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Derniers Articles Architecture

Modern Eclectic Finds an Industrial Home in the Heart of New

New York City and its brilliant skyscrapers are home to some of the most inspiring decorating styles and themes on the planet. If New York City gives ...
20-07-2017 21:59

Bright and Trendy: 15 Fabulous Gray and Blue Bedroom Ideas

It is easy to fall in love with a color scheme compromised of the world?s favorite color and the trendiest new neutral that has been topping charts fo...
20-07-2017 21:59

Stained Timber and Stonework Shape Mid-Century Modern Aussie

Gone or the days when rigid walls were used to delineate space. In the modern world, it is an open floor plan that holds sway with utility of each spa...
19-07-2017 22:02

Bathrooms of the Future: The Role of Design and Innovation

As opposed to some far-fetched, futuristic fantasy, the bathroom of the future will be made up of several essential, realistic components: sustainabil...
19-07-2017 22:02

Cozy Retreat for Summer and Beyond: Sunroom Seating Ideas

With summer here most of our days are spent on the pool deck, patio, or any other outdoor space that we can find. It is the time to shed layers of ext...
19-07-2017 22:02

Celebrating the Outdoors: Serene Second Home Surrounded by G

Call it a relaxing escape, a vacation retreat or just a getaway where friends and family can come together to have a good time ? a second home definit...
18-07-2017 22:09

Old Blacksmith Workshop in Barcelona Transformed into a Ligh

A sensible transformation of an old structure into modern dwelling saves time and resources. It is this adaptive reuse of buildings that has seen the ...
17-07-2017 22:01

Glass and Timber Extension Revamps 18th Century Farmstead in

Set in the confines of Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom, the West Yard Farm in its latest avatar is a wonderful blend of the old and the new. De...
17-07-2017 22:01

Unboxing Goodness: 20 Box Style Bedside Tables and Nightstan

No bedroom is truly complete without a smart nightstand. It is not just about aesthetics and the picture-perfect look alone. Nightstands and bedside t...
17-07-2017 22:01

DIY Tropical Art with Palm Leaves

Today’s DIY project is perfect for summer, especially if you’re looking to add a splash of tropical style to your wall! Affordable and colorful, t...
14-07-2017 22:00

A Timeless Love Affair: Rediscovering the Magic of the Class

If you are a design aficionado, then you will need little introduction to the amazing world of pendant lighting and how it has taken over the indoor l...
13-07-2017 22:05

Concealed in a Shroud of Green: Steeping into the Shelton Ma

Presenting a wonderful contrast between the cleverly concealed and the undeniably obvious, Shelton Marshall Residence in Downtown neighborhood of Kans...
13-07-2017 22:05

Urban Oasis: Balcony Gardens That Prove Green Is Always In S

A balcony garden is no stranger to urban apartments. If you are living in a big city where a backyard is not an option, you likely rely on nearby park...
13-07-2017 22:05

Château St. Gerlach: Luxury Hotel and Spa Complex with Histo

It is one thing renovating a home with a heritage street façade and a completely different challenge when you need to intertwine the modern with the ?...
13-07-2017 22:05

30 Homes That Show Off Their Top-Notch Modern Driveway

The driveway may be a part of the home?s outdoors, but it?s equally as important as any interior. The looks of your driveway are a reflection on your ...
12-07-2017 22:01

This Weatherboard Workers Cottage in Melbourne Gets a Stunni

Few cities in the world see as many home conversions and extensions as Melbourne. It is a sign of how most homeowners in Melbourne are looking for way...
12-07-2017 22:01

Space-Savvy Workspaces: Finding the Right Desk for Your Smal

Bringing work home is an increasingly common feature with technological breakthroughs making work from home a greater possibility for everyone. And wh...
11-07-2017 22:00

Inspired by the Iconic Farnsworth House: Modern Texas Home C

A Ludwig Mies van der Rohe masterpiece that has been studied by architects from across the globe for over six decades, the Farnsworth House offers a ...
11-07-2017 22:00

An Inviting Office Environment: Innovative Meamea Headquarte

Who says office ambiance is sterile, boring and far too impersonal! Contemporary offices have taken an entirely new direction with many of them combin...
11-07-2017 22:00

Modern Industrial Vancouver Apartment in Wood, Concrete and

The smart array of reimagined and invigorated old industrial buildings in cities like New York, London and Vancouver are a big part of the reason why ...
10-07-2017 22:00

Tranquility Wrapped in Luxury: 25 Trendy Outdoor Décor Finds

With summer here, our focus shifts from life indoors to those dreamy evenings and fun weekends under the sun. This is the time of the year when the po...
10-07-2017 22:00

Infinity House: A Spectacular Window into Secluded Norwegian

A remarkable world where the night sky comes alive with dancing lights in brilliant colors and the rugged landscape disappears into the rough Northern...
10-07-2017 22:00

Chic Japanese House Integrates Old Retaining Wall With Woods

Working with existing buildings and imposed building norms often forces architects to come up with unique homes that seem far more exciting than the m...
07-07-2017 22:00

Alpine World of Unparalleled Luxury: Stunning Chalet Marco P

Think of a luxurious holiday amidst the majestic French Alps and often it is the snow-covered slopes and the many sights and sounds of winter that ins...
07-07-2017 22:00

5 Festive Summer Party Themes

The 4th of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean your days of summer entertaining are over! Far from it. Consider the 4th to be the beginnin...
07-07-2017 22:00

Cheerful Rear Addition to Melbourne Home in White, Timber an

Simplicity often produces best results in the world of interior design and this holds true while planning for a smart rear extension as well. Nestled ...
06-07-2017 22:02

Living the American Dream with a White Picket Fence!

When you picture your dream home, does it have a white picket fence" It has become somewhat of an American dream – a little suburban house with a wh...
06-07-2017 22:02

This Light-Filled Japanese Home is Built to Withstand Gusty

Evolution of design and architecture is often accelerated by needs of specific landscapes and unique obstacles presented by local weather in different...
06-07-2017 22:02

IKEA Kitchens Hacked by 4 Enterprising Establishments

IKEA kitchen hacks mean big business for a number of brands. And rather than buying and installing an entirely new kitchen, consumers are able to repl...
05-07-2017 21:58

30 Ways to Create a Romantic Ambiance with String Lights

The lighting significantly affects the ambiance in our home. It can make it a bright place or a dimmed sanctuary, a lively room or a romantic cozy spa...
05-07-2017 21:58

New Icons of Radical Design: SuperGufram X Studio Job

A punchbag in an orange brick pattern. A cooking pot coffee table with its own steam. A moon cupboard. Polyurethane foam mixed with other materials wa...
04-07-2017 22:04

Boho Chic: Amazing Hammocks That Add a Bohemian Flair to You

A bohemian room represents freedom and ease. It becomes your private sanctuary that has a strong component of comfort and free-spirited interior. Even...
03-07-2017 21:57

5 Creative and Contemporary Lebanese Design Studios

If Lebanon is considered the cultural hub of the Middle East, then its capital city Beirut is the region’s design nucleus. Beirut’s creative scene...
03-07-2017 21:57

Eco-Sensitive Holiday Home Relies on Locally Sourced Stone a

Building a family retreat around the existing trees on a lot requires both sensible and innovative design that combines nature with smart architecture...
30-06-2017 22:03

Dream Luxury Boutique Hotel Unveils Maltese Magic Laced with

There are times when we seek to escape the mundane with a holiday that transports you into a ?parallel universe? of sorts; a world detached from the c...
30-06-2017 22:03

Menu’s New Forward-Looking Creative and Social Space

Menu’s new creative and social space is representative of the Danish brand’s forward-looking design vision and mission.Norm Architects X MenuNorm ...
30-06-2017 22:03

Erik Jørgensen: Classic Upholstered Design Since 1954

A trained upholsterer, Erik Jørgensen (1928?1998) established his workshop?Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik?in 1954 in the Danish town of Svendborg. As an a...
29-06-2017 21:59

Turquoise Bathrooms: Timeless and Captivating Interior

A bathroom is often that one room of the house that truly sets itself apart with the interior. It?s like a separate world, one that feels different fr...
29-06-2017 21:59

Gardening Tips for Creating a Modern Landscape

Those who love modern design often prefer a modern landscape when it comes to their outdoor spaces. While the sleek, contemporary look of a well-plann...
29-06-2017 21:59

Grand Revival: 15 Splendid Entryways that Bring Back Victori

Every few years we see revitalized decorating trends and classic styles that are revived with a touch of modernity and plenty of innovation. While mod...
28-06-2017 22:01

In the Right Mood: Weather-Resistant Outdoor Décor in Teak a

With summer firmly here, life outside seems more enticing than spending time indoors. And it is the backyard, patio, or the poolside deck that takes u...
28-06-2017 22:01

4 Noteworthy Danish Chair and Sofa Releases

In a saturated global marketplace of chair designs?truthfully, do we need another chair design" (the perennial design question)?it is increasingly dif...
28-06-2017 22:01

This Contemporary House in Yucatan is Designed for the Perfe

Contemporary homes are increasingly combining the idea of a lovely vacation and a relaxing ambiance with a functional modern home that does it all. In...
27-06-2017 22:00

11 Open Wooden Shelves Bringing Modularity and Decorating Ea

The open bookshelf has long been a staple of the home library. But the last few years have seen it step beyond the confines of a home library or study...
27-06-2017 22:00

The Open House: Pavilion-Style Family retreat in Granite and

A spacious, relaxing and secluded holiday home is a dream that nearly all of us share. Nestled in a relaxing neighborhood of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India...
26-06-2017 22:01

Savour a Scandinavian-Style Summertime with 6 Summery Object

?Summertime, and the livin? is easy?, wrote George Gershwin in his classic 1934 aria. There is something ‘easy’ about this time of year, when a ce...
26-06-2017 22:01

Style, Space and Sparkle: Mirrors that Make a Statement

All of us love mirrors. It is a love affair that starts pretty young with even toddlers quickly finding joy in the reflection that they see. It is the...
26-06-2017 22:01

Stripes and Woven Decor: Summer-Perfect Style

Isn’t it wonderful when the top design trends happen to perfectly reflect the mood of a season" This summer it’s all about light and breezy style....
23-06-2017 22:02

Celebrating Finland 100 With Iittala’s Ultramarine Blu

In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence.Finland 100Finland 100 flag. Photo by Leena Koskela via Suomi Finland 100.Finland achieved indep...
23-06-2017 22:02

Efficient Minimalism Meets Tranquil Ocean Views at House in

Having lived in a home with spatial limitations for over a decade and a half, the owners of this mountainside residence in Hong Kong wanted a smarter,...
22-06-2017 22:01

Creating a Charming Entryway with Red Front Doors

The entryway is the first thing we see before stepping into a house. It should feel welcoming and inviting, drawing us in with the promise of an excep...
22-06-2017 22:01

Swiss Delight: Modern Single Family House in Concrete and Wo

Set in an idyllic landscape filled with majestic mountains and a lush green landscape that comes alive each summer, Single Family House on a Slope in ...
22-06-2017 22:01

12 Space-Savvy Ideas for the Small Modern bedroom

We always wish we had more space to work with when decorating our home or planning for a new one. For some reason, as a race we seem to be constantly ...
22-06-2017 22:01

Carattere: Classical-Contemporary Kitchen Blends Sophisticat

With homeowners craving for a hint of ?classical style? to break up the monotony of modern minimalism and clean, contemporary aesthetics, a kitchen li...
21-06-2017 21:58

25 Creative Coffee Tables Showcasing the Latest Trends

Creating the perfect living room is as much about the aesthetics as it is about ergonomics and in contemporary homes with an open plan living, it is t...
21-06-2017 21:58

Exploring the Elegance and Minimalism of Monochrome Nurserie

The nursery is a baby?s very first room and with that a place where you spend the majority of your time as a parent. It?s natural to wish a nursery th...
21-06-2017 21:58

Sun, Shade and a Spectacular Courtyard: Contemporary AN Hous

A home designed for a modern family of five, the AN House in Maringá ? Floriano, Brazil is all about that perfect synergy between a spacious interior ...
20-06-2017 22:01

Magical Mountain Views Greet You at this Guest House in Sant

Ever what it would feel like to relax in a relaxing natural abode that is surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains, pristine green canopy and overloo...
20-06-2017 22:01

Breezy Revamp: Small Apartment in Barcelona Serves as a Rela

The enigmatic charm and rich heritage of Barcelona attracts people from all across the planet. And many who have been to this iconic city instantly fa...
19-06-2017 22:02

Luxury all the Way: 15 Awesome Dining Rooms Fit for Royalty!

With changing design trends, decorating styles and constantly evolving interiors, the dining room has become a forgotten space of sorts. From being th...
19-06-2017 22:02

This Grade II Listed English Cottage Gets a Picture-Perfect

In another captivating example of a classic and traditional home being given a sensible and stylish modern facelift, the Well Street residence in Bury...
19-06-2017 22:02

A Touch of Whimsy: Modern Melbourne Home with Edwardian Aest

Adaptive reuse and smart extensions have largely replaced home transformations that involve replacing existing structures with entirely new buildings....
16-06-2017 21:59

Exploring Austin’s Seaholm Development

Travel with us to Austin, Texas as we explore the retro-modern Seaholm development, a project that transformed a beloved, historic power plant and its...
16-06-2017 21:59

Wood Tube and Curved Ceiling Shape Skyline House Atop Eastba

Overlooking the bright lights of Oakland and the Golden Gate in the distance, Skyline House sits proudly on one of the highest points of the Eastbay m...
16-06-2017 21:59

Gold, Glitter and Endless Luxury: 15 Opulent Bedrooms from C

If there is one room in our house where we can truly express ourselves without inhibitions and the fear of being judged, then it is undoubtedly the be...
16-06-2017 21:59

30 Exceptional Ideas for Decorating with a Sunburst Mirror

A sunburst mirror is an outstanding decor piece that demands to be in the center of attention with its unique design and captivating energy. It can be...
15-06-2017 22:09

An Interior Full of Flamboyance: Vibrant and Chic Apartment

Looking for fun, innovative and yet classy ways to add color to your home without altering its modern vibe drastically" Then you might want to take a ...
14-06-2017 21:56

Trendy Dream Kitchens: Antique Elements find Modern Expressi

The past few years have seen a bold revival of vintage and retro themes, with the kitchen becoming the preferred space to try out these resurgent styl...
14-06-2017 21:56

Monochrome Elegance: 30 Black and White Striped Rugs

In a vast selection of decorative elements we consider for decorating a particular room, a rug is perhaps the most defining one of all. It can be the ...
14-06-2017 21:56

Cement and Concrete Brazilian Home is Energized with Bright

There is an undeniable ?Bohemian spirit? that the fabulous Bandeiras House in Vila Madalena, São Paulo exudes. This of course comes barely as a surpri...
14-06-2017 21:56

Reflecting your Style: 25 Trendy Mirrors that Dazzle and Del

It is the little things and tiny details in a room that go on to make a big visual impact and define the true style and appeal of an interior. Details...
13-06-2017 21:58

Roof that Curves Upwards Brings Light into This Revitalized

If you find us constantly harping on the importance of lighting and natural ventilation while planning for a home, then it is for good reason. Lightin...
13-06-2017 21:58

d+k House: Mid-Century Modernism Fused with Coastal Style an

Picturesque and hip, Mona Vale is a beach-side suburb in Northern Sydney and it is here that buck&simple transformed the d+k House to give it a refres...
13-06-2017 21:58

TONO, the Unique Bathroom Collection for the 21st Century: I

When an internationally renowned architecture and design practice collaborates with a globally respected ceramic and bathroom manufacturer to create a...
12-06-2017 21:58

Luxury Miami Beach House with Man-Made Lagoon Could Be Yours

To say that Miami Beach is a place for glitz, glamor and all things affluent would be a great understatement. It is home for the rich and the famous a...
12-06-2017 21:58

Three Unique Collections of Modern Party Supplies

Today we’re shining the spotlight on three unforgettable collections of modern party supplies! Gone are the days when the large party supply stores ...
12-06-2017 21:58

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Tiny homes for sale: 3 petite properties across the U.S.

Tiny homes for sale: 3 petite properties acro...

The homes in North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado all clock in under 500 square feet Tiny houses come in all stripes?from the simple to the tricked-out?but what ties them all together is that they all measure just around 500 square feet.... -
At Paris's Maison & Objet design fair, new voices take spotlight

At Paris's Maison & Objet design fair, new vo...

Notable designers Tom Dixon, Ilsa Crawford, and others championed rising stars At this year?s winter edition of Maison & Objet, the biannual design trade fair in Paris, a cadre of six young British designers had the chance to strut their... -
Harvard?s building a model for energy efficiency by renovating a decades?old home

Harvard?s building a model for energy efficie...

The HouseZero project will turn a wooden home from the ?20s into a model for efficient, affordable green design When architects talk about building more sustainably, the conversation often turns toward new concepts for homes and offices.... -
What?s The Difference Between Hardwood, Engineered, And Laminate Wood Flooring" We Explain

What?s The Difference Between Hardwood, Engin...

  If you’re thinking about installing wood floors, you have three main options: laminate, engineered wood, and solid hardwood. You might already know they all exist, but do you know what makes them different" Here’s a basic... -
3D Interior Visualization Offering Warm Home Atmosphere Full of Love

3D Interior Visualization Offering Warm Home ...

Marija Livrinik is a young designer that work in the areas of 3D product and architectural visualization, interior design, fantasy art, illustration and more. Her talent and persistent work lead her from the faculty of Macedonia to Netherlands where... -
Kitchen Design Idea ? Integrated Cooktop Counter

Kitchen Design Idea ? Integrated Cooktop Coun...

  If you’ve ever felt the desire to create a minimalist streamlined kitchen, but have been discouraged by the existence of bulky stoves, you might be interested to learn that they aren’t your only option. Integrated cooktop... -
Modern Eclectic Monaco by Humbert & Poyet

Modern Eclectic Monaco by Humbert & Poye...

This modern eclectic apartment in Monaco by Humbert & Poyet has a great artistic vibe. I have always like large scale photos on walls but I am not so sure about the steak pictures, but what ever floats your boat. I do love the second photo, there... -
Tectonic Symbiosis / AAVS Istanbul July 2017

Tectonic Symbiosis / AAVS Istanbul July 2017

AA Istanbul Visiting School, in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University, is a unique learning and making experience. The programme continues to build on its expertise on generative design methodologies and large-scale prototyping techniques... -
Rare pieces from Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, and more go up for auction

Rare pieces from Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, a...

Architect Lee Mindel is downsizing to make room for new acquisitions Looking for the ultimate design-minded gift guide" Look no further than this auction of architect Lee F. Mindel?s extraordinary collection of furniture, art, and objets... -
This Transparent Kitchen Puts Everything On Display

This Transparent Kitchen Puts Everything On D...

Photography by Martin Rijpstra, MVRDV   MVRDV have designed a transparent kitchen that’s currently on display at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.   Photography by Martin Rijpstra, MVRDV ?If we imagine everything is transparent... -

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