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Derniers Articles Architecture

Burnt Cedar by Greg Faulkner

Burnt Cedar, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, by Greg Faulkner ...
16-11-2017 21:47

Casa Sulla Morella by Andrea Oliva

Casa Sulla Morella,Castelnovo di Sotto, Italy, by Andrea Oliva ...
09-11-2017 21:46

Dry Creek Residence By John Maniscalco Architecture

Dry Creek Residence, by John Maniscalco Architecture ...
05-11-2017 21:48

The Desert Palisades Guardhouse by Studio AR+D Architects

The guard house was originally conceptualized as a gateway to this long awaited residential development, located on the elevated hills...
02-11-2017 21:46

JZL House by Bernardes Arquitetura

The JZL House is located in a residential area of Leblon neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro. The program is distributed in three floors: basement, ...
29-10-2017 21:48

Cottage in Vineyard by Ramón Esteve

The house is located in the municipality of Fontanars, on the outskirts of the village surrounded by large acreages. The project seeks ...
27-10-2017 21:45

House 7 by Studio de Lange

The house is the result of ongoing, long relationship with clients who are known for their knowledge love for art and design. The special...
23-10-2017 21:46

House of Yards by Marte.Marte Architects

House of Yards, by Marte.Marte Architects ...
29-09-2017 21:49

Pavilion Ponderosa by Paolo Cucchi Architects

The project develops on about 0,86 acres and is located in the North-East of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, inside a high-end gated area, just?n...
25-09-2017 21:55

Figueras Polo Stables by Estudio Ramos

This project is located in a distinctive region of Argentina known as ?La Pampa?. Pampa is an indigenous word meaning ?plains? or ?fl...
11-09-2017 21:46

Ghost Wash House by A-I-R Architects

Ghost Wash House  Paradise Valley, Arizona, by A-I-R Architects ...
04-09-2017 21:41

BG Apartment by Francesc Rifé

This dwelling is located at a key point of the city of Seville: next to La Maestranza bull ring and the Guadalquivir River. The owners of ...
01-09-2017 21:43

Helen Street by mw|works architecture + design

The clients were living on a rural property east of Seattle but were drawn back to the vibrancy of the city. This new project would distill th...
07-08-2017 21:41

Villa Ypsilon by LASSA Architects

Located in an olive grove in southern Peloponnese, this summer residence is characterized by an Ypsilon shaped green roof that acts as both a...
21-07-2017 21:46

Casa Maria & José by Sergio Sampaio Arquitetura

The owners – an elderly couple with four children – require that the house should be single-story due to the reduced mobility of some fam...
23-06-2017 21:47

Waterside Buddist Shrine by ARCHSTUDIO

This is a place for Buddhist mediation, thinking and contemplation, as well as a place satisfying the needs of daily life. The bui...
12-06-2017 21:41
05-06-2017 21:45

Lake Cottage by UUfie

Lake Cottage is a reinterpretation of living in a tree house where nature is an integral part of the building. In a forest of birch and spruc...
29-05-2017 21:50

E20 Private Residence by Steimle Architekten

Facing the street, the new building presents only a few openings cut deeply into the solid concrete shell. While the crystal-shaped hous...
12-05-2017 21:45

The Valley House by Superkül

Built for a family of five, this house in Toronto?s Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood occupies a deep lot on a reverse ravine, with a heavily f...
01-05-2017 21:49

Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona Pavilion Posters by Blackhaus

This project starts as a small fragment of our new audacious project called ?Iconic Architecture? which will be splitted into several ch...
28-04-2017 21:44

Sticks & Stones Home by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Hunters Hill is an attractive, historic peninsula that lies between the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers on the north shore of Sydney Harb...
24-04-2017 21:45

Cefn Castell by stephenson STUDIO

The site is remote occupying a spectacular panoramic view location overlooking Cardigan Bay. The clients? brief was to provide a family home ...
17-04-2017 21:43

Parquet Patterned Pool and Spa by Claesson Koivisto Rune

A spa with two pools has been completed adjacent to a 1796 mansion in south Sweden. The spa has one indoor pool for wintertime and one out...
31-03-2017 21:38

04-SU by Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

Situated on a steep and technically challenging site, this house captures framed views to large-scale marine traffic in the outer harbour....
27-03-2017 21:40

FU House by Kubota Architect Atelier

FU House, Shunan, Japan, by Kubota Architect Atelier Photography by Kenji Masunaga ...
23-03-2017 21:40

CASWES by TOOP architectuur

North of the West-Flemish village of Westouter one can find a plot in an open and rural landscape, heavily influenced by the typical agric...
02-03-2017 21:42

LB House by Shachar- Rozenfeld architects

The house is built on a narrow trapezoid lot, bordering a small green public park with ancient Eucalyptus trees. The clients ...
23-02-2017 21:38
16-02-2017 21:39

House B&R by ECOING

The design concept is based on the premise that each room offers a unique experience, while at the same time the spaces create an int...
29-01-2017 21:46

House Rheder by Falkenberg Innenarchitektur

The floating spacial sculpture in the park In a time when there are more questions than answers, more choice than decisions and more opportuniti...
22-01-2017 21:40

F House by Pitsou Kedem

Since the dawn of history, ?public? architecture – the architecture constructed by institutions of church and state, ...
19-01-2017 21:46

Residence VDB by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects

Residence VDB, by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects ...
17-01-2017 21:38

The Junsei House by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

At the water?s edge a structure stands properly. In the periphery, a ferry landing and the echoes of extinct maritime sheds, it nestles in res...
12-01-2017 21:38

The Quest by Ström Architects

The site is heavily wooded and enjoys a beautiful southerly aspect with a view over the Durlston Country Park. Early on, we established th...
08-01-2017 22:01

QL House by Visioarq Arquitectos

The QL House is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Algarve, on the Portuguese southern coast, a singular presence in an ess...
05-01-2017 21:38

Casa na Mata by Studio MK27

Casa na Mata, Guarujá, Brazil, by Studio MK27 ...
01-01-2017 21:37

Ikema Island House by 1100 Architect

This beachside house on Japan’s Ikema Island is perched on a concrete base to ensure the living spaces inside enjoy an optimal view of ...
22-12-2016 21:38

The Solis ?ouse by Renato D’Ettorre Architects

Set within its stunning natural surroundings on Hamilton Island, the residence is sculpted from concrete, stone, block work and glass r...
18-12-2016 21:42

House in Perbes by Carlos Quintáns

Built for a family of four, the house turns its back to the street and is covered with wavy sheets of zinc, creating a neutral and f...
15-12-2016 21:40

Camp Baird by Malcolm Davis Architecture

The home, similar to their very own family campground, is outfitted for the family yearning to unplug from their fast-paced lives and connec...
08-12-2016 21:39

Case Study House #21 by Pierre Koenig

One of modernism?s most iconic houses, Case Study House 21 (Bailey House) by Pierre Koenig, is now on sale. The two-bed/two-bath Hollywood...
20-11-2016 21:40

Hudson Guesthouse by Janson Goldstein

The master plan for this four-acre hillside site outside of the Upstate New York town of Hudson includes a new guesthouse and pool adjacent to...
17-11-2016 21:43

King Albert House by ONG&ONG

King Albert House, Singapore, by ONG&ONG ...
03-11-2016 21:39

La Pinada House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The aim of the project is to give a new and even identity to a house belonging to the same family for several generations. ...
28-10-2016 21:46

Flagship by Alfredo Häberli for Baufritz

Designed by Alfredo Häberli Design Development to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of German company Baufritz?s timber homes, the pro...
24-10-2016 21:41

Villa CD by Office O architects

The house is situated in a residential allotment with ?bungalow? houses from the early sixties, surrounded by dunes, not far from the ...
17-10-2016 21:39

Exhibition: Jonathan Muecke & Juliaan Lampens

For its seventh furniture series, MANIERA invited the American designer Jonathan Muecke to a residency in Belgium. The one-week stay was to take p...
07-10-2016 21:39

Mexican Modernism by Francisco Artigas

Francisco Artigas was a man of order. The many modernist houses he designed in the 1950s and ?60s were as strict and exacting as his wardrobe, ...
03-10-2016 21:40

Lakeside House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Lakeside House, Yamanashi, Japan, by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates ...
26-09-2016 21:39
16-09-2016 21:41

The Dovecote by AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos Associados

This is an emotional design! Our client asked us to reform an old dovecote in the backyard of his home. We decided to propose a play hous...
07-09-2016 21:38

Desert House by LOHA

LOHA?s take on the Palm Springs vacation house typology simplifies its forms into their essential elements and plays with those forms through cuts...
26-08-2016 21:37

Rooiels Beach House by Elphick Proome Architects

This vacation beach house located near Cape Town, South Africa, is carefully crafted to respond directly to the brief from the client...
22-08-2016 21:37

House in Alentejo Coast by Aires Mateus

Among the pines trees, a stone plateau is drawn to a scale that can no longer be understood as a courtyard. The space embraces a wide area...
15-08-2016 21:39

Life House by John Pawson

From the beginning, the thinking behind the Life House was an uncompromisingly modern design where it would be possible to inhabit a differe...
10-08-2016 21:39

Beachyhead by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

A set of living spaces is held in a dramatic concrete box that floats over the site. Connected to a garden on the street side, the build...
29-07-2016 21:36

LSD Residence by Davidov Partners

This new house was designed to accommodate a couple of soon to be empty nesters. Built on an irregular block the ground floor of the house wa...
11-07-2016 21:37

Peter’s House by Studio David Thulstrup

The renowned photographer Peter Krasilnikoff commissioned architecture practice Studio David Thulstrup for his private residence and...
08-07-2016 21:36

Architecture Model Museum: Archi-Depot

Japan is getting its first museum dedicated to miniature architecture models. On June 18, 2016, Archi-Depot will open on Tennozu Isle in Tokyo?s ...
04-07-2016 21:39

Fairmile by BattersbyHowat Architects

This single family home is located on a steep West Vancouver slope with expansive views to the water of the Georgia Strait in the southwest ...
01-07-2016 21:37

Flynn Mews House by LOHA

Located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, the Flynn Mews House seamlessly integrates into and celebrates its historic urban fabric. Sharing...
27-06-2016 21:36

MR House by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos

MR House, Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos Photography by Daniela Mac Adden ...
24-06-2016 21:36

White Cave House by Takuro Yamamoto Architects

White Cave House is a massive lump engraved by a series of voids interconnected in the shape of a kinked tube. The connection of voids – ...
16-05-2016 21:41

Shulman Home and Studio by LOHA

LOHA?s restoration and modernization applies contemporary measures of performance and design to a historic building, enhancing its continued l...
29-04-2016 21:36

Arboretum House by Bruns Architecture

Designed as a peaceful dwelling amid an opus of bird songs, Arboretum House grows out of its forested site within the diverse landscape of th...
08-04-2016 21:42

Casa dos Claros by Contaminar Arquitectos

Single-family house with two stories – ground floor and basement – designed by Contaminar atelier, located between the rural area surro...
05-04-2016 22:57

Tropical Beach House by Renato D’Ettorre Architects

A small one bedroom beach house. The primary design elements are shutters made out of low-maintenance native hardwoods that will age ...
28-03-2016 21:45

Platypus by Robinson Architects

Platypus House, Noosa Hinterland, by Robinson Architects ...
25-03-2016 21:40

Azuris by Renato D’Ettorre Architects

The design of the house responds to its spectacular location near the edge of the ocean and its site falling steeply away towards th...
21-03-2016 21:42

Seascape Retreat by Pattersons Associates Architects

A romantic beachside cottage is set into a rock escarpment in a tiny boulder strewn South Pacific cove. It is a shelter designed as a...
18-03-2016 21:41

Cliff House by Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

This project is the first of a series of projects for a large 455 acre site on Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast. This pure box in the landsca...
14-03-2016 21:45

Holyport Berkshire by Foggo & Thomas

This single-storey house, located on a small private estate in the heart of the sought-after Berkshire village of Holyport, is...
07-03-2016 21:47

Henbest House by ras-a

Located in Rancho Palos Verdes, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles known for it’s expansive views of the pacific ocean...
03-03-2016 21:53

Oak Knoll Residence by Jørgensen Design

Oak Knoll Residence, California, by Jørgensen Design Photography by Joe Fletcher ...
02-03-2016 21:45

Ramp House by Studio mk27

An important collection of African art rests on the wooden sideboard in the living room of Ramp House, located in a quiet ...
26-02-2016 21:44

LM Guest House by Desai/Chia Architecture

Located on a rolling farm property in upstate New York, the LM Guest House celebrates the beauty of the surrounding landscape- sweeping ...
22-02-2016 21:46

The Corten House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Sitting on a plot of 1,000 square meters, the 580-square-meter residence comprises multiple layers and areas: the structure unfold...
19-02-2016 21:43

Esplanade 30 by Wood Marsh Architecture

The development at 24 The Esplanade, Brighton, has been designed to provide four contemporary buildings of outstanding architectural qua...
27-01-2016 21:46

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Remodeling 101: Lava Stone Countertops

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Architectural ruins take center stage in art installation at iconic Paris department store

Architectural ruins take center stage in art ...

Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi used wire mesh and sheet metal for a meditation on time and design From Pompeii to Giza, architectural ruins fascinate historians and captivate the public. Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, the famed,... -
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Construction giant Skanska will use drones an...

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Marble House by Openbox Architects

Marble House by Openbox Architects

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This $4 mug is the perfect design object

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