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Recycled Bottle Structures Around the World

Architecture News
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Recycled Bottle Structures Around the World Recycled Bottle Structures Around the World

Recycled Bottle Structures Around the World

Here are some examples of amazing recycled bottle structures around the world.

Beer Bottle Temple in Thailand

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is a Buddhist Temple made of beer bottles in the Sisaket province of Thailand. It is actually a recycling project to decrease the littering in the sea. So, the Buddhist monks requested people to bring their empty beer bottles in 1984, and they built a temple complex out of green Heineken and brown local Chang beer. Besides the temple, the monks also managed to build water towers, toilets, sleeping quarters and a crematorium. Today, the monks have decided to keep building and expanding the complex to recycle the bottles.


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Recycled Bottle Structures Around the World Recycled Bottle Structures Around the World


Fuente de la noticia: themindcircle
Fecha de publicación: 25-11-2022 22:09
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ex-NOMA fermentation chief ‘david zilber’ cooks

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Louis Sullivan’s Masterpiece: The Guaranty Building

The Guaranty Building, formerly called the Prudential Building, is a pioneering skyscraper in Buffalo, New York, designed by iconic Architects Louis ...
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Hyper converts suburban garage into Dark Matter garden studi

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‘Future Nouveau’ AI-Generated House Designs

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?Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System: One Of The Oldest Eng

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Most Impressive High-Tech Buildings Around The World

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DRIFT’s dancing flowers ‘shylight’ gracefu

DRIFT?s shylight for new york city ballet art series comes with custom choreography and performance supervised by the studio artists. The post DRIFT†...
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Tai?an?s Ceremony Hall: The Hometown Moon / SYN Architects

At the beginning of 2019, Shandong Lushang Group commissioned Syn Architects to develop the overall planning and design of the mountainous area, its v ...
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House that Opens Up to the Sun by Stempel & Tesar Archi

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108ERA by Vallribera Arquitectes

108ERA is a stunning stone farmhouse located in Granera, Spain. Designed by Vallribera Arquitectes in 2022, this traditional real estate offers the pe ...
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A Huge Wood Ceiling Covers This Home In Arizona

Architecture firm The Ranch Mine has updated an existing 1970?s house in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and transformed it into a modern home with ample li ...
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Soft Colors Were Used To Design A Relaxed Atmosphere For Thi

Alda Ly Architecture (ALA) has designed the Brooklyn flagship location of Lazy Sundaes, a beverage cafe serving Korean bingsoo sundaes (shaved ice) an ...
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Impressive Buildings Standing On Mountaintops

Here is a list of some of the most impressive buildings standing on mountaintops Chapel of Saint-Michel d?Aiguilhe The Saint-Michel d?Aiguilhe C ...
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bamboo bicycle club allows you construct your own sustainabl

recycled aluminum lugs connect bamboo poles for this DIY bike kit. The post bamboo bicycle club allows you construct your own sustainable commute appe ...
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nendo engraves intricate patterns of pokémon cards into new

pokemon trading cards take over nendo\'s new office design for creatures inc. The post nendo engraves intricate patterns of pokémon cards into new off ...
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Casa Patios by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos

Casa Patios is a single-family house located in Mexico City, Mexico and designed by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos in 2022. This modern home is desig ...
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Nortehaus by Willy Kuhne

Nortehaus is a B&B retreat located in Norland, Canada, designed by Willy Kuhne in 2023 with a minimalist design style. Situated in the picturesque are ...
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