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Surface Design Awards 2019, London

Architecture News
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Surface Design Awards 2019, London Surface Design Awards 2019, London

Surface Design Awards 2019, London

Surface Design Show London, UK Architecture Awards, Winner, SDS Event 2019, Architects
Surface Design Awards 2019
Maggie?s St Barts – SDS Winner: Interior + Exterior Architectural Prize – Winning Designs + Designers
8 Feb 2019
Surface Design Awards 2019 Winners
Interior + Exterior Architecture Prize, London, England, UK
Surface Design Awards Winners in 2019
Maggie?s St Barts by Steven Holl Architects awarded Supreme Winner at Surface Design Awards 2019
The winners of the 2019 Surface Design Awards have been announced, hailing the best and most impressive use of materials in, and on, architectural projects from around the globe.
Maggie?s Centre Barts, London:

photos courtesy of Surface Design Awards The beautiful new Maggie?s Centre Barts, London has been declared the Supreme Winner, capturing the judge?s hearts and minds. A beacon of design in the charity sector, the building by Steven Holl Architects’ was shortlisted in the Public Building Exterior category, gaining acclaim from the judges, including Christophe Egret, who stated ?You really feel that a person dealing with cancer might feel elevated in this space?.
Across 13 categories entrants to the Awards comprised a who?s-who in architecture and design from around the world. Zaha Hadid Architects, Steven Holl Architects, Studio Egret West and Chris Dyson Architects from the UK, Rockwell Group from the USA, and Kengo Kuma & Associates from Japan were among the shortlist.
The Surface Design Awards...
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Surface Design Awards 2019, London Surface Design Awards 2019, London


Fuente de la noticia: e-architect
Fecha de publicación: 08-02-2019 21:21
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