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House in Kifisia by Paly Architects

Located in Athens, Greece, House in Kifisia is a two-story residence designed in 2021 by the renowned Paly Architects. The property is set on a corner...
31-01-2023 21:53

House in Longmen by The Design Institute of Landscape &

Located in Hangzhou, China, House in Longmen is a contemporary real estate project designed by The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture China ...
31-01-2023 21:53

H81 House in Praia Verde by José Martinez Silva

Discover the H81 House in Praia Verde, a stunning residence designed by José Martinez Silva and located in Castro Marim, Portugal. Perched at the edge...
28-01-2023 21:51

House that Opens Up to the Sun by Stempel & Tesar Archi

Welcome to House that Opens up to the Sun, a beautiful passive house located in Malé Ky?ice, Czech Republic. Designed by Stempel & Tesar Architekti in...
28-01-2023 21:51

108ERA by Vallribera Arquitectes

108ERA is a stunning stone farmhouse located in Granera, Spain. Designed by Vallribera Arquitectes in 2022, this traditional real estate offers the pe...
27-01-2023 21:50

House 27 by Mario Martins Atelier

Discover House 27, a two-story contemporary house designed by Mario Martins Atelier and located in Lagos, Portugal. Enjoy the privileged view of Alvor...
27-01-2023 21:50

59RUT by Vallribera Arquitectes

59RUT is a row house located in Terrassa, Spain, designed by Vallribera Arquitectes in 2014. This modern home stands out with its narrow design style ...
27-01-2023 21:50

Nortehaus by Willy Kuhne

Nortehaus is a B&B retreat located in Norland, Canada, designed by Willy Kuhne in 2023 with a minimalist design style. Situated in the picturesque are...
26-01-2023 21:52

Casa Patios by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos

Casa Patios is a single-family house located in Mexico City, Mexico and designed by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos in 2022. This modern home is desig...
26-01-2023 21:52

Classic Meets Modern by Kiki Archi

Kiki ARCHi has crafted a stunning single-family house in Beijing, China, that combines traditional and contemporary elements. The project, named Class...
25-01-2023 21:50

Sonoma Pool House by Light Space Architecture Office

Take a relaxing dip in the stunning Sonoma Pool House, designed by the highly acclaimed Light Space Architecture Office. Located in beautiful Geyservi...
24-01-2023 21:50

Casa Joana by Studio Arte Architecture & Design

Welcome to Casa Joana, a minimalist house designed by Studio Arte Architecture & Design located in the historic city of Silves, Portugal. Built in 202...
24-01-2023 21:50

Casa 1a by Studio Arte Architecture & Design

Set in the stunningly beautiful Portimão, Portugal, Casa 1a is a traditional Algarvian villa that has been recently remodeled and upgraded to meet all...
23-01-2023 21:55

Villa BW by Mecanoo

Villa BW, a contemporary house designed by Mecanoo in 2022, is located in Schoorl, Netherlands – the renowned beach resort area. This impressive pro...
23-01-2023 21:55

Pi House by D&P Associates

Located in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam, the Pi House is a stunning modern traditional house designed by D&P Associates. This newly built house,...
22-01-2023 21:51

Knock² House Renovation by Haven Space Design

This year, Knock² House Renovation was completed in Changhua County, Taiwan, by the renowned Haven Space Design. With modern design elements and a rus...
19-01-2023 21:49

Deer Park by DNM Architecture

Deer Park, a two-story residence located in San Rafael, California, is a modern masterpiece designed by DNM Architecture in 2022. Situated in Marin Co...
19-01-2023 21:49

Live Oak Ridge Residence by KOA ? Keyes Office of Architectu

Introducing the Live Oak Ridge Residence ? a stunning contemporary home designed by KOA ? Keyes Office of Architecture in 2022 and located in Austin, ...
18-01-2023 21:53

Monte do Olival by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Monte do Olival, a resort located in Alca?cer do Sal, Portugal, designed by Atelier Lígia Casanova in 2021, offers its guests a chance to escape the h...
17-01-2023 21:55

Sonoma Wine Country 1 by Feldman Architecture

Take a journey with us to Sonoma Wine Country 1, a contemporary-style retreat designed in 2021 by Feldman Architecture located in Sonoma, California. ...
17-01-2023 21:55

Zenta House by CONN Design

Experience the unique journey to Zenta House, a coffee house located in B?o L?c, Vietnam. The project was designed by CONN Design and completed in 202...
17-01-2023 21:55

Sharvari by Mayur Gandhi

Sharvari is a beautiful house located in Satara, Maharashtra, India, designed by renowned architect Mayur Gandhi. The house is a unique blend of tradi...
14-01-2023 21:51

Villa of The Woods by APS Concept

Discover the Villa of The Woods, a modern minimalist retreat nestled in the pine forests of Da Lat, Vietnam. This 2022 project by APS Concept provides...
13-01-2023 21:51

Casa Bombai by Grupo TIM

Casa Bombai, a single-story house located in Canning, Argentina and designed by Grupo TIM, is a stunning example of rationalist design. Its unique con...
13-01-2023 21:51

House JC by Mário Alves

Welcome to House JC, an impressive two-story house designed in 2022 by Portuguese architect Mário Alves and located in the hillside of Quinta da Porte...
13-01-2023 21:51

Sharon Residence by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Sharon Residence is a 1,892 square foot (176 m2) prefab house designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture, located in Sharon, Connecticut, USA. This modern...
12-01-2023 21:53

Cass Bay House by MC Architecture Studio

Introducing Cass Bay House, a stunning bayfront house situated in Cass Bay, Lyttelton, New Zealand. Designed by MC Architecture Studio, this house has...
11-01-2023 21:51

Dream in White by Keren Niv Toledano

Dream in White is a modern farmhouse located in the heart of a Moshava in the north of Israel. Designed by Keren Niv-Toledano in 2022, this stunning p...
11-01-2023 21:51

An Interior Surrounded by Nature by Yehudit Schneider

This luxurious resort villa is located in Upper Galilee, Israel and designed by the renowned Yehudit Schneider in 2022. With the nearby nature reserve...
10-01-2023 21:54

Designer’s Den by Cityspace’ 82 Architects

Located in Gurugram, India, Designer?s Den is a luxurious residential house designed by Cityspace’ 82 Architects with a green contemporary design st...
10-01-2023 21:54

AYM House by Esther Azcona

Explore the AYM House, a modern two-story house located in Lardero, Spain, designed by Esther Azcona in 2017. Located in the Rioja Alavesa region, kno...
09-01-2023 21:52

The Mushroom by ZJJZ Atelier

The Mushroom is a surreal forest retreat located in Xinyu, China, designed by ZJJZ Atelier in 2020. Located near Fairy Lake, an area with over 1600 ye...
09-01-2023 21:52

Alambique House by Najas Arquitectos

Explore the stunning two-story Alambique House, designed by Najas Arquitectos and located in Quito, Ecuador ? known for its abundance of natural beaut...
09-01-2023 21:52

House Kanton Solothurn by Tormen Architekten

Discover House Kanton Solothurn, a modern extension of a manor house from the 1960s located near the city center of Solothurn, Switzerland. Designed b...
09-01-2023 21:52

Sun House by Space+ Architecture

Sun House is a beautiful house located in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam – renowned for its pristine beaches and stunning coastline. It was d...
08-01-2023 21:53

[email protected] by Gibertandtan Design Studios

Discover [email protected], an office building located in the residential neighbourhood of Damansara Heights, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi...
08-01-2023 21:53

Caribbean Courtyard Villa by Studio Saxe

Let the Caribbean breeze and lush jungle of Puerto Viejo, Limon whisk you away to paradise with Studio Saxe’s newest design – Caribbean Courtyard ...
07-01-2023 21:50

Mediterranean Revival by Studio AM Architecture and Kelly Ho

Experience the charm of Mediterranean Revival in Seattle, Washington! This residence was originally built in 1910 and remodeled by Bebb and Gould Arch...
07-01-2023 21:50

The Society Hotel Bingen by Waechter Architecture

Experience the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge at The Society Hotel Bingen in Bingen, Washington. Designed by Waechter Architecture in 2022, this r...
06-01-2023 21:52

House by Lago Maggiore by Ruinelli Associati Architetti

Welcome to House by Lago Maggiore, a stunning single-family house located in Gerra, Switzerland. This beautiful real estate was designed by Ruinelli A...
06-01-2023 21:52

House Zero by Lake|Flato Architects

Situated in Austin, Texas, House Zero is the first project of ICON?s Exploration Series, a series of homes designed with world-class architects that e...
06-01-2023 21:52

A.A. House by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa

A.A. House, a three-story house designed by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa in 2018, is an amazing property located in Ílhavo, Portugal, right...
06-01-2023 21:52

Stream House by ArchLAB

Explore the stunning Stream House in Vilnius, Lithuania ? a contemporary country house designed by ArchLAB in 2022. Vilnius is recognized for its rema...
05-01-2023 21:51

RV House by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa

RV House is a two-story modern house located in Ovar, Portugal, designed by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa in 2021. The house is located on a...
05-01-2023 21:51

Studio Cascina Garbald by Ruinelli Associati Architetti

Nestled in Castasegna, Switzerland lies the beautifully redesigned Studio Cascina Garbald. Originally built as a farmhouse in 2019, this traditional p...
04-01-2023 21:50

Sasaki Spine Clinic by UID Architects

Welcome to the Sasaki Spine Clinic in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by UID Architects and completely renovated in 2019. This modern wooden-style clinic i...
04-01-2023 21:50

Casa PH Ganso by Barbara Dundes

Casa PH Ganso, located in São Paulo, Brazil is a single-family house redesigned in 2022 by the renowned Brazilian architect Barbara Dundes. With an in...
04-01-2023 21:50

Nanchawan Village Stone Houses by Current-Newswire

Introducing Nanchawan Village Stone Houses ? a residential project located in the Yiling District of Yichang, China. Redesigned in 2021 by Current-New...
03-01-2023 21:48

Geode by Emerymcclure Architecture

Discover the unique Geode in Lafayette, Louisiana, a modern ranch house designed by Emerymcclure Architecture in 2020. The project creates a dramatic ...
03-01-2023 21:48

Jeeves House by Emerymcclure Architecture

Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, Jeeves House has been designed by Emerymcclure Architecture and is a contemporary home with Caribbean design style, r...
03-01-2023 21:48

Binh Thuan House by Mia Design Studio

Discover the Binh Thuan House, a modern townhouse located in Bình Thu?n, Vietnam designed by Mia Design Studio in 2021. Built for a family of four wit...
02-01-2023 21:49

Casa J.C.R. by Atelier D’arquitectura Lopes da Costa

Discover the stunning Casa J.C.R. located in Esmoriz, Portugal and designed by Atelier D’arquitectura Lopes da Costa in 2019. This modern two-story ...
02-01-2023 21:49

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono by Nikken Sekkei

Discover Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono, a luxurious mountain resort located in Hokkaido, Japan. Designed by Nikken Sekkei in 2019, the resort features a ...
01-01-2023 21:47

Guochuangyuan 20 by Fan Architectural Firm

Guochuangyuan 20 is a ferry hall and bespoke store located in Nanjing, China, designed by Fan Architecture Firm in 2022. It is a stunning example of i...
01-01-2023 21:47

Boa Vista House by Gabriel Pozzobom

Discover the Boa Vista House, a stunning retreat located in Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Brazil. Designed by Gabriel Pozzobom in 2019, the house is a st...
01-01-2023 21:47

Ksaraah by Taliesyn – Design & Architecture

Introducing Ksaraah, a weekend retreat located in Bengaluru, India, designed by Taliesyn ? Design & Architecture in 2021. The two-storey residence is ...
31-12-2022 21:47

Renovation of a House by Atelje Ostan Pavlin

Atelje Ostan Pavlin, a talented Slovenian design team, has successfully completed the renovation of a house in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The house, origina...
31-12-2022 21:47

Pig House by Li Wenqiang

Located in Binjiang, Hangzhou, China, the Pig House is a unique house-design studio designed by Li Wenqiang of Pig Studio in 2022. It is a fusion of a...
31-12-2022 21:47

House with a terrace in Miramar by João Pedro Serodio

Welcome to House with a Terrace in Miramar, a modern, concrete house in Porto, Portugal. Designed by João Pedro Serodio in 2022, this house features a...
31-12-2022 21:47

One of a Kind by Boaz Snir

Unlock the secrets of a one of a kind home located in the Sharon region of Israel! This charming wooden property was designed by Israeli architect Boa...
30-12-2022 21:50

Miyue·Tuscany Seaview Resort by G&S Design

Experience the luxury and modern design of Miyue·Tuscany Seaview Resort, located in Shenzhen, China. Designed by G&S Design, this hotel offers guests ...
28-12-2022 21:52

Sea House by Studio Bressan

Sea House, a seafront house in Dalmatia, Croatia, designed by Studio Bressan in 2021, is a modern masterpiece blending with the surrounding nature. Th...
28-12-2022 21:52

M?awa House by James&Mau Arquitectura

Discover the M?awa House, the modern concrete and brick designed home located in M?awa, Poland. James&Mau Arquitectura designed this beautiful single-...
28-12-2022 21:52

Casa Simão by Studio Arte Architecture & Design

Experience the pure beauty of Casa Simão, a modern minimalist house located in Messines, Portugal. Built in 2022, by the renowned Studio Arte Architec...
28-12-2022 21:52

Plimsoll Road by Mimodo Architects

Take a step inside the stunning Plimsoll Road townhouse redesigned and extended by Mimodo Architects in London, England. This property is a perfect co...
27-12-2022 21:51

Miyue·Shenzhen Anna Garden Seaview Resort Hotel by G&S

Located in Shenzhen, China, the Miyue·Shenzhen Anna Garden Seaview Resort Hotel is a luxurious seaside resort that offers a peaceful retreat from the ...
27-12-2022 21:51

Casa LMC by Leonardo Togni

Casa LMC is a three-story house located in the Italian city of Bergamo that underwent a contemporary redesign in 2022 by the designer Leonardo Togni. ...
27-12-2022 21:51

Villa DLM by Depaolidefranceschibaldan Architetti

Located in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, Villa DLM is a two-story house designed in 2021 by Depaolidefranceschibaldan Architetti in a modern co...
26-12-2022 21:52

House in Ranholas by Vasco Lima Mayer

The house in Ranholas, Portugal, is a modern but traditional two-storey house designed by Vasco Lima Mayer in 2022. Photography courtesy o...
26-12-2022 21:52

Miyue Tianlu Miye Xianzong Resort Hotel by G&S Design

Miyue Tianlu Miye Xianzong Resort Hotel is a romantic urban resort located in Shenzhen, China, designed in 2022 by G&S Design. De...
26-12-2022 21:52

South Yarra House by Pop Architecture

South Yarra House is an Edwardian house located in Melbourne, Australia, redesigned and extended in 2020 by Pop Architecture. Description De...
25-12-2022 21:47

The Apple Tree House by ACDF Architecture

The Apple Tree House is a modernist retreat located in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada, designed in 2021 by ACDF Architecture. Descr...
25-12-2022 21:47

Villa 4P by Love Architecture and Urbanism

Villa 4P is an inspiring concrete single-family house located in Graz, Austria, designed in 2022 by Love Architecture and Urbanism. Descriptio...
24-12-2022 21:47

Calvario Rehab. by 2es+_oficina de arquitectura

Calvario Rehab. is a contemporary single-family house located in A Coruña, Spain, redesigned in 2021 by 2es+_oficina de arquitectura. Descrip...
24-12-2022 21:47

House in Piziè by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti

House in Piziè is a lovely chalet located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, designed in 2022 by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti. Descri...
23-12-2022 21:55

Casa Sobreiro by Vasco Lopes Arquitectos

Casa Sobreiro is a modern two-story house located in Vilamoura, Quarteira, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Vasco Lopes Arquitectos. Desc...
22-12-2022 21:48

Casa Maiora by Studio Andrew Trotter

Casa Maiora is a minimalist retreat located in Carovigno, Italy, designed in 2022 by Studio Andrew Trotter. Description This project was t...
21-12-2022 21:47

Pixel House by Anderman Architects

Pixel House is an inspiring modern two-story house located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2022 by Anderman Architects. Description A whil...
21-12-2022 21:47

Treehouse Studio by Stilt Studios

Treehouse Studio is a wooden retreat located in Balikpapan, Indonesia, designed in 2022 by Stilt Studios. Description Stilt Studios Rele...
21-12-2022 21:47

J House by CTA – Creative Architects

J House is a modern single-family house located in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, designed in 2022 by CTA – Creative Architects. Description The owner...
19-12-2022 21:50

Bodrum Z House by Habif Mimarl?k

Bodrum Z House is a beautiful holiday residence located in Mu?la, Turkey, designed in 2022 by Habif Mimarl?k. Descri...
19-12-2022 21:50

Yeats House by BLA Design Group

Yeats House is a modern barn house located in Richmond, Canada, designed in 2022 by BLA Design Group. Description BLA Design Group creates ...
18-12-2022 21:49

Thuy Xuan House by Cote Architects

Thuy Xuan House is a beautiful two-story house located in Hue, Vietnam, designed in 2021 by Cote Architects. Description The Thuy Xu...
18-12-2022 21:49

Family Room Retreat by Abstract Architecture

Family Room Retreat is a contemporary extension to a traditional single-family house located in Amherst, New York, designed in 2019 by Abstract Archit...
18-12-2022 21:49

Stack House by Locksley Architects

Stack House is a beautiful residence located in Greater London, England, United Kingdom, designed in 2022 by Locksley Architects. Descrip...
17-12-2022 21:49

A 121 House by E.RE Studio Architects

A 121 House is a simple modern house located in Bandung, Indonesia, designed in 2022 by E.RE Studio Architects. Description A simple house de...
17-12-2022 21:49

Doma House by KiKi ARCHi

Doma House is a modern single-family house located in Kanagawa, Japan, designed in 2021 by KiKi ARCHi. Description ?DOMA? is a space f...
16-12-2022 21:51

Ferskûle by Denkkamer

Ferskûle is a lovely holiday house located in Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands, designed in 2020 by Denkkamer. Description On one of the most b...
16-12-2022 21:51

Art Sauna by Mendoza Partida

Art Sauna is a spa that is part of the Gösta Serlachius Museum in Mänttä, Finland, designed by Mendoza Partida in 2022. Description Art Saun...
16-12-2022 21:51

Casa CR by AC Design

Casa CR is a contemporary home located in Paratico, Italy, designed in 2022 by AC Design. Description Casa CR is a beautiful two-story co...
15-12-2022 21:50

Ravenhill by Studio Robert Jamieson

Ravenhill is a lovely modern single-family house located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, redesigned in 2019 by Studio Robert Jamieson. Descrip...
14-12-2022 21:50

Villa Nemora by Leopoldo II of Lorena

Villa Nemora is a luxurious Tuscan resort located in Bucine, Italy, built by Leopoldo II of Lorena. Photography by Filippo FotiThe post Vil...
13-12-2022 21:53

Bigwood Residence by Olson Kundig

Bigwood Residence is an amazing mountain house located in Ketchum, Idaho, designed in 2014 by Olson Kundig. Description This second hom...
12-12-2022 21:49

Casa Tunich by Ápiron

Casa Tunich is a two-storey beachfront residence on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, designed by Ápiron in 2022. Description House Tun...
11-12-2022 21:48

Farouche Tremblant by L’Abri

Farouche Tremblant is a beautiful mountain retreat located in Lac-Supérieur, Canada, designed in 2022 by L’Abri. Description Nestled in t...
11-12-2022 21:48

Villa V by Steininger Architects

Villa V is a modern residence located in Vienna, Australia, designed by Steininger Architects. Description Just imagine: you’ve been on h...
11-12-2022 21:48

Europe on their Doorstep by Shirly Dan

Europe on their Doorstep is a beautiful two-story house located in Caesarea, Israel, designed by Shirly Dan. Description The summer holi...
10-12-2022 21:49

Refurbishment for Alejandro and Inma by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arq

Refurbishment for Alejandro and Inma is a beautiful residence located in Alicante, Spain, redesigned in 2020 by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos. ...
10-12-2022 21:49

Casa PR by Studio Ecoarch

Casa PR is a minimalist single-story house located in Verese, Italy, designed in 2022 by Studio Ecoarch. Description The property,...
09-12-2022 21:48

Bahçeköy House by Habif Mimarl?k

Bahçeköy House is a luxurious contemporary residence located in Istanbul, Turkey, designed in 2018 by Habif Mimarl?k. D...
09-12-2022 21:48

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The 7 most impressive prefab homes from 2018

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Japanese-inspired ?60s home with koi pond asks $895K

Japanese-inspired ?60s home with koi pond ask...

The midcentury home is located in Winter Park, Florida Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day" Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We?d love to see what you?ve... -
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Villa BW by Mecanoo

Villa BW by Mecanoo

Villa BW, a contemporary house designed by Mecanoo in 2022, is located in Schoorl, Netherlands – the renowned beach resort area. This impressive property features a double-curved roof with twisting shapes and characterful ceramic tile cladding... -
Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg

Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg

Neuländer Quarree precinct, CG Gruppe AG Hamburg Buildings, German Architecture Images Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg Mixed-use Architecture Development at Harburg Inland Port, Germany – design by SAOTA 30 Apr 2019 Neuländer Quarree... -
Black and White Minimal Home

Black and White Minimal Home

This black and white minimal home by i.s.m.architecten is a great exercise in minimal architecture. I have always liked black houses. A solid dark house tends to hide detail. I like the that this house has a smaller visual appearance from the street... -
These new homes stand out with colorful louvers

These new homes stand out with colorful louve...

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Mobile, modular ?Kasita? homes are now in pro...

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uneven geometry rises dramatically for kengo kuma’s daycare center in japan

uneven geometry rises dramatically for kengo ...

kengo kuma\'s \'murasaki penguin totsuka\' in japan is informed by the site\'s irregular topography. The post uneven geometry rises dramatically for kengo kuma’s daycare center in japan appeared first on designboom | architecture & design... -

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