hoverboard that actually wor

  We’ve all heard for much of our lives that hoverboards will exist…one day. Well, apparently that day has arrived, with the introduc ...
28-12-2015 21:36

House Amanda by Inhouse Brand Architects

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, this 4,306 sq ft single family house was designed by Inhouse Brand Architects. Description by Inhouse B ...
28-12-2015 21:42

This house was designed to curve like a boomerang, so that a

Photography by Albert K S Lim   This home, designed by Aamer Architects, is located on a long and narrow waterfront property in Singapore.   ...
27-12-2015 21:36

Sol Stool

A colorful piece of designer furniture often adds freshness and vitality to a space and the Sol Stool is a perfect example of this. Light, chic and co ...
27-12-2015 21:38

Abandoned Building to Garden Home: Fresh Renovation in Saigo

Normally, when you see trees growing out the windows of a building, that?s a sure sign of neglect, with nature taking back over spaces that have been ...
27-12-2015 21:43

This Floor Lamp Was Inspired By A Child?s Spinning Toy

  Berlin-based British designer Ewan Cashman has designed a lamp, inspired by the wooden toys that his mother used to make in his childhood.  ...
27-12-2015 21:36

Sustainability Trends: Straw Bale House

Have you heard of straw bale house construction" It?s an ancient type of building method that has been gaining popularity thanks to its high sustaina ...
26-12-2015 21:42

Functional Extendable Campervan

Dutch architect Eduard Böhtlingk is the author of a very particular camping van named De Markies (or The Awning). This compact van can be opened like ...
26-12-2015 21:42

Unusual Coat Racks and Coat Hooks

Interior Design Ideas These may just be Coat racks and Coat Hooks but they do make a big difference if they look nice or ugly since they are found in ...
26-12-2015 21:40

Twin Holiday Homes in Front of The Aegean Sea

Athens-based architects Block 722 imagined these twin homes on the Greek island of Syros. Called Syros I and Syros II, these two holiday homes are com ...
26-12-2015 21:42

A black and white apartment with glam lighting by Geometrix

Photography by Alexandr Kamachkin   When Geometrix Design set out to renovate their own apartment in Moscow, they wanted to keep it mostly monoch ...
26-12-2015 21:36

7 Weird And Wonderful Hotels From Around The World

1. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland This resort has igloo-like rooms that bring you up close and personal to your Arctic surroundings. The geome ...
25-12-2015 21:36

Design Detail ? The headboards in this hotel suite are visua

  When architecture firm Stonehill & Taylor, were designing the recently completed Renwick Hotel in New York, they used a simple trick to hel ...
24-12-2015 21:36

This pool house was built with a curved concrete shell

Photography by Ravi Kanade   42mm Architecture were asked by their clients to create an extension to their home in New Delhi, India, that would i ...
24-12-2015 21:36

Best Skim Milk Posts of 2015

10. Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects Inspired by the local landscape of the northern Dutch islands, this modern home has a unique roofline that l ...
24-12-2015 21:40

These designers have made a rain poncho for bike riders

  Bike riders often have to deal with a variety of weather conditions when cycling, designers Shane Liu and Vicky Lin, worked with the team at VA ...
24-12-2015 21:36

How-To Make Your Own 3D Paper Deer Head

  If you have any spare time over the holidays, you might want to check out Canadian designer & decorator Ashley Freeman’s do-it-yourse ...
24-12-2015 21:36

Best Architecture Posts of 2015

10. YO! Home Is a Convertible Apartment Concept YO! Home is a mind-blowing convertible apartment that’s an affordable concept high on style and desi ...
24-12-2015 21:40

Rainbow Stairs Add Color To This Otherwise White Room

  Andy Martin Architecture were asked by their clients, a family with two young sons, to design the renovation of their home in London. A mostly ...
24-12-2015 21:36

Master Pan Divided Skillet

Warning- if you love cooking, you are going to find the Master Pan Divided Skillet absolutely irresistible. It has 5 separate compartments which means ...
24-12-2015 21:38

11 Contemporary Chandeliers That Make A Statement

  1. This chandelier has been made from over 120 steam-bent wooden shapes. Giant Flock Chandelier by Tom Raffield 2. This delicate looking chande ...
23-12-2015 21:37

Curvaceous wood

Chinese studio MAD has unveiled the first photographs of its icicle-shaped museum for wooden sculptures via Dezeen ...
23-12-2015 21:39

Holiday Greetings

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!See you back here in 2016! ...
23-12-2015 21:37

Frame Storage

Frame storage boxes might just be our top fun-find of the month! These storage boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and deliver a cer ...
23-12-2015 21:39

A Beachfront Villa In Thailand by Sicart And Smith Architect

  Malouna villa is a private residential home, on the North Coast of Koh Samui Island in Thailand.   Photography by Julien Smith Sicart and ...
23-12-2015 21:37

The Best 30 Articles on Fubiz of 2015

To close a year full of images, here’s a recap of the most read articles on our media. We have dressed an eclectic list of the 30 best posts : from ...
23-12-2015 21:44

LifeEdited?s Top Posts of 2015

As the year draws nigh and vacations loom, we thought we?d look at 2015’s most trafficked posts published this year (?Build Your Own Murphy Bed for ...
23-12-2015 21:44

The ?Broken Landscape? Memorial Sculpture In Croatia

Photography by Daniel Pavlic   In 2014, a public competition was announced by Croatian Radiotelevision – HRT, to find someone to design the ...
23-12-2015 21:37

small bathroom interior design ideas

Interior Design Ideas New design ideas are always sprouting up either on the net or decorating magazines and made planning, decorating and designing r ...
23-12-2015 21:42

Book Review: A Genealogy of Modern Architecture

A Genealogy of Modern Architecture: Comparative Critical Analysis of Built Form by Kenneth Frampton, edited by Ashley SimoneLars Müller Publishers, 20 ...
22-12-2015 17:30

If You Let Them Build It, They Are Much More Likely to Come

The world is abuzz about tiny houses. They are the architectural antidote to all that ails the modern American home: they are small, affordable energy ...
22-12-2015 21:43

10 Best Residential Projects of 2015

These 10 residential projects got our full attention this year. From a pared-back renovation to a luxurious indoor-outdoor pool, here are our best hou ...
22-12-2015 21:39

Ever wondered what $32,000 gets you on a flight from New Yor

  Have you ever been curious about what you get when an airline charges you $32,000 for a non-stop flight from New York City to Abu Dhabi, the ca ...
22-12-2015 17:30

This is the most remarkably modern McDonald?s we?ve ever see

Photography by Ross Honeysett   A McDonald’s in Hong Kong has recently completed a new sleek and sophisticated interior design they’r ...
22-12-2015 17:30

California Dreaming Photos of Hollywood’s Glamorous Ho

German photographer Stephanie Kloss is the author of a series that takes us in a journey in the middle of the 50’s-60’s Hollywoodian architecture. ...
22-12-2015 17:36

Today's archidose #874

Here are some photos of the Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald (2014) in Neuschönau, the Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany, by Josef Stöger, photographed ...
22-12-2015 21:37

Why are so many people living on the water in London"

  For some London residents, the local canals are proving to be fine real estate. Turning to this somewhat transient existence can spell adventur ...
22-12-2015 17:30

Heritage Treasure Chest by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Beautiful traditional residence located in North Sydney, Australia, designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects and Decus Interiors. Descripti ...
22-12-2015 17:36

Vijayawada Garden Estate

The conceptual force behind the Vijayawada Garden Estate is an architectural taboo rarely attempted at such a scale and with such visual flair. The id ...
22-12-2015 17:32

Taeg Nishimoto has designed the SEED planters

  Designer Taeg Nishimoto of studio TN/MOS, has made a collection of wall planters named ‘SEEDS’.   To create the SEED, the desi ...
22-12-2015 17:30

A hillside home designed for a couple who love entertaining

Photography by Leandro Moura|Onzeonze Studio   A couple in Goiânia, Brazil, that love to entertain, wanted a home designed to take advantage ...
22-12-2015 17:30

Intriguing Ghost Town in China

Ordos, Inner Mongolia, is known as the largest Chinese “ghost town”. Curious to see these surreal cityscapes, photographer Raphael Olivier went th ...
22-12-2015 17:36

9 Wall Calendars To Keep You Organized In 2016 (plus they ca

  It’s that time of year when we start to look forward to the new year, so we thought we’d put together a selection of 2016 wall cale ...
21-12-2015 21:45

Casa Nirau by Paul Cremoux Studio

This inspiring two-storey residence located in Mexico City, Mexico, was designed by Paul Cremoux Studio. Description by Paul Cremoux W. Th ...
21-12-2015 21:51

Harrison Ave Apartment

The Harrison Ave Apartment is an elongated space oozing beautifully of fundamental contemporary design, and brings simplistic sophistication to an eve ...
21-12-2015 21:47

Manipulated City Portraits

Self-taught in digital photography and CAD-3d rendering, Victor Enrich creates unusual urban landscapes, transforming architectural structures into su ...
21-12-2015 21:51

Upstate Lake Camp in New York

Lake resorts are passe and old school. The Pearson Design group has come up with the state of the art lake camp swim-up bar designs that can accommoda ...
21-12-2015 21:51

Mario Cucinella’s Ultra-Green Office Building in Ghana

The Italian architect\'s energy-efficient One Airport Square project is changing the landscape of Accra. The post Mario Cucinella’s Ultra-Green Offi ...
21-12-2015 21:48

Watch these glowing trees move and sparkle at a mall in Hong

Photography by William Furniss   A new site-specific installation has recently been created at the Oval Atrium in the International Finance Centr ...
21-12-2015 21:45

Sagarana House by Rocco Arquitetos

Designed in 2013 by Giancarlo Rocco of Rocco Arquitetos, this inspiring house is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Description by Rocco Arquite ...
21-12-2015 21:51

Floating Cube: Timber Addition Hovers Above the Driveway

If you think you don?t have room on your property to add another room to your house, you might be overlooking some creative ways to fit in extra squa ...
21-12-2015 21:52

Naman Residences by MIA Design Studio

The idea is mainly focus on how to maximize privacy for every family but still create vast pleasure spaces with nature integrating the sea. To m ...
21-12-2015 21:51

The Cabin Project ? Technical Drawings

Ever wanted to see what architectural drawings look like, this is the post for you. A look at the modern cabin project we just started - and a look at ...
21-12-2015 21:45

Asymmetric Shelters at The Danish Coast

In order to strengthen the local tourism and provide more opportunities for outdoor living in Danmark, studio ...
21-12-2015 21:51

Mt Olympus Residence by Whitten Architects

Located in California, United States, this luxury single family house was designed by Whitten Architects. Photography courtesy of Whitten ...
21-12-2015 21:51

13 examples of how to include a double-sided fireplace into

  We often see fireplaces included in homes as a focal point, but we’ve increasingly noticed that we’re seeing double-sided fireplace ...
21-12-2015 21:45

Designers used brown kraft tubes and LED lights to give this

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko   YOD Design Studio teamed up with graphic designer Ilya Nepravda, to create a fast food restaurant named WOKA, lo ...
20-12-2015 21:35

Brick House in Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Interior Design Ideas The brick House in Hyojadong is  located at Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea . It is a three storey private home with a ...
20-12-2015 21:38

Tech Dopp Kit

Wouldn?t you like all of your tech gear to fit into a cool, organized pouch" Instead of having cables running wild and disk-on-keys on the loose, you ...
20-12-2015 21:36

A Mid-Century Modern House in California Gets A Remodel

Photography ©2015 Mariko Reed   Klopf Architecture were asked by their clients to remodel a run-down mid-century modern house, located in Lafayet ...
20-12-2015 21:35

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Interior Design Ideas Bathroom floors may make or unmake total image of a bathroom. Good planning of floor colors and designs for the bathroom will no ...
20-12-2015 21:38

Butterfly Pavilion by 3deluxe

Photography by 3deluxe   German design studio 3deluxe, are currently designing a 2.5 hectare park in Sharjah, the capital city of the United Arab ...
19-12-2015 21:41

Include Decor and Crafts into Holiday Celebrations with Your

Interior Design Ideas Christmas is the time of the year that brings people together. The holidays are a great occasion to spend time with family, frie ...
19-12-2015 21:45

Giant Christmas Trees Have Sprouted Up In London, Budapest A

  For the third year in a row, architectural group Hello Wood, have decided to re-think the concept of a Christmas Tree, and believe that Christm ...
19-12-2015 21:41

This wood tile mosaic was rescued from a restaurant demoliti

  When Charles Rose Architects were designing this apartment in New York, they were asked by their clients to create a space to display a large w ...
19-12-2015 21:41

Kangaroo Ground Pavilion by SL Building Designs

Designed in 2015 by SL Building Designs, this inspiring single-storey residence is located in Melbourne, Australia. Photography by Urban Angl ...
18-12-2015 21:43

Office Space

The new Tysons Corner home of consulting firm LMI makes an immediate statement. Designed by Gensler, the 165,000-square-foot, LEED Gold-certified buil ...
18-12-2015 21:37

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artist performs underwater choreography in the world’s deepest pool

artist performs underwater choreography in th...

AMA shows gautier performing for several minutes, holding her breath throughout various part of the routine before rising up to the surface. The post artist performs underwater choreography in the world’s deepest pool appeared first on designboom... -
BMW Pavilion Touches Down in Toronto?s Financial District

BMW Pavilion Touches Down in Toronto?s Financ...

The BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, a study on Mies van der Rohe, showcases the X7 iPerformance, the brand\'s concept hybrid SUV. The post BMW Pavilion Touches Down in Toronto?s Financial District appeared first on Azure Magazine. -
Tesla batteries will supply backup power for Nantucket

Tesla batteries will supply backup power for ...

The 48-square-mile island is getting 200 utility-scale Tesla Powerpacks When it comes to building power grids, Tesla loves the island life. Over the last year, the company has been installing large-scale energy systems in Australia,... -
Tarumi House by Fujihara Architects

Tarumi House by Fujihara Architects

Situated in Tarumich?, Japan, this modern single family house was designed in 2017 by Fujihara Architects. Photography by Stirling Elmendorf Visit Fujihara Architects -
See how Target?s new minimalist home goods line compares to Ikea and Muji products

See how Target?s new minimalist home goods li...

When simple isn?t so simple Target already has new in-house home goods lines for lovers of boho, midcentury modern, and Fixer Upper, and now it?s adding to the roster with Solid Soap/Lotion Dispenser (plastic), $13. ... -
Interior designer Nicole Gibbons is Oprah-approved

Interior designer Nicole Gibbons is Oprah-app...

Gibbons talks to us about her famous boss and being a black woman in a racially-exclusive biz Photo by Reid Rolls Nicole Gibbons What do Oprah, Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, and stylish... -
Kitchen Design Idea ? Cabinet Hardware Alternatives

Kitchen Design Idea ? Cabinet Hardware Altern...

  Choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware can be surprisingly difficult. The number of handles and knobs to choose from can seem endless. If you’ve been having these concerns maybe you completely forget the idea of having typical... -
House Daasdonklaan: Traditional Dutch Design Meets Modern Artistry

House Daasdonklaan: Traditional Dutch Design ...

A beautiful, modern home set in a quiet little neighborhood of the Dutch town of Roosendaal, House Daasdonklaan is all about finding new expression for local design and architecture. The expansive contemporary residence designed by Zone Zuid... -
immerse yourself in the surreal and poetic world of justin peters

immerse yourself in the surreal and poetic wo...

justin peters paints his own dream world where everything is possible through the unexpected and unique imagery combinations and photo manipulations. The post immerse yourself in the surreal and poetic world of justin peters appeared first on... -
CES 2018: Smart home tech trends you need to know

CES 2018: Smart home tech trends you need to ...

From app-monitored home deliveries to all things sleep tech From massive TV displays to robots of all stripes, there?s no shortage of eye-popping moments at CES, the annual trade show for the latest and greatest in consumer tech,... -

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