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Derniers Articles Architecture

Rovaniemi Glass Resort

Located in the Santa Claus Village (no, seriously) within the township of Rovaniemi, Lapland, this glass boutique resort is what every Christmas dream...
31-07-2019 22:01

Oliphant St. Extension

Located in the Conservation Area of Westminster’s Queen Park, simplistic meets sea-blue rubber floors within this new extension – a home affordabl...
30-07-2019 22:08

Defoe Road Warehouse Conversion

It’s official – recycling just got a whole lot cuter! Warehouse no more, as this conversion has now become a sexy house one could easily call home...
24-07-2019 21:58

Cohost West Bund

Retro meets forward-thinking living in the project of Cohost West Bund. Set in the district of Shanghai, China, this once hotel has been beautifully t...
23-07-2019 21:56

K House

Constructed by AIM Architecture and Norm Architects, this boutique villa getaway is set in the southern end of Sri Lanka, offering two exclusive beach...
17-07-2019 22:05

Darling Point Victorian Cottage

This Victorian Cottage redesign is all things crisp, clean and contemporary, located in – fittingly – Darlington Point, Sydney, Australia. Bathed ...
16-07-2019 21:59

House Behind a Wall

This century old country house sits in Liberec, within the Czech Republic, with a stone basement that was both the inspiration and the foundation for ...
10-07-2019 22:00

Island Cottage Extension

Weathered wood never looked so good as it does in this cottage extension – an 1830’s West Sussex home set along the countryside of Sidlesham Quay ...
09-07-2019 21:59

A Parisian Family Home

Once infested with mushrooms throughout the interior wooden structures, this Parisian home is now beautifully fit for the family who dwells here, and ...
03-07-2019 22:01

Thayer Brick House

Situated in the University district of Chicago, this modern brick house is an exquisite example of what a suburban brick lair can look like. Wrapped n...
02-07-2019 22:01

Pleated House Extension

With an exterior dark as night and an interior bright as the morning sun – this new home extension is a beautiful expression of contrast. Offering f...
27-06-2019 22:00

Courtyard House

Call me cute as a button or call me Courtyard House, either way you slice it – it’s delicious! Situated on a narrow lot with approx. 1600 sq. ft. ...
26-06-2019 22:01

Charlotte Road

Charlotte Road is a spacious brick loft apartment that looks the part of a modern man-cave, while delivering sexy androngynistic elements as well. Off...
20-06-2019 22:02

House in Silhouette

Dressed in white inside and out, and accessorized by exterior black trim and interior black window frames, an ebony kitchen island and ash fireplace i...
13-06-2019 22:02

Forrest Street Extension

From concept to completion, this new home extension is an example of what Philip Stejskal Architecture, can do, turning a suburban house into a superb...
12-06-2019 22:02

Parsley Bay Residence

Situated on Sydney’s Parsley Bay, this charming harbor home is awash with white walls, flooring and furniture, featuring contrasting black-framed wi...
11-06-2019 22:05

Type St Apartment

At only 377 square feet, this tiny living space has done a lot with a little, providing a plethora of hidden and useful storage throughout, and maximi...
06-06-2019 21:59

Not So Shabby Shack

Set in the township of Queenscliff, just outside of Victoria, Australia; this beach cottage timber clad extension is a breath of fresh air. From the L...
05-06-2019 22:08

Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Reconstructing a 1912 attic space, was what Casework was put to task with within Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery – and reconstruct they did! Turn...
04-06-2019 22:00


Remember the old Etch-a-Sketch" HustleCase is the kinda-sorta new version of that, with less twists and turns, and more manual pen action! Offering yo...
28-05-2019 22:01

Residence Le Nid

Sitting high above the St. Lawrence River, along the coastline of Charlvoix just outside of Montreal, Canada, rests Residence Le Nid. This cliff-side ...
22-05-2019 22:01

Grant House

Grant House is part creative playhouse, part functional fort. A narrow single-story terrace home has been redesigned with a new extension for kitchen,...
21-05-2019 22:01

Des rables residence

Des Érables residence turns great Canadian maple into great Canadian architecture, refurbishing a duplex in Montreal into this single family home –...
20-05-2019 22:06

Tiny Haus

Tiny Haus" More like dreamy house! With micro-houses taking the world by storm, this tiny family home puts a modern spin on these prototypes in a fres...
15-05-2019 22:02

Echo House

Echo House reverberates with beautiful design elements – including a wall and stairway partition that appears like a metal crocheted art piece, maki...
14-05-2019 22:02

Headland House

Concrete and plywood create this space known as Headland House – delivering an array of wicker and simple tones to keep the home feeling just the ri...
13-05-2019 22:04

10 home

Located in Shanghai, China, this small apartment is a collision of function and fabulous design, sitting amidst a small space of just 516 sq.ft with a...
08-05-2019 22:05

Hanging from a Cliff Residence

Why, hello my French Canadian wooded wonder – fancy meeting you here in the Montreal outback! A home that is, quite literally, ‘hanging off a clif...
07-05-2019 22:01

Villa Castelluccio

Rustic charm meets modern conveniences at Villa Castelluccio – fitted with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this chic Italian villa design is a mix of ar...
06-05-2019 22:10

Bush House

Set in the foothills of the Jarrah Forrest, Bush House is fashioned after a lean-to style tenting system, where one would set up a tarp overhead and c...
01-05-2019 22:05

Outback Office

When the Outback Office closes shop for the day, it literally closes shop. With retractable wooden shutters that open up as desired during the dayligh...
30-04-2019 22:01

Lobster Boat House

From floating stairs to floating bookshelves; Lobster Boat House is a delicious display of durability and design perfection. With open walk-through sp...
29-04-2019 22:05

The Interlock

Whether you’re a fan of Tetris, a Lego aficionado, or simply are fascinated by amazing architecture; The Interlock is your dream come true. Set in t...
24-04-2019 22:05

The Driftwood Chalet

Located in the snow-drenched countryside of Montreal, Canada, The Driftwood Chalet looks out onto the Malbaie River; harnessing some nostalgia of the ...
23-04-2019 22:03

Highgate Victorian Townhouse

Highgate Victorian Townhouse is a 3-story remodel located in a suburban setting around the North London district. With the client’s request for ‘w...
22-04-2019 22:04

Aparthotel Oslo

Looking for a cute-as-a-button house/hotel combo" Aparthotel Oslo is a fabulously fresh take on the YMCA, and fits the bill without running you a stee...
17-04-2019 22:07

Crown Heights Brownstone

Set in Brooklyn, NY, Crown Heights Brownstone levels up the wow-factor on every floor within. With glossy stonework from the front, and wood and brick...
16-04-2019 22:08

Abercorn Chalet

Modern and functional collide in this fabulous hillside home, fueled by texture, accent colors and sheer size. Fashioned out of Montreal, Canada, near...
15-04-2019 22:11

Gafarim House

Provocative, is how I would describe Gafarim House. From the impeccably clean exterior lines, painted white among thick black framed windows, to the s...
03-04-2019 22:05

Nat’s House

Bring your sunglasses because Nat’s House shines bright like a diamond with its new brick kitchen-dining extension. Curiously cozy and delivers clea...
03-04-2019 22:05

Studio Loft

Live / Work spaces are becoming a popular choice worldwide, and Studio Loft in Izmir, Turkey, is one such space. This studio apartment also doubles as...
27-03-2019 22:03

Alpine Noir Chalet

With a simple color palette of black, white and whitewashed wood, this modern funky cabin is a conglomeration of functional and fabulous, right from t...
26-03-2019 22:01

Split End House

Constructed with a heady display of richly stained Australian timber along with dense black framing, this small cottage extension is a Melbourne delig...
25-03-2019 22:04

La Barque Residence

Located along Lake Ouareau, outside of Montreal, Canada in Saint-Donat, this wood and concrete lake house might possibly be the chicest shanty that ev...
20-03-2019 22:01

Elgin Residence

Living just got a whole lot cuter courtesy of architect/designer Sarah Bryant. Fashioned after it’s original Edwardian roots, this home remains comf...
19-03-2019 22:01

Preston House

Welcome to the soft allure of Preston House; a family home drenched in natural light and grounded by perfectly placed design elements. Anchored with b...
18-03-2019 22:03

Hillside Sanctuary

Nestled along an oceanside embankment of the San Juan Islands, just outside of Seattle, Washington, Hillside Sanctuary offers dreamy allure, ample nat...
13-03-2019 22:01

MARTaK Passive House

As a quintessential “off the grid” space; MARTaK Passive House is anything but passive. Rather, it takes real life needs and creates real time sol...
27-02-2019 22:01

Boetger Home

Located along the Holston River in the great state of Tennessee, lies Boetger Home. This modern display of elegance was designed for a young family of...
20-02-2019 22:01

Courtyard Deck House

With cement ceilings throughout and wood beams running the length of the house, Courtyard Deck House is a display of strength and simple design meldin...
19-02-2019 22:09

Wuyuan Skywells Hotel

The Wuyuan Skywells Hotel is an impressive display of timeless history, giving those who wander its halls a sense that grit and sheer will kept this b...
14-02-2019 21:57

Binary House

Located within the wonderful world of Woolooware, Sydney, AU; Binary House is set around its new addition – a cement and metal-wrapped stage of epic...
13-02-2019 22:03

Carlton House Addition

Fabled after the whimsical Victorian era, this second floor home addition blends traditional and modern magnificently within this small terrace-style ...
12-02-2019 21:58

Tiny Holiday Home Vinkeveen

Set in the wetlands of the Netherlands, i29 interior architects, in collaboration with Chris Collaris, crafted this tiny gem holiday home in Vinkeveen...
06-02-2019 22:02

Mangrove Bay Residence

Located off the Qianshan River, in the distance of the Jiangjun Mountains in Zhuhai, China, and spanning nearly 4600 square feet; Mangrove Bay Residen...
05-02-2019 22:02

Petaluma House

Carved into the outlying Canadian metropolis of Toronto, Canada, Petaluma House is a beautiful split-level addition to the landscape – providing a m...
30-01-2019 22:02

Eco Luxury Domes Charlevoix

Technically considered “glamping”, these wonderful Eco Luxury Domes take that term to the next level. Nestled in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, ...
29-01-2019 22:00

MaisonP Residence

Flat roofs and glazed walkways have become a common feature among well-designed homes; but no one displays it quite as graciously as this hillside cou...
28-01-2019 21:59

Unbricked House

From the front, Unbricked House appears like a traditional Victorian-style family home, but step inside and prepare to be wowed. Aiming to retain the ...
23-01-2019 22:03

Hostel Jyvaskyla

Located in the Western part of Finland – known as the Finnish Lakeland’s, Hostel Jyväskylä took the bones of a 1950s-something office building, ...
22-01-2019 22:02

Point Lonsdale

This compact gable house is the perfect combination of simple and stunning, offering the ideal coastal getaway for the retired owners who dwells here....
21-01-2019 22:01

Argentona Apartment

Just when you thought Spain couldn’t get any sexier, this modern apartment design appears on the scene. Located in the historic district of Gracia, ...
16-01-2019 22:06

Cressy Townhouses

Welcome to the smooth stylings of the modern duo townhouses, located in Melbourne, Australia, and sitting pretty in their surroundings. Without any pe...
15-01-2019 22:03

Long Horizontals

Situated on the outskirts of Montreal, Canada; this home – known as Long Horizontals, is a brilliant display of steel, cement and wood, all melding ...
14-01-2019 22:02

Shoreham House

Tucked away amidst a forested exterior, Shoreham House is a delicious display of what happens when you meld wood, metal and slate – and call it home...
10-01-2019 22:01

Brooks House

Welcome to the cool collective styling of Brooks House; an inner city Melbourne home appearing like a modern retreat amidst its locale. Originally cra...
26-12-2018 21:59

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News most viewed Today

Phineas Residence by SPACE International

Phineas Residence by SPACE International

SPACE International and design team Ground Up LA have built this dream home. For me this home is a perfect balance between a mid century, like a Neautra and contemporary architecture. It has that open plan that blurs the inside outside. The home is... -
Residence in So Paulo by Felipe Hess

Residence in So Paulo by Felipe Hess

Designed in 2015 by Felipe Hess, this contemporary single family house is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Description by Felipe Hess About: taking advantage from the local construction laws, which allow to build up to... -
Checklist: Build

Checklist: Build

Custom-building projects come to life when an architect designs a house, bids to contractors and the one chosen builds it. In a custom-building project, the architect?s design will reflect the aesthetic you want and adapt your home to your... -
25 Living Room Color Trends for Summer and Beyond ? Ideas, Photos

25 Living Room Color Trends for Summer and Be...

With changing seasons, the colors outside change ever so beautifully, giving us a whole new perspective on life. And as the colors outside move towards a warmer palette this summer, we are also inspired to give our homes a quick and smart makeover... -
Trash Cans can Look Great in Your Garden!

Trash Cans can Look Great in Your Garden!

Trash cans is what makes a corner in your yard looking not so pretty. It is a place that we would erase from the house exterior. At least I think so… But, we found several trash cans ideas that looks really great and even artistic! You can do a... -
Scale and Proportion

Scale and Proportion

For any architect, scale and proportion are the two skills that are seemingly the most challenging to master. Get it right and nobody will notice. Get it wrong and prepare yourself to be run out of town. -
Contemporary Duplex in Ramat HaSharon Displaying an Industrial-Creative Look

Contemporary Duplex in Ramat HaSharon Display...

A contemporary duplex apartment in a new, residential building. The central idea behind the design was the creation of visual link between the floors (15th and 16th), to reinforce the vertical relationships and transform the cross sections of the... -
California Startup 3D Prints Homes in Just 24 Hours

California Startup 3D Prints Homes in Just 24...

A new style of prefabricated dwellings, fully 3D printed in one day, stands to revolutionize the home construction scene. The sleek, energy-efficient mini houses, built by California startup company Mighty Buildings, can be manufactured cheaper... -
FLAT40 by Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-Design

FLAT40 by Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-Design

This minimalist residence located in Imabari, Japan, was designed in 2013 by Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-Design. Description by K2-Design Imabari City, located in northeast Ehime Prefecture, is connected to Onomichi City in... -
No1 New Oxford Street in London

No1 New Oxford Street in London

Commonwealth House, New Oxford Street Fashion HQ, Offices, London Architecture, Images Commonwealth House on New Oxford Street Mixed-Use Commercial Property in London, UK – design by Orms 1 Mar 2018 No1 New Oxford Street Architects:... -

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