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Best Cart-Style Open Islands for the Small Kitchen: Smart Sp

We are always looking to save space around our home; even if we do not happen to live in a small or modest residence. The general tendency among us is...
22-09-2020 22:01

Vibrant, Fun and Inspired by the 60?s: Luscious Apartment in

The historic and beautiful port city of Thessaloniki is a perfect place to relax, rest and rejuvenate and has been popular with tourists forever now. ...
22-09-2020 22:01

1940?s Ascot Vale House Finds New Life with an Innovative Br

Every time we look at an aging home being given a new lease of life with a smart renovation and addition, then we can spot the few elements that are c...
22-09-2020 22:01

Three-Level Modern Family Home in Vancouver with a Cozy Wood

If you love a home that is draped in the warmth of wood, then the Collingwood Residence is one for you. Designed by BLA Design Group, this spacious, m...
21-09-2020 22:02

Home Office Trends for Fall and Beyond: How a Pandemic Chang

Remember the days when we were allowed to take work home once in a while and that day felt special as you kicked back, did only what was absolutely mu...
18-09-2020 22:05

Bayside Residence: Timber Battens and New Floor Plan Revamp

If there is one thing that we have leant in the last few months of working from home, then it is that we need a home where we can keep an eye on our k...
18-09-2020 22:05

Small Space Design: Tiny, Functional Music Shed in Vancouver

What can you do with just about 50 square feet of space in your backyard" Maybe your initial impulse would be to craft a garden or small outdoor hango...
17-09-2020 22:01

Classy Sapphire Kitchen: Navy Blue and Brass Revitalizes Tra

There are few colors that are trendy for a season or two before they quickly fall down the trends chart once again. Then there are colors that are per...
17-09-2020 22:01

Reflecting Brilliance: 10 Mirrored Islands Perfect for the S

There is a lot you can do with mirrors and in the modern kitchen, they can do everything from adding light and brightness to a dark interior to creati...
16-09-2020 22:02

How to Create a Kid-Friendly Backyard that Even Adults Can E

We always harp on about how the backyard can be your safe refuge and a perfect place for a lovely staycation. This is ever truer in the times of a glo...
15-09-2020 22:05

Space and Style Find Modern Industrial Expression Inside thi

Love modern-industrial style interiors" You are definitely not alone with the style quickly becoming the single most consistently popular decorating s...
15-09-2020 22:05

Midcentury Modernism at it Charming Best: Budget Makeover of

We have always talked about how every home is different in terms of its design needs and even when it comes to renovations and redesign, each house de...
15-09-2020 22:05

Nifty Victorian Home Addition: Oak, Concrete, Exposed Brick

Stoke Newington in North London is one of those fabulous neighborhoods that seems to combine modernity and a happening nightlife with remnants on its ...
14-09-2020 22:05

25 Fall Kitchen Design Trends for 2020: Personalize and Cele

Fall 2020 brings with it plenty of possibilities across the world and hope that the last third of the year will be far better than the pandemic-struck...
14-09-2020 22:05

Modern Infusion: Elevated Wooden Deck Extends this Modest 60

Every home demands something unique when it comes to a home extension or makeover. Some undergo major alterations including a new front façade and ext...
14-09-2020 22:05

Fire, Water and an Air of Luxury: Dream Weekend Home with En

Villeta means ?little village? and while this remote location in Columbia might be away from big city lights and constant rush, it is by no means litt...
11-09-2020 22:00

Reclaimed Wood in the Entryway: An Elegant and Eco-Friendly

Reclaimed wood does much more than your usual array of wooden finishes that are becoming all too common once again in modern homes. It adds a unique r...
10-09-2020 22:05

Contemporary Apartment in Fulham: City Living at its Underst

There are a few apartments that inspire us with space-savvy design ide while others introduce new ways in which old styles can be reinvented. This pic...
10-09-2020 22:05

Modern Flamboyance Meets Curated NYC Charm Inside this Revam

They say that if you find a home with good bones, then you can work miracles with it! Sometimes you need to look beyond the skin to realize the true p...
09-09-2020 22:00

Keeping Summer Alive: 20 Small Sunrooms for a Warmer Fall an

Missing summer as you start entering into colder months of fall" You are not alone, with a global pandemic keeping almost everyone inside for the best...
09-09-2020 22:00

This Radically Narrow Home Just 2.3m Wide in London Finds Ne

Those who have spent all their lives in a big city do not generally realize or value the many perks that come with such a life. Sure it can get noisy,...
09-09-2020 22:00

Beyond Barriers: Contemporary Private Wing with Smart Wheelc

When it comes to design and décor inspiration there are plenty of things that come to our mind before we ever start thinking about homes that have whe...
09-09-2020 22:00

Custom Wooden Shelf and Workspace Steal the Spotlight at thi

Every home and apartment has a certain special feature that stands out from all others and gives it a sense of uniqueness. Nestled in the hip Greenpoi...
09-09-2020 22:00

Elements of that Perfect Rear Extension: Give Your Home a Mo

If you are an ardent fan of Decoist or have been around studying the latest trends of the design and architecture world for a while now, then you will...
08-09-2020 22:04

Best Small Dining Rooms From New York City: Polished and Spa

Every home has a unique set of demands and with changing lifestyles and work culture, the old idea of an exclusive and relatively extravagant dining r...
08-09-2020 22:04

Modern Minimal Makeover of 90?s Residence atop Westlake Cove

Many people misinterpret modern minimalism as a style that lacks all color, personality, character and is mundane even at its very best. Apart from be...
03-09-2020 22:02

A Bit of Brick for the Entryway: From Beautiful Walls to Las

Modern interiors have moved slowly and steadily away from the polished and neutral world of beige, white and cream and into a realm that is lot more e...
03-09-2020 22:02

FF Apartment: Sophisticated Contemporary Home with a Social

It is barely a surprise that an apartment that was designed for a couple who own a chain of bakeries and are avid cooking aficionados has a fabulous k...
02-09-2020 22:35

Fill the Nursery with Fall Brilliance: Trendy Colors that ma

Depending on where you live and your own local climatic conditions, you are either experiencing the end of summer or the very first days of fall. Of c...
02-09-2020 22:35

Apartment BC: Delightful Mix of Blue, Yellow and Modern Spac

A perfect apartment is a beautiful blend of form and function with a splattering of bright colors thrown into the mix. That generally plays out in dif...
02-09-2020 22:35

Brooklin Apartment: Mirrored Cabinets, Burnt Cement Ceiling

If you are looking for an affluent and happening neighborhood in Sao Paulo, then they do not come more sophisticated than Brooklin. It is here that we...
01-09-2020 22:42

Concealed Californian Bungalow Renovation in Beach-Side Melb

The city of Melbourne and the many suburbs around it have produced some of the most ingenious, elegant and sensible home makeovers and renovations in ...
01-09-2020 22:42

Headboard Alternatives for Design Lovers

If you’re in the midst of a bedroom makeover and looking for a big statement to anchor the space, today’s post is for you. If you aren’t plannin...
31-08-2020 22:33

Traditional Home in White Given a Modern Twist with Restrain

A balance between the old and the new often veers towards one of the sides more prominently. Classic, stylish and filled with neutral hues that are cl...
31-08-2020 22:33

White, Light and Modern-Industrial: Chic Renovated Lower Man

There are few cities in the world where space is as much of a premium as in New York City where there is more vertical space to explore than actual sq...
31-08-2020 22:33

Timeless Chic: Sensible Renovation of Historic Spanish Reviv

There are many different routes one can take when it comes to home renovation. Many in recent times prefer he idea of just adding a rear extension to ...
27-08-2020 22:33

Rooftop Kitchens: Outdoor Dining Experience Served with Styl

Staying indoors for what seems like an endless period of time can be really frustrating and with no actual end in sight of the Covid-19 pandemic, ther...
27-08-2020 22:33

Adaptable Living: Old Horse Stable Turned into Studio Space

What do you do when you happen to buy or own an old horse stable and yet do not actually own any horses" Instead of just neglecting the space or getti...
26-08-2020 22:38

Chic Dining Room Styles for Fall that Combine Modern with th

Every year as fall rolls in, one of the first things that we think about is how to redecorate the dining space and make it a place perfect for hosting...
25-08-2020 22:05

Modern Moroccan Flavor Finds Innovative Expression in this B

Most modern apartments are draped in neutral hues and it is not uncommon to have a backdrop in colors like white, gray and beige. But it is not every ...
25-08-2020 22:05

The Top Trends in Kitchen Floor Tiles

There’s no denying that wood flooring is a top kitchen trend, but tile has the power to offer the ultimate in durability. While the focus is often o...
25-08-2020 22:05

Modern Classic: Cheerful Recycled Brick Extension of North L

A balance between the old and the new is one that is hard to achieve. In a city that values tradition as much as it embraces a global cosmopolitan vib...
24-08-2020 22:04

Making Most of the Hallway: Decorating Ideas that Maximize S

There are many rooms that we think about in decorating terms before we actually start thinking about the hallway. For some reason, many of us view the...
24-08-2020 22:04

Refurbished Attic of Single-Family Home Functions as an Inde

When we think of attics, the first image that comes to mind is of a dark, dingy and dusty place that we climb up to, in order to dig out those Christm...
24-08-2020 22:04

Zen Spaces: Cozy Bedroom Reading Nooks and Corners that are

Everyone needs a space to rest, relax and unwind. Sometimes it comes in the form of a relaxing poolside setting with a couple of chairs and some shade...
24-08-2020 22:04

How To: Lighting Solutions for Small Kitchens

The kitchen is a place where you need an even layer of functional and aesthetic lighting that combines the best of both aspects. This becomes even mor...
22-08-2020 22:05

Bali Bamboo Jungle House is a Wanderlust Dream Retreat

There are few occasions when you feel like packing your bags and taking the next flight to a destination as soon as you see the image of an amazing ge...
21-08-2020 22:03

16 Copper Bathtubs That Completely Reinvent The Space

Copper has always had an antique appeal that gives the room a time-tested vintage character. The rough bronze look will make it a centerpiece in a bat...
21-08-2020 22:03

20+ Rustic Chic Bedrooms That Blend Cozy and Modern

Bedrooms are a space in our home that fully reflect both our personality and sense of design and style. They are a safe haven allowing you to use mult...
21-08-2020 22:03

20 Apartments With Loft Levels That Add Style and Save Space

It is easy to create a wonderful and attractive home when you have plenty of space to utilize. The grand and lavish contemporary home with all its ben...
20-08-2020 22:10

How To: Filling Your Sunroom With Indoor Plants That Will Ac

Sure, the open pool deck or the outdoor living area look great right now. But soon the warmth of summer is bound to give way to colder weather and a d...
20-08-2020 22:10

DIY Wine Racks For Every Style

Wine connoisseurs are undoubtedly as bothered about the wine storage area as they are picky about the taste and flavor of their wine. It is undoubtedl...
19-08-2020 22:04

How to Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free: Tips and Ideas

We spend so much of our time flipping through and sharing design and decorating inspiration with our readers that at times we might gloss over ways in...
17-08-2020 21:59

Ultimate Luxury: Opulent New York Apartment Inside the World

If you do not know it already, then the One57 is a fabulous and breathtaking tower that is part of the sparkling Manhattan skyline and one that contai...
14-08-2020 22:01

Dark, Dashing and Full of Surprises: Ravishing Artist?s Apar

Modern apartment are spaces that are often filled with neutral hues and you have a curated blend of color and style in here. Most often it is white, l...
14-08-2020 22:01

Evolving Interior Design Trends in a Changing World

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, strategically good interior design was viewed as everything from a hobby to a privilege. Now it’s a necessity. One sim...
14-08-2020 22:01

Refined Minimal Dining Rooms with a Vivacious Splash of Colo

We will readily admit that the last few years have seen interior design shift from polished contemporary style to spaces that include more textural co...
13-08-2020 22:07

Renting Solitude: Small Woodsy Forest Cabin Provides the Per

An escape that takes us away from the constant grind of daily life and the rush that keeps us busy in our urban environments ? it is something we all ...
13-08-2020 22:07

Casually Eclectic Urban Retreat in Seattle with Hypnotic Vie

The general trend in the world of apartment renovations and makeovers is the idea of creating a more spacious and light-filled interior that maximizes...
13-08-2020 22:07

Luxurious and Edgy Eclectic Closets that are Just Spectacula

Not everyone has enough space or an additional room in the house for a dedicated walk-in closet. But those who do often tend to opt for a look that is...
12-08-2020 22:02

Amazing Views of Sydney?s Pittwater: Modern Minimal Church P

The idea of using contrasting finishes to create a lovely contemporary home is one that is gaining traction and fast. Many homeowners and architects a...
12-08-2020 22:02

Compact Urban Design: Modern Classic Belgium House in White

Urban environment is always demanding on space and often homes need to be built on small, narrow lots while finding a balance between aesthetics and e...
12-08-2020 22:02

Adaptable Interiors: Multifunctional Wall Furniture Dramatic

It is not always easy to turn congested and dreary old apartments into modern spaces that are filled with natural light and are suitable for modern li...
11-08-2020 22:01

Dark and Sophisticated: Black Home Office Ideas You Will Lov

The last couple of decades have seen a drastic change in work culture and the idea of boring, repetitive cubicles has been dumped in favor of a more e...
11-08-2020 22:01

Hardwood and Concrete Create a Suburban Sanctuary that Opens

In the urban and suburban environment, there are times when you need to create your own space. This is achieved by design that urns an otherwise crowd...
11-08-2020 22:01

Upgrade Your Bathroom with a New Toilet Paper Holder

Little things mean a lot. Consider the power of a new toilet paper holder, especially when this is one of the last features to be upgraded during bath...
07-08-2020 21:59

Expansive Mexican Home Turned into an Inviting Family Gather

There are plenty of different styles of homes that we come across on a daily basis and also houses that were once churches, industrial complexes and a...
07-08-2020 21:59

Modern Accessory Dwelling Unit in Austin with Smart Passive

A second home in your own backyard is an addition that comes in quite handy and serves a variety of purposes ? from providing living space for multi-g...
06-08-2020 21:59

Small Contemporary Home Library Ideas Filled with Color and

Every day, we spend a considerable amount of time sharing with our readers home decorating inspirations that involve kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms ...
06-08-2020 21:59

Beachy Member?s Lounge on Toronto’s Boardwalk is Wrapp

Every once in a while it is nice to move out of the world of home décor and design inspiration and check out brilliant ideas from restaurants, coffee ...
05-08-2020 22:02

Modern Minimal Townhouse Renovation Creates Polished Living

Renovating a townhouse to create a more modern and functional interior for the evolving urban family is nothing that we have not already seen. But wha...
05-08-2020 22:02

Bright Modern Extension and Garden Room of Victorian Family

There comes a time when every aging home needs a makeover and that is just what Ravensbourne Avenue House in Bromley, South East London was given with...
05-08-2020 22:02

25 Fall Bedroom Decorating Trends for a Cozy and Relaxing Es

Every few months we tend to turn our focus to top trends that tend to vary with changing seasons. The transition between seasons always brings with it...
05-08-2020 22:02

Functional Small Craft Room Ideas Perfect for the Modern DIY

Being stuck indoors for a prolonged period of time can give you a whole new perspective on life. It also shows us how much time we usually tend to spe...
04-08-2020 22:03

Space-Conscious Modern Industrial Home in Florida for a Glob

It hard to design a home for someone who spends majority of his time on the road and in different cities across the globe. That was the task assigned ...
04-08-2020 22:03

Style to Your Own Tune: Bohemian Bedrooms that Mesmerize and

Every style is unique and each one of us tends to gravitate naturally more towards one style rather than the other depending on our own aesthetic pref...
03-08-2020 22:02

Design that Takes You Back to Basics: Small Eco-Friendly Woo

There is an advantage in simplicity and a life that takes us back to our roots also helps in creating a more relaxing and healthy lifestyle. Designed ...
03-08-2020 22:02

Spatial and Textural Delights: 20 Small Industrial Kitchens

If you are a regular on Decoist, then you will know already that we are big fans of modern-industrial style and all the different version that it deli...
03-08-2020 22:02

Breezy Open Design: House with Two Patios Overlooks the Paci

Every home demands something different in terms of both its design and overall orientation depending on the lot it sits on and the landscape that surr...
30-07-2020 21:58

Colorful, Creative and a Touch Eccentric: Décor Finds that M

In the times of a global pandemic when most of us are spending an inordinate amount of time indoors, things can get pretty monotonous at times. The us...
29-07-2020 22:05

Navy Blue, Turquoise and Splashes of Yellow: Energetic Moder

When it comes to modern homes, color is bit of a rarity in the past few decades. First it was cream, beige and white that dominated the 90?s and early...
29-07-2020 22:05

Experience Living in a Tiny House while Exploring Atlanta?s

The idea of living in a tiny house might feel claustrophobic for a few but for many of us it can be well and truly liberating. It teaches you how you ...
29-07-2020 22:05

Green Roof and Rainwater Harvesting Systems Shape this Charm

A green home need not always be one that is nestled in some remote location on the edge of a cliff or surrounded by a lush green forest and is far awa...
28-07-2020 22:00

Underground Pool and Spa Bring Luxury to this Lavish Contemp

In a time when global pandemic is keeping many of us indoors almost all the time, it does help immensely to have a home where you can enjoy the health...
28-07-2020 22:00

Burst of Brightness: 10 Beautiful Nurseries in Yellow

Few colors have the power to brighten a room like yellow at its brilliant best. Even in a room filled with neutral hues, a simple splash of yellow can...
27-07-2020 22:04

Splendid World of Wood and Green: Forest House Keeps Your Se

A world where you are connected with the landscape around you all the time even when you stay indoors is one that we all want. It promotes a healthier...
27-07-2020 22:04

Create a Focal Point with Modern Sculpture

Sculptural forms are appearing on the shelves of top brands and design studios, sold alongside items such as lamps and vases. If you once considered s...
27-07-2020 22:04

Beachy Summer Vibe: Coastal Style Mudrooms to Keep Your Home

How important is the mudroom for you" This is a question that obviously produces a wide range of answers from different folk. Some believe that it is ...
24-07-2020 21:59

Commercial Car Parking Space Turned into Three Smart Floatin

We love any project hat does much more than just turn an empty lot into a modern home. It takes a bit of creativity and right planning to transform a ...
24-07-2020 21:59

Eye-Catching Efficiency: Small Eclectic Home Offices with Co

There are plenty of different styles you can choose in a small home office or workspace that bring order and create a relaxing backdrop. Some feel sop...
24-07-2020 21:59

1920?s Church in Vancouver Turned into a Delightful Multi-Us

Adaptive reuse of old structures does absolute wonders both in terms of saving resources and also a bit of the past. It is easy to fall in love with a...
23-07-2020 22:03

20 Trendy Teen Bedrooms for Boys and Girls

Decorating the kids? room is a hard task. But that pales in comparison to getting the teen bedroom right. And that is if the teen in your home actuall...
22-07-2020 22:05

This Edwardian Home with Victorian Style Finds Daring Modern

Giving the old home a new meaning and functionality is a task that depends on the exact requirements of the homeowners, condition of the original resi...
22-07-2020 22:05

Chic San Francisco Rental Turns to Multi-Use Spaces that Sav

The requirements of a rental apartment are often different from your regular home where more space is devoted to rooms with specific tasks. This chic ...
22-07-2020 22:05

Timeless Opulence: 20 Victorian Kitchens with Modern Functio

An era that was defined by opulence, a brazen show of wealth and power and born out of deep English traditions that have been altered as they spread t...
21-07-2020 22:02

Born in a Bookshop: Seaside House in California Inspired by

Inspiration can strike us pretty much anywhere and ideas can be born from the most unexpected of circumstances. It is one such ?chance? that led to th...
21-07-2020 22:02

Multi-Tiered Home Renovation in North London Creates Light a

An aging home with poor ventilation and an even poorer floor plan that is just not suited for modern lifestyle is the story of most classic residences...
21-07-2020 22:02

Dark and Spacious Contemporary Home at the Base of Andes Mou

Space at the foot of Andes Mountains automatically offers a spectacular spot for a house which offers some of the most amazing mountain views on the p...
20-07-2020 22:05

20 Chic Vanity Stool Possibilities

Little things mean a lot. If you caught our recent post on vanity tables, you know the importance of carving out a little bit of space for yourself to...
20-07-2020 22:05

Forgotten Warehouse Finds New Life as Trendy Apartment and S

The last decade has seen more and more architects turn to adaptive reuse of structures to transform the old and dilapidated into the livable and moder...
20-07-2020 22:05

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Casually Eclectic Urban Retreat in Seattle with Hypnotic Views of the City

Casually Eclectic Urban Retreat in Seattle wi...

The general trend in the world of apartment renovations and makeovers is the idea of creating a more spacious and light-filled interior that maximizes space. There are times when two different apartment units are combined to create one large unit... -
Fisac House in Ciudad Real / Miguel Fisac

Fisac House in Ciudad Real / Miguel Fisac

The Fisac House designed by the Spanish architect Miguel Fisac in 1978,  is located in Almagro, Ciudad Real. The project turned an old oil mill into the architect’s home with exquisite care for popular architecture. In the facade, Fisac introduced... -
28 Social Housing Units in Courbevoie, Paris

28 Social Housing Units in Courbevoie, Paris

28 Social Housing Units, Parisian Apartment Homes, French Real Estate Development, Images 28 Social Housing Units in Courbevoie, Paris Courbevoie Residential Architecture Development in Paris, France – design by Koz architectes 22 Oct 2019 28... -
Palo Alto Contemporary House by Bjørn Design

Palo Alto Contemporary House by Bjørn Design

We delivered by understanding their needs and tastes; tailoring our design to the architecture with a creative mix of materials, lighting, and furniture including many custom pieces designed to fit the scale of the house.  Continue reading -
zaha hadid architects designs ultra-thin concrete shell that pays homage to félix candela

zaha hadid architects designs ultra-thin conc...

the project was built on an ultra-lightweight knitted formwork that was carried to mexico from switzerland in a suitcase. The post zaha hadid architects designs ultra-thin concrete shell that pays homage to félix candela appeared first on... -
Community Rowing Boathouse in Boston

Community Rowing Boathouse in Boston

Community Rowing Boathouse, Massachusetts Club Building, American Architecture, Images Community Rowing Boathouse in Boston Club House Building Development, Boston, USA – design by Anmahian Winton Architects Jan 11, 2018 Community Rowing... -
Book Review: Two Monographs

Book Review: Two Monographs

Renzo Piano: The Complete Logbook by Renzo PianoThames and Hudson, 2017Hardcover, 420 pagesThis Building Likes Me: The Work of John Wardle Architects by John Wardle ArchitectsThames and Hudson, 2016Hardcover, 440 pagesThe cover of the updated... -
Bridge House by Dan Brunn Architecture

Bridge House by Dan Brunn Architecture

Located in Los Angeles, California, this inspiring single family house has been designed in 2020 by Dan Brunn Architecture. Description A visionary architectural project born in the heart of Hancock Park, Bridge House LA... -
materia sospesa: the independent design festival launches special 2020 edition

materia sospesa: the independent design festi...

returning both online and to the south of italy, this year\'s edition invites designers to reimagine religious symbols of the church. The post materia sospesa: the independent design festival launches special 2020 edition appeared first on... -
Contemporary Apartment in Fulham: City Living at its Understated Best!

Contemporary Apartment in Fulham: City Living...

There are a few apartments that inspire us with space-savvy design ide while others introduce new ways in which old styles can be reinvented. This picture-perfect apartment in Hammersmith and Fulham, London offers ample inspiration for those who are... -

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