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Dura Europos: The Oldest Church in the World

Dura Europos was a Hellenistic, Parthian, and Roman city built in the northern part of present-day Syria around 300 BC. It came under under Parthian r...
27-09-2022 22:14

Bottle House Of Ganja: An Extraordinary House Constructed By

Bottle House of Ganja is an unusual private residence in Ganja, Azerbaijan built from glass bottles. Two-story bottle house was built by Ibrahim Jafar...
26-09-2022 22:04

Göbekli Tepe: The Mysterious Temple Rewrites History

Göbekli Tepe is a Neolithic site in ?anl?urfa, Turkey. Dated to between 9600- 8200 BC, it is the oldest known temple in the world. The excavation on t...
25-09-2022 21:59

Béthune Belfry Built In 1347 And Survived Two World Wars

In the middle of the main square in Béthune, World War II had some destructive effects on the region, the belfry could survive not to be destroyed. ...
25-09-2022 21:59

Ely Cathedral and Octagon Tower Dates Back to Middle Ages

Ely Cathedral, formally the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, is an Anglican cathedral in the city of Ely, Cambridgeshire, ...
25-09-2022 21:59

Agia Fotini Mantineias Church Combines Christian, Byzantine,

Agia Fotini Mantineias Church is located on a plain where the ancient city of Mantineia was formerly situated. Construction on the church began in 196...
24-09-2022 22:01

Villa Of The Mysteries In Pompeii Has One Of The Most Famous

The Villa of the Mysteries is a well-preserved suburban ancient Roman villa on the outskirts of Pompei, Herculaneum, and other nearby towns. Although ...
24-09-2022 22:01

Silentfield: Incredible Castle Illustrations

Silentfield is the nickname of a South Korean concept artist who makes digital illustrations of fantastic castles. Here are some of the most amazing w...
21-09-2022 22:04

Balthasar Neumann: Master of the late Baroque Stlye

Balthasar Neumann (1687(")- 1753), was a German architect who developed a new concept of Baroque architecture fused with Austrian, Bohemian, Italian...
19-09-2022 22:10

Darmstadt Artists’ Colony: An Extraordinary Artistic C

The Darmstadt Artists? Colony (Darmstädter Künstlerkolonie Mathildenhöhe) refers both to a group of Jugendstil artists as well as to the buildings in ...
16-09-2022 22:01

Min Seub Jung: Intricate City Illustrations

Min Seub Jung is a Korean concept artist who creates higly intricate cities, towns and spacecrafts. Here are some of Jung‘s illustrations of imagina...
16-09-2022 22:01

‘Sorry for Design’: The Most Interesting And Wei

Instagram account Sorry for Design shares the most interesting and weird designs and here are 30 of them. ...
16-09-2022 22:01

Baroque Ceilings from around Europe

Baroque style in architecture was popular around Europe during the 17th and the 18th centuries. Its characteristics in interior design were extremely ...
15-09-2022 22:11

20+ Container Homes Built From Recycled Shipping Containers

Instagram account Living in a Container shares container homes that are built from recycled shipping containers, and here are 22 of the most interesti...
14-09-2022 22:06

Artist Designs AI-Generated Architectural Visual Art

Egyptian artist Hassan Ragab designs AI-generated architectural visual art by using Midjourney and other AI tools. Here are some of the most remarkabl...
13-09-2022 22:01

Porticoes of Bologna: Symbolizing Hospitality Since The Earl

The Porticoes of Bologna are an important cultural and architectural heritage of Bologna, ...
13-09-2022 22:01

‘Construction Fails’ That Are Surprisingly Bad

The r/ConstructionFails subreddit is dedicated to sharing the most surprising and hilarious construction fails and here are 30 of the most interesting...
13-09-2022 22:01

Alberobello: The Town Of Trulli, Fantasy Like Homes

Alberobello is a small town that has a unique appearance with its small historical houses called trullo (plural trulli) in ...
12-09-2022 22:08

Island Castles from around World

An island castle, aka insular castle, is a kind of water castle. During middle ages, island castles were built on an artificial or a natural island so...
12-09-2022 22:08

House for Essex: Grayson Perry’s ‘Secular Chapel

House for Essex is designed by FAT Architecture and Grayson Perry in Wrabness, ...
11-09-2022 22:00

Galleria Department Store in Seoul, South Korea

Galleria Department Store, designed by OMA, has opened in Gwanggyo, a new town just south of Seoul. The Galleria?s stone-like appearance makes it a na...
10-09-2022 22:09

Photographer Takes Lively Interior Photos in Cuba

Photographer David Burdeny takes lively interior photos in Cuba and here are some of the most remarkable ones Art Deco Lobby, Havana, Cuba C...
09-09-2022 22:32

The Comfort Town Housing in Kyiv, Ukraine

The Comfort Town Housing, designed by Archimatika, a 40-hectare development of concrete buildings, is all about color. Inspired by Legos, Comfort Town...
09-09-2022 22:32

Late English Gothic Style of Vaulting

Perpendicular or fan vaults are one of the characteristics of English Gothic architecture. In the 14th century, the masons converted the rectangular p...
09-09-2022 22:32

Mueang Boran: World’s Largest Outdoor Museum

Mueang Boran Ancient City was established by Lek Viriyaphant in the shape of Thailand in 1972. It is the world’s largest outdoor museum and occupies...
07-09-2022 22:34

Shoreditch Hotel in London by AQSO Arquitectos

AQSO Arquitectos‘ Shoreditch Hotel is located on the iconic landmark intersection of old street and great eastern street in East London. The ancient...
07-09-2022 22:34

Wat Rong Seur Ten: A Splendid Blue Temple in Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Seur Ten, aka the Blue Temple, is a Buddhist Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It was built between 2005-2016 on the site of the old temple whi...
05-09-2022 22:34

Cool And Unique Hotels Around The World

Here are some of the coolest and most unique hotels that you will be impressed 1. Igloo Village, Kakslauttanen, Finland kakslauttanen ...
04-09-2022 22:34

City Of The Dead: An Endless Sea Of Tombs In El Minya, Egypt

The City of the Dead, or Zawiyyet Al Mayyiteen, is a large Muslim and Coptic Christian cemetery in El Minya, A post shared by Dr. Seif Tamer?. ??? ??...
03-09-2022 22:30

Dolmen de Soto: A Megalithic Monument Dating Back To 3000 B.

Dolmen de Soto, dated between 3000 and 2500 B.C., belongs to a family of dolmens known as long corridor dolmens. The large size of the 21-meter-high D...
03-09-2022 22:30

Sarai Batu: The Reconstructed 13th-Century Mongolian Capital

Sarai Batu (Batu?s Palace) was established in the mid-1240s by the Mongol ruler Batu Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan. At that time, it was quite a ...
01-09-2022 22:32

THE LINE: Futuristic Urban Living Project With Horizontal Me

THE LINE is a futuristic urban living project which contains a multi-dimensional aspect of the requirements of the future. It is called the civilizati...
31-08-2022 22:36

Kizhi Pogost: Two Splendid Churches Built Without Nails

Kizhi Pogost is a historical site in Kizhi Island, Russia, and it consists of two churches and a bell tower. The two 18th century churches are actuall...
30-08-2022 22:33

The Bloomhouse: An Extraordinary Handcarved Home

In the early 1970s, two friends in Austin, ...
30-08-2022 22:33

Stunning Medieval Norwegian Stave Churches

A stave church is a kind of wooden church built during the Middle Ages in Northern Europe. It is impressive that no nail or glue was used in the const...
26-08-2022 22:24

Midjourney Architecture: Intricate Architecture Designs by A

Check out this compilation of 15 architecture concepts created by artificial intelligence on Midjourney. Romanesque Inspired Interior created on Mi...
25-08-2022 22:31

Angkor Wat: The Largest Temple in the World

Angkor Wat is a temple city built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II during the early 12th century in Cambodia. The temple is famous for being the large...
24-08-2022 22:38

Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel, Constructed in 962

The Saint-Michel d?Aiguilhe Chapel is located in the French commune of Aiguilhe, north of the village of Le Puy-en-Velay. It stands on top of an 82-me...
21-08-2022 22:05

Architecture In Music: Photograph Series Reveals The Hidden

Cellist and photographer Charles Brooks began a photograph series called ‘Architecture in Music’ in which he captured the hidden structures of ins...
20-08-2022 22:07
19-08-2022 22:11
19-08-2022 22:11

Photographer Captures Paintings And Frescoes In Abandoned Pl

Photographer Italy and here are some of the most remarkable ones (function ($) { var $self = $(\'.adace-loader-62fd4a177af...
17-08-2022 22:05

Traditional Movie Theater Redesigned In A Colorful Vintage S

Module K designers redesigned a traditional movie theater, Ho Chi Min City’s Beta Cinema in a vibrant colorful style. Designed to celebrate the beau...
17-08-2022 22:05

Mysterious Windowless Buildings In New York City

Here is a list of the mysterious windowless buildings in ...
16-08-2022 22:03

Hadrian’s Villa: Roman Emperor’s Ancient Villa

Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana) in Tivoli bears witness to the grandeur of the Italy. Built by Roman Emperor Hadrian as a retreat from Rome between ...
16-08-2022 22:03

Sacred Spaces: Photographer Captures Modernist Church Interi

Photographer Thibaud Poirier captures modernist church interiors around the world in his photograph series ‘Sacred Spaces’. It is explained on the...
14-08-2022 22:01

Most Impressive Examples Of Postmodern Architecture

Here is a list of the most impressive examples of postmodern architecture The Pyramids The buildings, situated on the Marcanti Eiland, in front ...
14-08-2022 22:01

Florence Architecture: Brilliant Historic Buildings

Here you can find some of the most brilliant historic buildings in Florence’s architecture Basilica di Santa Croce The Basilica di Santa Croce...
14-08-2022 22:01

The World’s Tallest Skyscrapers

Here is a list of the tallest skyscrapers around the world Burj Khalifa The Burj Khalifa known as the Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration in 20...
13-08-2022 22:08

Ksar Ouled Soltane: 15th Century Granary Or A Futuristic Sla

Ksar Ouled Soltane is a fortified granary, or ksar, located in the Tataouine district in southern Tunisia. The ksar is spread out over two courtyards,...
07-08-2022 22:04

Vertical Forest Towers In China

Tenants have moved into Italian architect Stefano Boeri‘s Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex, the first of his vertical forest towers t...
07-08-2022 22:04

Artist Designs Futuristic Architectural Dreamscapes

Architect and 3D artist Javier Valero designs futuristic architectural dreamscapes and here are some of the most remarkable designs he created ...
06-08-2022 22:00

Bishop Castle: An Elaborate And Intricate One-Man Project

Bishop Castle is an elaborate and intricate one-man project named after its constructor, Jim Bishop, that has become a roadside attraction in central ...
06-08-2022 22:00

Photographer Captures Ornate Baroque Churches Around The Wor

Photographer Cyrill Porchet captures ornate baroque churches in his photograph series Seduction and here are some of the most remarkable ornate baroqu...
06-08-2022 22:00

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel: A Gothic Treasure In London

Sir John Betjeman called this Gothic treasure ?too beautiful and too romantic to survive? in a world of tower blocks and concrete. Its survival agains...
06-08-2022 22:00

Most Amazing Step Pyramids Around The World

Here is a list of the most amazing step pyramids around the world Teotihuacan Teotihuacan is a vast Mexican archaeological complex northeast of ...
05-08-2022 22:08

Photographer Captures Hand-Carved Wooden Window Frames In Ru

Photographer Ivan Khafizov captures hand-carved wooden window frames in ...
05-08-2022 22:08

Photographer Captures Buildings And Cityscapes Around Asia

Photographer Luke Goh captures buildings and cityscapes around Asia and here are some of the most remarkable buildings and cityscapes captured Sing...
03-08-2022 22:05

Woodstock Castle: A Home Fit For A King Or Queen

Woodstock Castle is a home fit for a king or queen ? or at least anyone willing to shell out a royal sum. The estate, dubbed ?Woodstock Castle,? or th...
01-08-2022 22:01

Photographer Captures Beautiful Cityscapes Around Europe

Photographer sebastianmzh captures cityscapes around Europe and here are some of the most remarkable cityscapes captured Paris, France ...
01-08-2022 22:01

Photographer Captures Unusual Designed Buildings Around Euro

Photographer konaction captures unusual designed buildings around Europe and here are some of the most attractive ones Amsterdam, Netherlands ...
31-07-2022 22:09

Timgad: Perfectly Preserved Ancient Roman City In Algeria

The ruins of Timgad lie on the slopes of the Aures Massif, about 35 km east of the town of Batna, in modern-day Algeria. Built nearly 2,000 years ago,...
31-07-2022 22:09

Photographer Captures Fabulous Photos Around Italy

Photographer Manutoni24 captures fabulous photos around Italy and here are some of the most beautiful cityscapes and buildings captured Rome, Italy...
31-07-2022 22:09

Vintage furnitures

An old home style bar in Italy from 1960 (function ($) { var $self = $(\'.adace-loader-62e58d8907a52\'); var $wrapper = $se...
30-07-2022 21:59

People Share The Most Beautiful Cityscapes

People share the most beautiful cityscapes on the subreddit ...
30-07-2022 21:59

Photographer Captures Abandoned Places Around Russia

Photographer Lina Reznik captures abandoned places around ...
30-07-2022 21:59

The Oldest Bridges Still Standing

Here is a list of the oldest bridges still standing Pont du Gard The Pont du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge built in the first century...
26-07-2022 22:33

The Most Iconic Buildings In Singapore

Here is a list of the most iconic buildings in ...
25-07-2022 22:07

Santa Cristina Well: A Sacred Well For Ancient Nuragic Civil

The Santa Cristina Well temple is the highest architectural expression of the Nuragic civilization dating back to around 3000 years ago. The well is p...
23-07-2022 22:03

La Scarzuola: 13th-Century Monastery Turned Into A Surrealis

La Scarzuola is an architectural complex in Umbria, located in Montegiove hamlet in the comune of Montegabbione, Terni Province, ...
23-07-2022 22:03

Photographer Captures Amazing Views From The Rooftops Of Par

Photographer Raphael Metivet captures impressive views from the rooftops of Paris and here are some of the most terrific ones. ...
22-07-2022 22:02

Kandovan Village: A Village With Wonderful Rocky Architectur

Kandovan is an astonishing village located on the mountain flank of Sultan Daghi, Sabalan Mountain, located in Northwestern Iran. Kandovan Village is ...
21-07-2022 22:10

Unusual Mouth Doorways Around The World

Here are some of the most unusual mouth doorways around the world Goa Gajah Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, is located on the island of Bali near U...
20-07-2022 22:15

Most Impressive Art Deco Buildings Around The World

Here are some of the most impressive art deco buildings around the world Chrysler Building The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco skyscraper on th...
20-07-2022 22:15
19-07-2022 22:04

Artist Designs Futuristic Architecture And Dystopian Cities

Artist Annibale Siconolfi, aka Inward, designs futuristic architecture and dystopian cities. ? His art is characterized mainly by a complex 3D modelin...
19-07-2022 22:04

Artist Designs ‘Impossible Homes’ With Hyper-Rea

Artist Phillip Van creates a conceptual art project(Impossible Homes) with the aim of envisioning hyper-realistic homes built in impossible places. He...
19-07-2022 22:04

Precedence House In Upstate New York, USA

Precedence House in Upstate New York was designed by the Iranian architect ...
19-07-2022 22:04

Medieval Toilets In Castles

The medieval toilet or latrine, then called a privy or garderobe, was a primitive affair, but in a castle, one might find a little more comfort and ce...
17-07-2022 22:09

Haid al-Jazil: A Remote Village Consists Of Mud Brick Houses

Haid al-Jazil is a remote village consisting of mud-brick houses in Yemen. The village has a population of 17 according to the 2004 census. The mud-br...
16-07-2022 22:31

Airborne Photographer Captures Denmark From Above

Airborne photographer Nicolas Cosedis captures Denmark from above and here are some of the most beautiful photos by Cosedis Roskilde Cathedral ...
16-07-2022 22:31

The Most Iconic Buildings In Paris

Here is a list of the most iconic buildings in ...
15-07-2022 22:12

The Most Iconic Contemporary Buildings In London

Here is a list of the most iconic contemporary buildings in ...
13-07-2022 22:06

Well-Preserved Roman Ruins

Here is a list of the most well-preserved incredible roman ruins Colosseum The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Ro...
09-07-2022 22:04

Most Famous Mausoleums Around The World

Here is a list of the most famous mausoleums around the world Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal, is an Islamic ivory-white marble mausoleum on the right b...
08-07-2022 22:03

Most Beautiful Palaces Around The World

Here is a list of the most beautiful palaces around the world Forbidden City The Forbidden City was constructed from 1406 to 1420, and was the f...
06-07-2022 22:11

Dragon Gates: How Feng Shui Affects Hong Kong’s Archit

Massive holes known as dragon gates appear in the middle of Hong Kong’s towering skyscrapers, designed according to Feng Shui to allow the mythical ...
06-07-2022 22:11

Extraordinary Buildings Around The World

Architecture photographer Stefano Perego captures extraordinary buildings around the world and here are some of the most interesting ones Legal / I...
03-07-2022 22:01

Danilo Veras Godoy?s House of Miracles in Mexico

From the top, Casa de los Milagros (House of Miracles) is all earth-colored mosaic glass curves and unexpectedly-shaped windows, the kind of place one...
01-07-2022 22:03

Old Settlements Around The World With Then vs. Now Photos

Instagram account geopizza shares most known old settlements around the world with then vs. now photos. There are some incredibly well-preserved settl...
20-06-2022 22:03

Rock Cut Tombs and Temples Around The World

Here are some of the most known rock cut tombs and temples around the world ...
19-06-2022 22:06

Mud Brick Buildings Around The World

Here are some of the most known mud brick buildings around the world Shibam Nicknamed the ?Manhattan of the desert?, Shibam is a town in Yemen f...
18-06-2022 22:03

Most Famous Roman Temples Around The World

Here are some of the most known Roman temples around the world Baalbek Baalbek is a city located east of the Litani River in Lebanon’s Beqaa V...
16-06-2022 21:57

The New Museum of Ethnography in City Park, Budapest

The new building of the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest City Park (Városliget) was opened (on 23/05/2022). The multiple-award-winning new museum bui...
14-06-2022 22:03

Green Mansion in Bandar B?shehr, Iran

Green Mansion is a traditional luxury residence located in Bandar B?shehr, ...
14-06-2022 22:03

Most Famous Greek Temples Around The World

Here are some of the most known Greek temples around the world Temple of Olympian Zeus The Temple of Olympian Zeus, also known as the Olympieion...
14-06-2022 22:03

Images Reveal How Much High Fashion Is Inspired By Architect

High fashion takes inspiration from all sources, from the natural world to fine art. But maybe one of the most used sources is architecture. While arc...
02-06-2022 22:03

Photographer Captures Amazing Settlements Around The World

Photographer Giulio Gröbert captures amazing settlements around the world and here are some of the most remarkable photos by him Dubrovnik, Croatia...
27-05-2022 21:59

Photographer Captures Abandoned Buildings

Photographer Tanja Palmunen captures abandoned buildings and shares them on Instagram, here are some of the most remarkable photos ...
26-05-2022 22:02

Photographer Captures Buildings With Detailed Photographs Ar

Photographer AlenaArtNouveau captures buildings with detailed photographs both exterior and interior, and here are some of the most remarkable buildin...
26-05-2022 22:02

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News most viewed Today

Art Deco estate designed by Charles Eames asks $1.9M

Art Deco estate designed by Charles Eames ask...

While not midcentury modern in style, the sprawling home foreshadows Eames?s future work Charles Eames is best known for the molded plywood chairs that became a mainstay of midcentury modern design. But one of his earliest projects was this... -
DJI Sky City Shenzhen Building

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Building

DJI Sky City Innovation Hub Offices, South China Workplace Photos, Chinese High-rise Architecture Images DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub Contemporary Office Buildings in China design by Foster + Partners Architects 27 Sep 2022 DJI Opens New... -
Göbekli Tepe: The Mysterious Temple Rewrites History

Göbekli Tepe: The Mysterious Temple Rewrites ...

Göbekli Tepe is a Neolithic site in ?anl?urfa, Turkey. Dated to between 9600- 8200 BC, it is the oldest known temple in the world. The excavation on the site was conducted by a German archeologist Klaus Schmidt between 1996 and 2014.... -
Ra House by Infante Arquitectos

Ra House by Infante Arquitectos

Ra House is a lovely two-story residence located in Morelia, Mexico, designed in 2022 by Infante Arquitectos. Description The project was conceived for a couple of professionals who develop in different fields, under... -
An Elegant Affair by IQI Concept

An Elegant Affair by IQI Concept

An Elegant Affair is a contemporary three-story residence located in Malaysia, designed by IQI Concept. Description This three-storey semi-detached house has been renovated to give it a fresh face-lift. This house has a unique... -
Kate Arends’ Eccentric and Modern Kitchen Renovation

Kate Arends’ Eccentric and Modern Kitch...

When Kate Arends, founder and creative director of lifestyle brand Wit & Delight, started her journey to remodel her outdated kitchen to encompass a modern design with ornate details, she knew it would be a laborious project. With the help of Skipp,... -
Kara Creek by Walker Warner Architects

Kara Creek by Walker Warner Architects

Kara Creek is a beautiful single-story mountain residence located in Colorado, United States, designed in 2022 by Walker Warner Architects. Description Straddling the edge between a Colorado mountain town and the surrounding... -
Lake House by Worrell Yeung

Lake House by Worrell Yeung

Lake House is a modern two-story house located in Fairfield, Connecticut, redesigned in 2022 by Worrell Yeung. Description Worrell Yeung has designed a 4,900-SF family lake house defined by cantilevered horizontal roof... -
Brutalist Yet Warm by Apple Architects

Brutalist Yet Warm by Apple Architects

Brutalist Yet Warm is a modern two-story house located in Sharon, Israel, designed by Apple Architects. Description The owners of this 800 sqm plot, hired the services of architect Eyal Apple to design a Modern home. ... -
Magnolia House by Ezequiel Farca Studio

Magnolia House by Ezequiel Farca Studio

Magnolia House is a luxury residence located in Mexico City, Mexico, redesigned in 2017 by Ezequiel Farca Studio. Description Magnolia House is a renovation project in which it was sought primarily to rearrange spaces and... -

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