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Friha – House On A Hill By Amunt

Friha – House on a Hill is a modern vacation house located in Menzenschwa ...

Dmtv Milkshake: Melodie Leung On Remembering Zaha Hadid + Ch

This week?s DMTV Milkshake guest is Melodie Leung, associate director with ...

Archstudio Renovates A Traditional Siheyuan Residence In Bei

within a historic quarter of beijing, archstudio has completed the renovat ...

Derniers Articles Architecture

Fire damage to Peter Womersley's High Sunderland house was &

This video offers a glimpse of Loader Monteith\'s restoration of the fire-torn High Sunderland house in the Scottish Borders, which is shortlisted for ...
28-09-2022 21:38

tartaruga feliz’s playful AI animations encapsulate yo

expressive brushstrokes of paint and marks of charcoal are brought to life as AI generated animations. The post tartaruga feliz’s playful AI animat ...
28-09-2022 21:59

This Tall And Thin House Is Designed For Living Across Five

85 Design has sent us photos of their recently finished project, a modern home in Vietnam, that\'s located on a small piece of land and includes a lar ...
28-09-2022 21:32

electric & hybrid BMW XM is finally here, sprinting fro

the electrified M HYBRID drive system of BMW XM has a plug-in hybrid setting comprising a V8 petrol engine and powerful electric motors. The post elec ...
28-09-2022 21:59

activists’ scathing ads target airlines over their cli

advertising panels throughout the streets of european cities were hacked with posters targeting flight industry over their impact on climate change. T ...
27-09-2022 22:12

Casa Patropi by Angá Arquitetura

Casa Patropi is a modern single-story house located in Praia do Guaeca, Brazil, designed in 2019 by Angá Arquitetura. Description Loca ...
27-09-2022 21:48

Wakanui Trail House, Northcote Melbourne

Wakanui Trail House, Northcote, Melbourne Architecture, Contemporary Australian Design, Images Wakanui Trail House in Northcote 27 Sep 2022 Architectu ...
27-09-2022 22:39

David Geffen Hall New York City

David Geffen Hall New York City, Lincoln Center New York Philharmonic Building, Manhattan Theater Architecture David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center Sep 2 ...
27-09-2022 22:39

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Building

DJI Sky City Innovation Hub Offices, South China Workplace Photos, Chinese High-rise Architecture Images DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub Contempo ...
27-09-2022 22:39

‘hello, robot’ returns to vitra design museum wi

the exhibition re-examines the technological breakthroughs along with fourteen questions spotlighting the responsibility of design. The post ‘hello, ...
27-09-2022 22:12

House Among the Pines by ArchObraz

House Among the Pines is a beautiful single-family residence located in Dnipro, Ukraine, designed in 2022 by ArchObraz. Description A ...
27-09-2022 21:48

Chiapas 168 Apartments, Ciudad de México

Chiapas 168, Mexico City Residential Apartments Development, Mexican Housing, Architecture Images Chiapas 168 in Mexico City 27 Sep 2021 Architects: ...
27-09-2022 22:39

Ra House by Infante Arquitectos

Ra House is a lovely two-story residence located in Morelia, Mexico, designed in 2022 by Infante Arquitectos. Description The project was ...
27-09-2022 21:48

CapitaSpring Tower, Singapore Mixed-Use High-Rise

CapitaSpring Tower, Singapore Building News, Mixed-Use High-Rise Design, Architect, Nature Towers CapitaSpring Tower in Singapore 27 Sep 2022 Architec ...
27-09-2022 22:39

50 Elegant Staircase Design Ideas

While we often don’t see our practical wooden steps as something of beauty, they can still become a show-stopping feature in a home. With some imagi ...
27-09-2022 22:13

ruined stone property transforms into light-filled, modern h

blending the existing stone facade with contemporary wooden accents, the design reveals a delicate balance between old and new. The post ruined stone ...
27-09-2022 22:12

An Elegant Affair by IQI Concept

An Elegant Affair is a contemporary three-story residence located in Malaysia, designed by IQI Concept. Description This three-storey semi-d ...
27-09-2022 21:48

Libe? Docks apartment buildings, Prague

Libe? Docks apartment buildings, Vltava River flats, CRESTYL real estate, Czech Property Photos Rohan and Libe? Island Renewal on Vltava River 27 Sept ...
27-09-2022 22:39

Dura Europos: The Oldest Church in the World

Dura Europos was a Hellenistic, Parthian, and Roman city built in the northern part of present-day Syria around 300 BC. It came under under Parthian r ...
27-09-2022 22:14

‘the library’ is a renovated triplex in barcelon

spanning 200 sqm, the triplex exudes spatial and material continuity across all floors. The post ‘the library’ is a renovated triplex in barcelon ...
26-09-2022 22:02

887 CDs and DVDs make up the ‘compact disc chair’

casting a flamboyant rainbow of colors, this furniture piece testifies to the dematerialization of obsolete digital products. The post 887 CDs and DV ...
26-09-2022 22:02

Casa ZB by Studio Ecoarch

Casa ZB is a modern but traditional house in Lipsi, Greece, designed by Ecoarch Studio in 2022. Description The small building stands on th ...
26-09-2022 21:41

Bottle House Of Ganja: An Extraordinary House Constructed By

Bottle House of Ganja is an unusual private residence in Ganja, Azerbaijan built from glass bottles. Two-story bottle house was built by Ibrahim Jafar ...
26-09-2022 22:04

Book Briefs #46

Here is the next installment of "Book Briefs," the series of occasional posts featuring short first-hand descriptions of some of the numerous books ...
26-09-2022 21:34

set in the swiss highlands, douglas mandry’s sculptura

\'gravity flow\' is a series of five sculptures ? made of recycled glass -- depicting the growing impact of climate change. The post set in the swiss ...
26-09-2022 22:02

ZAI House by Studio Cays

ZAI House is an inspiring home located in Casablanca, Morocco, designed in 2022 by Studio Cays. Photography courtesy of Studio Cays Visit ...
26-09-2022 21:41

A Helpful Guide to Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Commercial properties are often equipped with flat roofs. While a flat roof may seem like it would be easier to maintain than a sloped roof, it can be ...
26-09-2022 21:36

Touched by Color by Adi Aronov

Touched by Color is a contemporary home in the Sharon region of Israel, designed by Adi Aronov. Description This beautiful home, built ...
25-09-2022 21:38

Göbekli Tepe: The Mysterious Temple Rewrites History

Göbekli Tepe is a Neolithic site in ?anl?urfa, Turkey. Dated to between 9600- 8200 BC, it is the oldest known temple in the world. The excavation on t ...
25-09-2022 21:59

ryo yamada’s floating ‘infinite landscape’

exploring the meaning of movement ryo ramada designs a floating wooden structure with mirror water lilies on a lake in Sapporo, Japan. The post ryo y ...
25-09-2022 21:58

Ausiàs March Housing by GCA Architects

Ausiàs March Housing is lovely apartment building located in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned in 2022 by GCA Architects. Description The aim of ...
25-09-2022 21:38

Béthune Belfry Built In 1347 And Survived Two World Wars

In the middle of the main square in Béthune, World War II had some destructive effects on the region, the belfry could survive not to be destroyed. ...
25-09-2022 21:59

Casa Verónica in Nuevo Vallarta / Rea Architectural Studio

Completed in 2021 by Mexican Architectural firm REA Studio, Casa Veronica is a simple and pragmatic house built in Nuevo Vallarta that uses a warm col ...
25-09-2022 21:44

Miley Cyrus Sells Nashville Ranch for $14 Million

Miley Cyrus just made bank selling her five-bedroom Tennessee farmhouse for a whopping $14.5 million. The “Wrecking Ball” singer formerly known as ...
25-09-2022 21:38

Ely Cathedral and Octagon Tower Dates Back to Middle Ages

Ely Cathedral, formally the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, is an Anglican cathedral in the city of Ely, Cambridgeshire, ...
25-09-2022 21:59

Casa Luz by Pseudónimo

Casa Luz is an amazing modern residence located in Mexico, designed in 2021 by Pseudónimo. Description Designing this house has been ...
25-09-2022 21:38

Relaxing Dental Clinic Uses Trees and Natural Light to Ease

About 36 percent of people in the United States have dentophobia, the fear of dental treatment. It isn’t exactly irrational, considering that many v ...
24-09-2022 21:38

tokujin yoshioka sculpts 10-meter ?star? from 2,000+ octagon

the giant sculpture ?star? by tokuhin yoshioka is a permanent installation at the entrance of tokyo midtown yaesu across tokyo station. The post tokuj ...
24-09-2022 21:59

Naked House by Penta Arquitectura

Naked House is a concrete two-story house located in Lambaré, Paraguay, designed in 2021 by Penta Arquitectura. Description Located on a ...
24-09-2022 21:38

Villa Of The Mysteries In Pompeii Has One Of The Most Famous

The Villa of the Mysteries is a well-preserved suburban ancient Roman villa on the outskirts of Pompei, Herculaneum, and other nearby towns. Although ...
24-09-2022 22:01

H for ?Home Sweet Home? by Shirley Dan

H for ?Home Sweet Home? is a luxury home located in Savion, Israel, designed by Shirley Dan. Description This family of four moved ...
24-09-2022 21:38

fluid facade of MAD architects’ lucas museum is now be

the organic surface is realized with over 1,500 curved fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels, now being installed. The post fluid facade of MAD archite ...
24-09-2022 21:59

Agia Fotini Mantineias Church Combines Christian, Byzantine,

Agia Fotini Mantineias Church is located on a plain where the ancient city of Mantineia was formerly situated. Construction on the church began in 196 ...
24-09-2022 22:01

take a peek at the world’s largest geothermal lagoon t

construction is expected to start in march 2023. The post take a peek at the world’s largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada appeared first ...
23-09-2022 21:58

40 Concrete Patio Design Ideas – Elevate Your Backyard

Since outdoor living rooms have become the newest and hottest trend, elegant concrete patio ideas are rising in popularity also. A concrete patio ...
23-09-2022 21:58

Villa a Varese by Custhome Bergamo

Villa a Varese is a modern home located in Varese, Italy, designed in 2022 by Custhome Bergamo. Description On the shores of Lake Varese ...
23-09-2022 21:38

Casa no Crato by Inês Brandão

Casa no Crato is a modern retreat located in Crato, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Inês Brandão. Description ?Casa no Crato? was desi ...
23-09-2022 21:38

OPPO reveals design journey to thinnest, unibody smartphone

the all-new OPPO Reno8 Pro presents a burdenless, ergonomic unibody appearance in premium finishes. The post OPPO reveals design journey to thinnest, ...
23-09-2022 21:58

Prashanti Villa by Vastu Villa Studio

Villa Prashanti in Bali, Indonesia is a beautiful combination of tropical Balinese style, minimalism and modernism. The project was completed in 2022 ...
23-09-2022 21:38

coastal infrastructure transformed into massive accessible i

a decommissioned offshore platform has been transformed into one of the UK?s largest public art installations \'SEE monster.\' The post coastal infras ...
23-09-2022 21:58

This Modern Brick House Terraces Down The Hillside

Wiedemann Architectural, together with BLA Design Group, has completed a new brick home in Vancouver, Canada, that has a terraced design. ...
23-09-2022 21:31

Villa KD 45 by Studio Symbiosis

Villa KD 45 is a unique concrete residence located in Ghaziabad, India, designed in 2021 by Studio Symbiosis. Description Clients design brie ...
23-09-2022 21:38

x+living transforms passageway into spiritual ?white forest?

pure white columns emulate growing branches of nianjing\'s buttonwood trees, blending fluidly into the white ceiling in a gentle curve. The post x+liv ...
22-09-2022 22:02

Villa Nura by Yellow Office Architecture

Villa Nura is a beautiful river-front house located in Valea Doftanei, Romania, designed in 2022 by Yellow Office Architecture. Photograp ...
22-09-2022 21:40

Reduce Stress and Anxiety in These Unlikely Ways

Stress and anxiety can be uncomfortable, but they’re also normal. When you?re remodeling a house, you have a big project to finish at work, or y ...
22-09-2022 21:35

sabine marcelis designs rotating chairs ?swivel? from traver

sabine marcelis picked the natural stones sourced from europe, the middle east, and brazil and complemented contrasting colors. The post sabine marcel ...
22-09-2022 22:02

Tube-Shaped Tiles Surround The Fireplace Inside This Home

Marketa Bromova architekti has designed the interior of an apartment in the Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic. ...
22-09-2022 21:35

interview: random international’s ‘life in our m

the longer the collectors keep the NFT, the rarer and more intricate the formal characteristics become. The post interview: random international’s â ...
22-09-2022 22:02

Kara Creek by Walker Warner Architects

Kara Creek is a beautiful single-story mountain residence located in Colorado, United States, designed in 2022 by Walker Warner Architects. ...
22-09-2022 21:40

the ‘e-trike revolution’ by andre fangueiro take

sporting minimalist yet characterful forms, the e-trike concept is powered by instant drive technology. The post the ‘e-trike revolution’ by andr ...
22-09-2022 22:02

art gallery of new south wales’ opening program to be

the inaugurated artist will present his installation at the gallery\'s renovated underground space, formerly a WWII bunker. The post art gallery of n ...
21-09-2022 22:02

olafur eliasson exhibits light, shadows, reflections &

the exhibition in palazzo strozzi displays olafur eliasson?s new and older works that address subjective perception and shared experience. The post ol ...
21-09-2022 22:02

House in Hidden Hills by Minimal Design

House in Hidden Hills is a minimal wooden retreat located in Wanaka, New Zealand, designed in 2022 by Minimal Design. Description One of M ...
21-09-2022 21:40

art of play’s new deck of cards celebrates iconic 1950

exuding a minimalist yet nostalgic design, the playing cards celebrate the rebellious spirit of ray and charles eames. The post art of play’s new d ...
21-09-2022 22:02

40 Baby Room Ideas for Decorating a Nursery You’ll Lov

Expectant parents always look forward to designing the nursery. It is a fun project that can be as uncomplicated or detailed as you want to make it. I ...
21-09-2022 22:02

South Bohemian Family House by ATELIER 111 architekti

South Bohemian Family House is a traditional gable roof house located in Li?ov, Czech republic, designed in 2021 by ATELIER 111 architekti. ...
21-09-2022 21:40

Live talk with Giulio Cappellini on sustainability in design

Dezeen is teaming up with Istituto Marangoni to host a live talk with the school\'s art director Giulio Cappellini exploring sustainability in design ...
21-09-2022 21:40

brad walls experiments with negative space & blue hues

brad walls discovers beauty in commonplace landscapes seen from a new perspective, in a new photo book titled \'pools from above\'. The post brad wall ...
21-09-2022 22:02

Silentfield: Incredible Castle Illustrations

Silentfield is the nickname of a South Korean concept artist who makes digital illustrations of fantastic castles. Here are some of the most amazing w ...
21-09-2022 22:04

Bridges That Allows Animals to Safely Cross Freeways Are Bei

It’s always a terrible sight to see an animal that got hit on the highway, whether it’s a deer, coyote, dog, cat, armadillo, or whatever. Unfortun ...
21-09-2022 21:40

nendo reinterprets raku tea bowls for ‘KICHIZAEMON X&#

nendo has teamed up with raku master potter kichizaemon jikinyu for \'KICHIZAEMON X\' exhibition that comprises five captivating collections. The post ...
21-09-2022 22:02

Enjoy the Silence by Loft Buro

Enjoy the Silence is a beautiful chalet located in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed in 2022 by Loft Buro. Description This project was implem ...
21-09-2022 21:40

Residential House in Kaunas by Gintautas Natkevi?ius

Residential House in Kaunas is a modern single-story house located in Lithuania, designed in 2021 by Gintautas Natkevi?ius. Description ...
20-09-2022 21:49

Water Flows All Around This Lakeside Home

Kor Architects has designed a new lakeside home in Washington State that uses materials like wood, stone, concrete, and steel, as well as a series of ...
20-09-2022 21:41

Renzo Piano Integrates Therapeutic Gardens into 3 New Hospit

Ever since the emergence of germ theory in the late 19th century, hospital design has focused on creating spaces that feel as antiseptic and instituti ...
20-09-2022 21:49

CL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

The architectural design conceived for the CL House, that would house a young couple, seeks to highlight the magnificent views of the lake and forest ...
20-09-2022 22:28

saflex® launches bird-friendly glass flysafe™ fitted

3D sequins embedded or layered in the glass produce subtle twinkles ? and who doesn\'t like a subtle twinkle" ? which alert in-flight birds to the imm ...
20-09-2022 22:11

Garden Cove by Hutker Architects

Garden Cove is a compact and comfortable passive house located in Edgartown, Massachusetts, designed in 2019 by Hutker Architects. Descript ...
20-09-2022 21:49

Martha’s Vineyard Horizon House by Olson Kundig

Martha’s Vineyard Horizon House is a beautiful ocean-front residence located in Dukes County, Massachusetts, designed in 2017 by Olson Kundig. ...
20-09-2022 21:49

A Family House in Ra?ovka Built of Cork, Concrete, and Alumi

Atelier SAD (architecture) and Iveta Zachariá?ová (interior design) designed this modern, rectangular house in Ra?ovka, Czech Republic on the slope of ...
20-09-2022 21:45

this flexible modular home design promotes a comfortable liv

supra-simplicities design flexible modular home unit that can be adjusted according to the user\'s needs. The post this flexible modular home design p ...
20-09-2022 22:11

11 Amazing Drawings of Neofuturistic Architecture by Jan Kap

Jan Kaplický was a world-renowned Neofuturistic Czech architect who spent a significant part of his life in the United Kingdom. He constantly develop ...
19-09-2022 21:52

Bamboo Alternative Products that Are Good for Your Wallet an

So often when you hear people talking about eco-friendly products, your mind goes to the cost. This is because typically they have been more expensive ...
19-09-2022 21:39

sigurd larsen tops weekend home in german countryside with c

thanks to the large openings and the transparent roof, occupants can gaze out at the changing landscape all year long. The post sigurd larsen tops wee ...
19-09-2022 22:08

Balthasar Neumann: Master of the late Baroque Stlye

Balthasar Neumann (1687(")- 1753), was a German architect who developed a new concept of Baroque architecture fused with Austrian, Bohemian, Italian ...
19-09-2022 22:10

Tour the Most Expensive House on the U.S. Market

Ten years in the making, The One is the largest and grandest house ever built in the urban world. The iconic Los Angeles structure sits on nearly 4 a ...
19-09-2022 21:45

we+’s study on mist explores a new coexistence between

we+ translated its findings into an exhibition and a poetic installation embracing the nostalgic and transient qualities of mist. The post we+’s s ...
19-09-2022 22:08

Remmers Dutch Barn by Miller Roodell Architects

Remmers Dutch Barn is a beautiful rustic barn house located in Stanley, Idaho, designed in 2019 by Miller Roodell Architects. Descri ...
19-09-2022 21:45

Casa Mantegna in Italy / Andrea Mantegna

Completed in 1502, Casa Mantegna (also called Casa Mantegna) was built in Mantua for the famous painter Andrea Mantegna. The revolutionary design cons ...
19-09-2022 21:52

Jubilee University of Economics, Krakow

Jubilee University of Economics, Krakow Campus Building, Southern Polish Architecture Photos Jubilee University of Economics in Krakow 19 Sep 2022 Arc ...
19-09-2022 22:27

6 Essentials for Indoor Gardening

Chances are, if you have a backyard, you have some form of garden. Maybe you choose to cultivate flowers; perhaps you have a raised bed full of fresh ...
19-09-2022 21:39

A Glass Enclosed Home Office Is Tucked In Behind The Kitchen

Architecture and interior design studio WE Architects, has transformed an apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, that includes a glass-enclosed home office. ...
19-09-2022 21:36

meet ‘diffusion bee’, a mac-compatible and free

packed with a once-click installer and a simple interface, this free AI tool requires no technical knowledge prior to using. The post meet ‘diffusi ...
19-09-2022 22:08

Dev Bhoomi Residence by Ace Associates

Dev Bhoomi Residence is an amazing home located in Anand, Gujarat, India, designed in 2021 by Ace Associates. Description The pro ...
19-09-2022 21:45

Two Chicago Guides

AIA Guide to Chicagoby American Institute of Architects Chicago, edited by Laurie McGovern PetersenUniversity of Illinois Press, June 2022Paperback | ...
19-09-2022 21:36

Call for Submissions / A? Design Award & Competition 20

  The A’ Design Awards & Competition 2022-2023 is currently open for submissions! Until September 30, participants can submit their designs for reg ...
19-09-2022 21:52

CasaTresAguas by designH&C

CasaTresAguas is a beautiful beach house located in Celestún, Mexico, designed in 2020 by designH&C. Description On a small plot of land ...
19-09-2022 21:45

The Wright House by Mesh Design + Projects

The Wright House is a contemporary two-story residence located in Perth, Australia, designed in 2020 by Mesh Design + Projects. Description ...
18-09-2022 21:43

in conversation with jasper morrison about his ‘early

the exhibition presents seven signature pieces from morrison\'s archive, evoking the spirit of design in london in the 1980s. The post in conversatio ...
18-09-2022 22:04

Casa 81 by TAM Arquitectura

Casa 81 is a concrete house located in Mar del Plata, Argentina, designed in 2019 by Guillermo Elgart of TAM Arquitectura. Description ?Th ...
18-09-2022 21:43


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News most viewed Today

Friha – House on a Hill by Amunt

Friha – House on a Hill by Amunt

Friha – House on a Hill is a modern vacation house located in Menzenschwand, Germany, designed in 2021 by Amunt. Description Building task, building site, building plot The private home is the dream of living par excellence,... -
DMTV Milkshake: Melodie Leung on Remembering Zaha Hadid + Challenging the Design Process

DMTV Milkshake: Melodie Leung on Remembering ...

This week?s DMTV Milkshake guest is Melodie Leung, associate director with Zaha Hadid Architects. We talked to Melodie about what it was like working with one of contemporary architecture?s most influential figures ? from when she got the call that... -
archstudio renovates a traditional siheyuan residence in beijing

archstudio renovates a traditional siheyuan r...

within a historic quarter of beijing, archstudio has completed the renovation of a small siheyuan and its adjoining three courtyards to create a living space that blends traditional architecture with contemporary design. the project has been... -
Bridges That Allows Animals to Safely Cross Freeways Are Being Built All Over the World

Bridges That Allows Animals to Safely Cross F...

It’s always a terrible sight to see an animal that got hit on the highway, whether it’s a deer, coyote, dog, cat, armadillo, or whatever. Unfortunately, we’ve built endless ribbons of roads through the wilderness (aka, the homes of animals)... -
Casa 81 by TAM Arquitectura

Casa 81 by TAM Arquitectura

Casa 81 is a concrete house located in Mar del Plata, Argentina, designed in 2019 by Guillermo Elgart of TAM Arquitectura. Description ?They were there. It was their home?They gave us permission. Suddenly, you feel the... -
kesselskramer’s new campaign for monopoly teaches us that it’s OK to fight during games

kesselskramer’s new campaign for monopo...

the images depict children throwing fits and frowning, coupled with powerful messages about dealing with emotions and disappointment. The post kesselskramer’s new campaign for monopoly teaches us that it’s OK to fight during games appeared... -
Fyrgani by Aka – Apostolou Colakis Architects

Fyrgani by Aka – Apostolou Colakis Arch...

Fyrgani is a lovely stone holiday house located in Sifnos, Greece, designed in 2021 by AKA – Apostolou Colakis Architects. Description This small holiday home, ‘Fyrgani’, is placed within the landscape of Sifnos... -
RIBA Felixstowe Road Housing Competition, Abbey Wood

RIBA Felixstowe Road Housing Competition, Abb...

RIBA Felixstowe Road Housing Design Competition, Bexley Architecture Contest RIBA Felixstowe Road Housing Competition Royal Institute of British Architects South London Architecture Contest News 17 + 16 Mar 2018 RIBA Felixstowe Road Housing... -
Dura Europos: The Oldest Church in the World

Dura Europos: The Oldest Church in the World

Dura Europos was a Hellenistic, Parthian, and Roman city built in the northern part of present-day Syria around 300 BC. It came under under Parthian rule in 113 BC and became an important administrative centre. Later, the Romans conquered the city... -

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