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30 Funny Pics Of The Worst Hotel And Airbnb Fails

These funny pics of the worst hotel and Airbnb fails will remind you not to skip the reviews before booking. 1. This Poorly Translated Food Menu From ...
12-01-2021 22:03

30 Interior Design Failures That Are Completely Disasters

Get ready for horrible home interior designs! Here are some of the funniest, the most terrible interior design fails. 1. Steps That You Can’t See Pa...
11-01-2021 22:06

30 Remarkable Redecorations: ?Before And After Design?

We all care about our home decoration and some before and after design photos may give us some useful ideas. An Instagram account Before&After Design ...
08-01-2021 21:58

The Combination of Comfort and Luxury Le Sud Suite in Marbel

Le Sud Suite in Marbella, Spain is a combination of sustainability and modernity. This space designed by In Out Studio solves the comfort and luxury n...
07-01-2021 21:59

Villa Benthuizen, Contemporary Residence in Netherlands

Villa Benthuizen, designed by Arjen Reas for a young venturous family, is a contemporary residence located in Benthuizen, Netherlands. The ...
02-01-2021 22:00

12 Genius Products for the Most Organized Home Ever

Easy and inexpensive home organization ideas for every space in your place! This post may include affiliate links. 1. The best way to organize your br...
02-01-2021 22:00

Family Home in Latvia Designed by Open Ad ? Architecture and

This prefab two-story house is a family home in Riga, Latvia and it is designed by Open Ad ? Architecture and Design. The post Family H...
01-01-2021 22:03

A Modern Family Home, Kellett Street House by C.Kairouz Arch

A clean, modern, white & timber family home, Kellett Street House, in Melbourne, is designed by C.Kairouz Architects. The post A Modern Fa...
01-01-2021 22:03

People Share Badass Stuff That They Didn?t Know Even Existed

The ?Didn?t Know I Wanted That? community on Reddit shares badass stuff that they didn?t know even existed. Take a look at some of them! 1. These Line...
31-12-2020 22:02

Cosmopolitan House Combining Aesthetic And Lots Of Colors

This sophisticated apartment, Cosmopolitan House, designed in 2020 by Nogueira Talita is located in Curitiba, Brazil. The post Cosmopolita...
31-12-2020 22:02

Weekend Retreat House, Casa Rancho Avándaro in Mexico

Casa Rancho Avándaro located in Valle de Bravo in Mexico is a weekend retreat house designed by Chain + Siman. The post Weekend Retreat Hou...
28-12-2020 22:03

Concrete Retreat U House by Urastudio in Turkey

U House, a concrete retreat located in Ula, Turkey, is designed by Urastudio. Three materials are used in the composition, concrete, local stone, and ...
28-12-2020 22:03

An Elegant Courtyard Xiaoya In Jiaxing, China

Xiaoya located in Jiaxing, China is an elegant courtyard on the roof of a factory designed in 2020 by Jianyu Jiang. The post An Elegant Cou...
27-12-2020 21:59

Feng Shui House in Melbourne Redesigned by Steffen Welsch Ar

This modern Feng Shui home located in Melbourne, Australia is recently redesigned by Steffen Welsch Architects. The post Feng Shui House in M...
27-12-2020 21:59

Ziedlejas Wellness Resort Designed by Open Ad

Ziedlejas is a wellness resort rooted in the Latvian sauna tradition. The resort has been recently designed by Open Ad ? Architecture and Design. ...
27-12-2020 21:59

10 Brazilian Interior Projects with Interior Gardens

Here are 10 outstanding Brazilian interior designs with indoor gardens combining physical and psychological benefits with aesthetics. EM Apartment / D...
24-12-2020 22:01

10 Interior Design Trends That Will Form the Next Decade

These interior design trends could be useful in making some predictions on how interiors will be shaped in the next decade. 1. Biophilic Design 2. N...
23-12-2020 22:02

Stunning Wooden World: Bamboo Lodge by QAD

This stunning wooden hotel interior, Bamboo Lodge, located in Yibin, China is designed by QAD. The architect states: ” My design philosophy is natur...
18-12-2020 22:04

Y?s Kitchen Designed by Shushi Architects in Japan

Y?s Kitchen designed by Shushi Architects is located in Minato City, Japan. The project is the restoration of one dwelling unit in 7 story apartment. ...
18-12-2020 22:04

16 Wooden Cabins Proposed by Architects Seem To Float Above

Oslo-based architecture firm Spacegroup proposed the 16 wooden cabins seem to float in the natural terrain of the Norwegian forest. Each one is design...
14-12-2020 22:02

Brigadeiro Apartament Renovated by Nommo Arquitetos

Nommo Arquitetos renovated this apartment, located in a building built in the 1970s in Curitiba, for a couple with two teenage daughters. The...
10-12-2020 22:05

Wall Calendars For 2021 Will Help You Get Organized

These wall calendars for 2021 will help you get organized for the year ahead. This post may include affiliate links. 1. Pooping Pooches Calendar Get ...
10-12-2020 22:05

HL House In Vietnam Is Designed By Chi.Arch

HL-House located in the residential area called Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city has been designed by Chi.Arch. The post HL House In Vi...
10-12-2020 22:05

Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style Villa Renovated into a Hote

Hayama Kachi house, a Prairie Style residence built-in 1928 in Tokyo, renovated into a hotel. It was originally designed by Arata Endo, one of the dis...
09-12-2020 22:08

Maison Ache: A Former Farmhouse Transformed Into A Contempor

Maison Ache is a former farmhouse in the countryside of Tuscany in Italy transformed into a contemporary residence by the Italian studio Pierattelli A...
09-12-2020 22:08

Surreal Colorful Interior: Retroscena Apartment by La Macchi

La Macchina Studio transformed a 1950s apartment into a colorful surreal set in Roma, Italy. Retroscena offers a playful and fantastic vision of the h...
09-12-2020 22:08

Colorful Domes Village: Presence in Hormuz by ZAV Architects

Comprising colorful rammed earth domes this vibrant multipurpose cultural village has been designed by ZAV Architects. These clusters of domes designe...
09-12-2020 22:08

Interior of NeueHouse Bradbury is Crafted by DesignAgency

NeueHouse, an elevated private workspace located in downtown LA?s iconic Bradbury Building. It is constructed by junior draftsman George Wyman in 1893...
07-12-2020 22:04

Calming Seaside Retreat in Northern California

This calming seaside retreat for a family has been designed by Butler Armsden Architects. The dramatic horizontal architectural composition is located...
07-12-2020 22:04

Old Miner?s Cabin Transformed Into Modern Ski Retreat

Workshop/APD has transformed an 1880s miner?s cabin into a modern ski retreat. The architects designed a modern expansion while keeping the historic s...
07-12-2020 22:04

Breathtaking Rustic Mountain Style Home in Big Sky Country

This breathtaking rustic mountain style home located in the heart of Big Sky Country, Montana has been designed by Pearson Design Group in collaborati...
07-12-2020 22:04

Stunning Alpine Ranch House in Montana

This spectacular alpine ranch house that is located in the Yellowstone Club community of Big Sky, Montana is designed by Kma Architect. T...
06-12-2020 22:01

The Courtyard House Designed by Studio Saxe

The Courtyard House has been designed in 2019 by Studio Saxe. This amazing two-story residence located in Nosara, Costa Rica. The post The...
05-12-2020 22:06

25+Inspiring Conservatory Greenhouse Ideas

A typical conservatory brings in sunlight and nature. Here is a collection of amazing conservatory greenhouse ideas victoriaskoglund Garendista Ville ...
04-12-2020 22:02

Architecture MasterPrize Announced The Winners Of 2020

Architecture MasterPrize has announced the winners of the 2020 edition. Winners were selected from over 1,500 entries, with stunning designs. More inf...
27-11-2020 22:04

?Ugly Irish Houses? Account Shares The Most Awful Houses

The Instagram account named Ugly Irish Houses shares photos of the country’s homes that have awful designs. More info: Instagram 1. Yes, Every Room ...
19-11-2020 22:08

Rooftop Racetrack on Fiat’s Lingotto Factory

A rooftop racetrack on Fiat’s Lingotto factory in Turin, Italy hosted an interesting race in 2011. The race, which was made with many Vespas, caused...
10-11-2020 22:07

Gargoyle: They Are More Than Just Scary Sculptures On Buildi

The art of gargoyle is not only an artistic element on the buildings, especially churches, but also it has a practical usage. Gargoyles have a gothic ...
10-11-2020 22:07

Lake Tahoe Dream Home Costing $75M Has Two Glass Funiculars

Dream home on the shores of Lake Tahoe is built in 1997 and, it is on the market for $75 million. The property including two glass funiculars is priva...
04-11-2020 22:06

Beautiful Colorful Illustrations Of Frank Lloyd Wright Homes

Artist Muhammed Sajid illustrated the homes of Frank Lloyd Wright whose projects leaving their mark on almost every US state, with colorful artistic d...
30-10-2020 22:05

House of Scientists In Lviv Was Designed By Fellner And Helm

House of Scientists in Lviv, Ukraine is one of the most stunning buildings in the city. The building, former casino for Lviv?s elite, was designed and...
30-10-2020 22:05

The Flying City: Soviet Techno-Utopian City Plan From 1928

The Flying City conceptualized by Georgy Krutikov Georgii Krutikov, who was a young Soviet architect, presented a thesis project which was so utopian ...
29-10-2020 22:05

A Luxury Automaker Designs A House And The Result Is Quite I

A luxury automaker decides to design a home and, the result is quite impressive. This Aston Martin home entitled Sylvan Rock, located in the Hudson Va...
28-10-2020 22:04

15 Creative Designs Made With The Quirky Imaginations Of Gre

There are some designers whose creativity urges them to find ways to improve things in everyday life. Here are the 15 creative designs that made with ...
21-10-2020 22:07

Tanglewood Conservatories Modeled Victorian-Inspired Conserv

Tanglewood Conservatories modeled this Victorian-inspired conservatory after the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco?s Golden Gate Park. It featu...
21-10-2020 22:07

Château de Chambord and Da Vinci Designed Double Helix Stair

Commissioned by King Francis I and imagined by the great Leonardo da Vinci, the Chateau de Chambord is the largest and most majestic castle of the Loi...
19-10-2020 22:12

Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudi?s Unfinished Masterpiece

The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, which means Basilica of the Holy Family, was begun to construct in 1882, Barcelona. The architecture of the Basili...
17-10-2020 22:14

Designers? Crazy Ideas Spoiled People?s Mood

This list is compiled from the crazy designs that know well what a non-typical interior is all about. And actually, not everyone is happy about it. 1....
17-10-2020 22:14

Armour-Stiner Octagon-Historic House Museum Opened For Tours

After restoration work by its owner, the Armour-Stiner Octagon House opened for tours last year. Visiting historic house museums that are filled with ...
16-10-2020 22:07

The Narrowest Home In London, Measuring At Just 5 ft 5, On S

An incredibly narrow home in the Shepherd?s Bush district in London went up for sale in the city. It?s the narrowest house in London, if not the whole...
06-10-2020 22:03

Tree Furniture Grown Straight From the Ground By Gavin Munro

Using ?Zen 3D printing,? designer Gavin Munro is challenging notions of traditional furniture design. Instead of chopping down mature trees to saw and...
29-09-2020 22:06

This New Airplane Seat Design Lets Passengers To Lie Down

The US-based startup Zephyr Aerospace aims to make plane rides more enjoyable for every single economy class traveler. Basically, it is a new airplane...
29-09-2020 22:06

26 Creative Urban Design Ideas That Should Be Common Everywh

1. This toilet pops up at night time when it?s needed and disappears underground during the day public_toilets_anonymous 2. This bench with solar-powe...
29-09-2020 22:06

Futuristic Portholes Capture the Amazing View ?Tours Aillaud

Eighteen towers in the Pablo Picasso district in France were built by architect Emile Aillaud between 1973-1981. Each one has peculiar windows shaped ...
29-09-2020 22:06

Cave-Like Provence Home by Jacques Couëlle

Self-taught French architect Jacques Couëlle designed a cave-like house on the Castellaras estate in Mouans-Sartoux, France by inspired from the organ...
29-09-2020 22:06

The Unique Beetle-Inspired Coffee Table ?Elytra?

Furniture designer Radhika Dhumal has created this unique beetle-inspired coffee table called Elytra. The table can double its surface area by expandi...
29-09-2020 22:06

This Strange House Listing That Looks Normal At First But Ge

Twitter user Frazierapproves found this weird house that he calls the greatest house listing of all-time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It looks complet...
29-09-2020 22:06

50 Clever Ideas, Hotels Surprised Customers With Their Creat

Some hotels go the extra mile to make their customers’ stay that much more pleasant with e the creative ideas. This awesome list of clever ideas and...
29-09-2020 22:06

Staircases Designed by Sri Lankan Modernist Geoffrey Bawa

Every staircase designed by Geoffrey Bawa is unique says David Robson, the leading expert on Sri Lanka’s best-known architect. Check out 10 of his s...
29-09-2020 22:06

This Majestic Castle-Like Mansion 30,843-Square-Foot Sells F

The mansion, which has recently been built in Billings, Montana, has many castle-like amenities such as a turret, a drawbridge, and a moat. The majest...
29-09-2020 22:06

Exceptional Australian ‘Bubble House’ Built In T

Architect Graham Birchall built the home in the 1980s as a study of the adaptable nature of spheres in Ipswich, Queensland. The bubble house is based ...
29-09-2020 22:06

The Eye of the Storm, Dome-Shaped House on Sullivan?s Island

Eye Of The Storm modernist house on Sullivan?s Island, South Carolina, US was built in 1989 by George Paul to replace his parents? beach home on the s...
29-09-2020 22:06

Modern Staircase Looks Like a Strand of DNA Twisting Inside

Iranian architect Eisa Ghasemain created a modern stair design that looks like a strand of DNA. The staircase design is both functional and insanely a...
29-09-2020 22:06

Charming Wavy Crinkle Crankle Garden Walls

The UK is full of enchanting crinkle crankle garden walls. These wavy walls take fewer bricks to build than straight ones because they?re only one bri...
29-09-2020 22:06

Park Roof House by MDA Architecture in Vietnam

Park Roof House located in Vietnam is designed by MDA Architecture. The aim of the design is a serene place for weekend relaxation and a precinct fill...
29-09-2020 22:06

Man Transforms Their Attic Into His Wife?s Dream Closet

One dedicated husband, Rodolfo Cabrera completely transformed his family home attic and turned it into a stunning closet for his wife and himself. Mor...
29-09-2020 22:06

Fairy Tales Competition 2020 Winners

The online platform Blank Space has announced the winners of its annual ?Fairy Tales? competition. Inspired by current events and exploring the creati...
29-09-2020 22:06

15 Incredible Furniture Designs Inspired By Nature

Finding a piece of nature feels truly good when living our routine daily lives. So, here’s a list of some furniture designs inspired by nature! 1. T...
29-09-2020 22:06

10+ Designs That Pushing The Limits Of The Creativity

It seems that creativity has no boundaries. These creative and amusing designs will be scored 10 points from you! 1. This nail polish bottle has a swa...
29-09-2020 22:06

Mesmerizing Geode Table Series Made Out of Resin

Mrs. Colorberry creates geode table series that made out of resin adorned with crystals, stones, pigments, and glitter. Though they look like real aga...
29-09-2020 22:06

Beefbar in Paris With Its Gorgeous Architecture

Beefbar Paris is Monaco-born restaurateur Ricardo Giraudi?s latest restaurant. Giraudi and Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, the founders of the Mona...
29-09-2020 22:06

20 Times Creative Chicken Coops Designs

People got creative with their chicken coops and built these gems. Here’s a list of amazing chicken coops designs that you love......
29-09-2020 22:06

Two Mexican Entrepreneurs Created Vegan Cactus Leather

Two entrepreneurs from México, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, developed a method of transforming cactus leaves into vegan leather that looks ...
29-09-2020 22:06

Belgian Guy Captures Ugly Houses And It?s Hilarious, They?re

Hannes Coudenys has a project of taking snaps of ugly houses in Belgium is loved by a lot of people and he jokes that it?s turned into almost a ?cult....
29-09-2020 22:06

The Mesmerizing Picnic Table Looks Like A Massive Branching

Artist Michael Beitz designed this massive wooden outdoor table named Tree Picnic. The mesmerizing picnic table stretches to 20 feet by 50 feet. More ...
29-09-2020 22:06

20 Creative And Unusual Designs To Make You Go ‘Wow

1. A very peculiar building avin_timilsina 2. Notched chairs to hold bags _Atoms_Apple 18. Free WI-FI at McDonald?s McDonald´s 19. This Porsche key fo...
29-09-2020 22:06

Sunken Living Room Design: A Good Conversation Pit

In the 1950s-1980s, the conversation pit wasn?t just part of a living room ? it was part of a cultural phenomenon; a social call for everybody to ge...
29-09-2020 22:06

Extraordinary ?Living? Chandelier Created with Algae-Filled

Design engineer and biotechnologist Julian Melchiorri who also created the world?s first synthetic biological leaf designed a ?living? chandelier comp...
29-09-2020 22:06

This Couple Built The Most Amazing Backyard Pub And Everythi

A couple designed and built an amazing pub in the backyard of a home in Wigan, Greater Manchester. Home-based furniture business Octavia Chic built â€...
29-09-2020 22:06

This Amazing Salt Mine In Poland Has Underground Lakes, Chap

The Wieliczka salt mine, near Krakow, Poland was first opened in the 13th century, and today, it?s a part of the First UNESCO World Heritage List. The...
29-09-2020 22:06

Futuristic Home Designs by Charles Schridde in the 1960s

Illustrator Charles Schridde created stunning futuristic illustrations of the home of the future in the 1960s for Motorola. His artwork depicts lavish...
29-09-2020 22:06

Man Designed An Off-Road ?Wheelchair? For His GirlFriend

Zack Nelson spliced together two electric bikes with a seat in the center for his girlfriend Cambry who’s paralyzed. Fast forward a year, Cambry and...
29-09-2020 22:06

Every House Is a Work of Art In This Extraordinary African V

Burkina Faso in West African savannah is an extraordinary village that is a circular 1.2 hectare complex of intricately embellished earthen architectu...
29-09-2020 22:06

30 Amazing Secondhand Vintage Lamps

The Facebook group named Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared dedicated to some of the most interesting oddities found at thrift stores,...
29-09-2020 22:06

Summer Super Villa In Greek Designed By Lassa Architects

The 150-square-meter Villa Ypsilon in Greek was designed by London and Brussels-based firm LASSA. The domed form of the summer house is designed for t...
29-09-2020 22:06

Architects Design Leisure Space For Themselves With Curved R

Studio Velocity based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan designed new inhabitable space for work and relaxation, by mounting a slightly curved roof on top of ...
29-09-2020 22:06

House in Black: A Monochromatic Farewell in Germany

Haus in Schwarz (House in Black) was a 2008 public art piece by artists Erik Sturm und Simon Jung in the city center of Möhringen, Germany. After dem...
29-09-2020 22:06

Sand Pools Bring Beach Vibes to Your Backyard

A Spanish company Piscinas de Arena NaturSand makes sand pools with a special concrete mix that?s covered with compacted sand. These gorgeous pools’...
29-09-2020 22:06

The Surreal And Trippy Passageway In Amsterdam

Arno Coenen, Hans van Benthem, and Iris Roskam designed this extraordinary passage in Amsterdam. The ceiling is covered with one million piece mosaic ...
29-09-2020 22:06

Dazzling Ceilings of Uzbekistan?s Palaces and Mosques By Tra

London-based travel photographer Christopher Wilton-Steer documents the dazzling ceiling designs found in the palaces, mosques, madrasahs, and mausole...
29-09-2020 22:06
29-03-2020 21:36

Mesmerizing Green Landscaped One-Bedroom Apartment in a Subu

Garden Room, a one-bedroom apartment located in the Mumbai suburb of Pali Hill is teeming with vines and hanging plants that create a protective barri...
29-03-2020 21:36

The TWA Lounge At JFK Airport In The 1960s Remains A 2001 Sp

The Trans World Flight Center airport terminal at New York City?s John F. Kennedy International Airport (formerly Idlewild Airport) opened in 1962. Th...
28-03-2020 21:37

Magical Wooden Cottages At The Foot Of Tatra Mountains In Po

The Zakopia?ski style (Witkiewicz Style) of architecture which beautifully merges into the scenery of the Tatra Mountains in Poland, was born in the l...
18-03-2020 21:33

These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on

Take a virtual journey to breathtaking museums all around the world According to Fast Company, Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums ...
17-03-2020 21:36

SelgasCano Designed Coworking Jungle In Hollywood

A lush interior garden, transparent tube-like workspaces, a bookstore, and a 200-person auditorium round out the complex off Western Avenue The 21s...
11-03-2020 21:33

Floating ‘Arctic Bath’ Hotel Opened in Sweden

The Arctic Bath is a unique hotel that welcomes guests with an amazing spa experience. The hotel is a 12-room floating spa and hotel, opened on the Lu...
11-03-2020 21:33

Futuro Houses, The UFO-Shaped Tiny Homes Built In The 1960s,

The Futuro House is a round, prefabricated house designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, of which fewer than 100 were built during the late 196...
11-03-2020 21:33

Erbil: One of the oldest towns in the world

Erbil, also spelled Arbil, locally called Hewlêr by the Kurds, is the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan and the most populated city in the Kurdish inhab...
11-03-2020 21:33

Real Estate Agent Posts 22 of The Worst Home Design Finds by

Agent Venessa Van Winkle wanted to share just how weird and random the interior of some houses are, so she called on her fellow home sellers to share ...
11-03-2020 21:33

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News most viewed Today

yen-hao, chu designs ‘hill’ chair with CNC carved suspended backrest for ziihome

yen-hao, chu designs ‘hill’ chair...

through a series of ergonomics calculations and mechanical equilibrium testings, the designer has formed an elegant model with a \'perfect backrest\'. The post yen-hao, chu designs ‘hill’ chair with CNC carved suspended backrest for... -
Box XL Houses in Guimarães, Braga

Box XL Houses in Guimarães, Braga

Box XL Houses, Guimarães Contemporary Housing, Portuguese Real Estate Architecture, Photography Box XL Houses in Guimarães, Braga Modern Housing and Pool in Portugal ? design by Grupo Zegnea, Architects 18 Jul 2019 Box XL Houses Architects:... -
Before + After: Row House Redux

Before + After: Row House Redux

After buying an 1892 row house in Dupont Circle, the owners anticipated a simple facelift?but as often happens, the project snowballed. Architect Michael Lee Beidler of Trout Design Studio masterminded a whole-house renovation that instilled a... -
First Year Student Projects at Edinburgh School of Architecture

First Year Student Projects at Edinburgh Scho...

First Year Student Projects at Edinburgh School of Architecture, Architectural Education, Drawings, Building Design First Year Student Projects at Edinburgh School of Architecture First Year Architectural Education Work Progress – by Daniel... -
On race & architecture

On race & architecture

Facing the design profession\'s diversity problem?and its changing future ?One need only take a casual look at this audience to see that we have a long way to go in this field of integration of the architects.? That?s how civil rights... -
Interior Design Styles – Traditional Style

Interior Design Styles – Traditional St...

The traditional style is what you might call a ?blast from the past.? It has this old-school, nostalgic charm that comes from its dated furnishings, classical design elements and a bit of predictability. It?s one of those styles that... -
Think Vertical: Small Madrid Home Gets an Inventive New Upper Level

Think Vertical: Small Madrid Home Gets an Inv...

It is amazing how constrained our imaginations can be because of the way the world around us shapes our perceptions. When it comes to interior design and space, many homeowners tend to only look sideways and rely on a variety of space-savvy features... -
Sustainable Modern Home in New Zealand with Gabled Roof and Captivating views

Sustainable Modern Home in New Zealand with G...

New Zealand is a country where the landscape around the house steals the show more often than not. But the Wanaka House designed by Three Sixty Architectu manages to holds its own with a design that includes a couple of gable roofs and an interior... -
one rotation of GE’s ‘haliade-X’ wind turbine could power a house for two days

one rotation of GE’s ‘haliade-X&#...

over the past few years, general electric has been developing the world\'s most powerful offshore wind turbine... The post one rotation of GE’s ‘haliade-X’ wind turbine could power a house for two days appeared first on designboom |... -
a discrete concrete injection into the agricultural landscape by de amicis architetti

a discrete concrete injection into the agricu...

on a farm with an interesting cultural objective, a natural slop is exploited to provide an agricultural machinery depot. The post a discrete concrete injection into the agricultural landscape by de amicis architetti appeared first on designboom |... -

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