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Stefano Boeri’s Flowery COVID-19 Vaccination Pavilions

Italians will soon be returning to their public piazzas, not yet for social gatherings, but to combat COVID-19 by receiving vaccines at stylish and ef ...
31-12-2020 21:42

Cosmopolitan House Combining Aesthetic And Lots Of Colors

This sophisticated apartment, Cosmopolitan House, designed in 2020 by Nogueira Talita is located in Curitiba, Brazil. The post Cosmopolita ...
31-12-2020 22:02

Casa Cajueira by Wilbert Das

Located in Trancoso, Brazil, Casa Cajueira is a hilltop retreat overlooking rainforest and ocean designed in 2019 by Wilbert Das. C ...
31-12-2020 21:42
31-12-2020 21:47

watch boston dynamics’ robots celebrate the end of 202

see the robots move in perfect time to the contours\' 1962 hit \'do you love me\'. The post watch boston dynamics’ robots celebrate the end of 2020 ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Branch-Shaped House in the Forest Enables Solitude at Family

Family get-togethers can be joyous occasions, but there comes a time when just about everyone present wishes they could retreat to a quiet place for a ...
31-12-2020 21:42

People Share Badass Stuff That They Didn?t Know Even Existed

The ?Didn?t Know I Wanted That? community on Reddit shares badass stuff that they didn?t know even existed. Take a look at some of them! 1. These Line ...
31-12-2020 22:02

A Thatched Roof And An Indoor Slide Give This Home Plenty Of

Arjen Reas Architecten has designed a modern house in Benthuizen, a village in the Netherlands. ...
31-12-2020 21:35

Casa Canela by Workshop Architects

In the heart of Merida?s historic downtown, just a few steps away from the Canton Palace in Paseo de Montejo, we find Casa Canela, a colonial house fr ...
31-12-2020 21:42

virtually tour bruce nauman’s retrospective exhibition

described as \'a restlessly inventive artist\', nauman has employed a wide range of media including sculpture, sound, film, video and neon. The post v ...
31-12-2020 22:00

survey: more than 90% of electric vehicle drivers won’

the results are strong evidence of the fundamental shift in consumer attitudes in favor of environmentally friendly cars. The post survey: more than 9 ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Lab House by Laura Ortín Arquitectura

Located in Murcia, Spain, this contemporary apartment has been redesigned in 2020 by Laura Ortín Arquitectura. Description Domestic acupun ...
29-12-2020 21:44

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Roof Windows&

In a house with a functional attic, the installation of roof windows is a necessity if we want to feel comfortable in the rooms under the roof. Roof w ...
29-12-2020 21:38

Helen Street Residence by mwworks

This inspiring single family residence located in Seattle, Washington, has been designed by mwworks. Photography by Andrew Pogue Visit mwwor ...
29-12-2020 21:44

Extensive Hanging Plants Soften The Use Of Concrete In This

MIA Design Studio has completed a home in Vietnam, for their client who wanted not only a comfortable but also convenient living space situated in the ...
29-12-2020 21:36

‘will it beard’: festive decoration ideas for qu

from LEGOs, to christmas baubles and candy canes, the series offers numerous ideas to experiment with. The post ‘will it beard’: festive decoratio ...
28-12-2020 22:01

8 Tips on Decluttering Your Christmas Decor in Preparation o

The Christmas season is always a busy time. People are scrambling to buy gifts, sending out Christmas cards, and preparing food and drinks for the upc ...
28-12-2020 21:38

Weekend Retreat House, Casa Rancho Avándaro in Mexico

Casa Rancho Avándaro located in Valle de Bravo in Mexico is a weekend retreat house designed by Chain + Siman. The post Weekend Retreat Hou ...
28-12-2020 22:03

Diamond House by MNM Architectes

Redesigned in 2019 by MNM Architectes, this inspiring five-level single family house is located in Rennes, France. Description Originally, ther ...
28-12-2020 21:44

The Shop in Martha’s Vineyard / Erin Pellegrino

Renovated in 2019 by Erin Pellegrino’s design firm, this home in Martha?s Vineyard was originally designed by architect Chester Wisniewski, a former ...
28-12-2020 21:48

blobs of white fuse with solid timber for bomi kim’s &

the unusual combination of shapes and materials aims to provoke people?s curiosity. The post blobs of white fuse with solid timber for bomi kim’s â ...
28-12-2020 22:01

2021?s Top Bedroom Trends: Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate in the

As 2020 comes to a close, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to fresh beginnings and to hope that the next 12 months are considerably better ...
28-12-2020 22:01

Slot House by Feldman Architecture

Slot House is a modern two-story house designed by Feldman Architecture, located in Los Altos Hills, California. Description Drawn to the oa ...
28-12-2020 21:44

Concrete Retreat U House by Urastudio in Turkey

U House, a concrete retreat located in Ula, Turkey, is designed by Urastudio. Three materials are used in the composition, concrete, local stone, and ...
28-12-2020 22:03

My Favorite Architecture Books ? 2020

I wanted to share with others the books I am buying, or the ones I own and enjoy since I so rarely write any blog posts about my favorite architectura ...
28-12-2020 21:36

Ziedlejas Wellness Resort Designed by Open Ad

Ziedlejas is a wellness resort rooted in the Latvian sauna tradition. The resort has been recently designed by Open Ad ? Architecture and Design. ...
27-12-2020 21:59

This Apartment Building Was Designed To Resemble A Modern Da

Architect Ma Yansong of MAD Architects has designed Gardenhouse, an apartment building designed to resemble a hillside village. ...
27-12-2020 21:34

An Elegant Courtyard Xiaoya In Jiaxing, China

Xiaoya located in Jiaxing, China is an elegant courtyard on the roof of a factory designed in 2020 by Jianyu Jiang. The post An Elegant Cou ...
27-12-2020 21:59

Feng Shui House in Melbourne Redesigned by Steffen Welsch Ar

This modern Feng Shui home located in Melbourne, Australia is recently redesigned by Steffen Welsch Architects. The post Feng Shui House in M ...
27-12-2020 21:59

Crumbling Italian Castle Transformed Into a Modern Lookout T

Over a thousand years ago, Castello Montbui was a key center of power in the Queralt mountains of Igualada, Spain, offering its inhabitants a commandi ...
27-12-2020 21:40

Das Devesas Factory Renovation / Anarchlab, Architecture Lab

Completed in 2020 by Portuguese Architecture firm Anarchlab, Architecture Laboratory, the newly renovated factory is part of a set of constructions by ...
27-12-2020 21:44

nendo’s music-link for OPPO is a collection of devices

music-link includes the earphones, a smartwatch, an AI speaker, a portable charger and a wireless one too. The post nendo’s music-link for OPPO is a ...
26-12-2020 22:03

10 Modern Prefab Cabins That Look Stunning (2021 Edition)

Prefab cabins are unique not just in design but also in the atmosphere they project. They are warm, inviting, and relaxing and can be the perfect geta ...
26-12-2020 21:44

build your own cute companion with TORAFU ARCHITECTS’

part of the proceeds will be donated to help wild animals that were affected in the australian bushfires. The post build your own cute companion with ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Widely Open Eyes by Prusta

Widely Open Eyes is an industrial single family house located in Vilnius, Lithuania, desinged in 2018 by Prusta. Photography by Leonas Ga ...
25-12-2020 21:41

Source of Pride

Sandy Spring Builders has been in business for 38 years. Partners Phil Leibovitz, CEO, and Mimi Brodsky Kress, COO, and Ray Sobrino, president, spearh ...
25-12-2020 21:35

Waratah Secondary House by Anthrosite

Located in Waratah, Australia, this affordable secondary house has been designed in 2018 by Anthrosite. Description The form and programme ...
25-12-2020 21:41

Small Changes That Lead to Easier Entertaining At Home

It may have been a while since you?ve hosted a soiree, thanks to everything going on in the past year. While some people revel in being the ?host with ...
24-12-2020 21:36

NKAA Fits Café and 3-Generation Home Into Tiny Corner Lot in

On a street corner in the city of Huê, Vietnam, surrounded by much more conventional buildings, a translucent tower glows, revealing its interiors to ...
24-12-2020 21:42

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Rug

There?s no better time than now to shop for a new rug. It?s the calm before the peak season hits. You can walk home with an excellent deal. It?s obvio ...
24-12-2020 21:36

Before + After: Row House Redux

After buying an 1892 row house in Dupont Circle, the owners anticipated a simple facelift?but as often happens, the project snowballed. Architect Mich ...
24-12-2020 21:35

10 Brazilian Interior Projects with Interior Gardens

Here are 10 outstanding Brazilian interior designs with indoor gardens combining physical and psychological benefits with aesthetics. EM Apartment / D ...
24-12-2020 22:01

carved wood & stainless steel chair reinterprets tradit

the unexpected design showcases a strong, contrasting effect. The post carved wood & stainless steel chair reinterprets traditional korean furniture ...
23-12-2020 22:01

10 Interior Design Trends That Will Form the Next Decade

These interior design trends could be useful in making some predictions on how interiors will be shaped in the next decade. 1. Biophilic Design 2. N ...
23-12-2020 22:02

Brf Ferdinand Dwellings in Aspudden / Scott Rasmusson Källan

Completed in 2016 by Swedish Architecture firm Scott Rasmusson Källanderthe the Brf Ferdinand Dwellings in Aspudden play with natural materials found ...
23-12-2020 21:48

TOP 10 reader submissions of 2020 – product design

from a foldable kayak to a self-playing electric \'circle guitar\', we continue our round-up of the year with the best design products of 2020. The po ...
23-12-2020 22:01

Vertical Strips Of Wood Are A Theme That Continues From The

British firm FAB Architects have renovated and extended a terraced house in Croydon, England, that includes playful forms and wood accents. ...
23-12-2020 21:36

studio etain ho designs ‘cone of radiance’ light

designed to be installed next to a seaside pathway, the illuminating structure seeks to entertain, to comfort and to inspire. The post studio etain ho ...
23-12-2020 22:01

Villa Benthuizen by Arjen Reas

Recently designed by Arjen Reas, Villa Benthuizen is a contemporary residence located in Benthuizen, Netherlands. Description For a young ...
23-12-2020 21:43

Artist Alicja Bia?a decorates MVRDV project in Wroc?aw with

Polish visual artist Alicja Bia?a has painted a set of colourful large-scale murals inside the Concordia Design building in Wroc?aw, Poland, as part o ...
22-12-2020 21:42

andile dyalvane on ancestry, community and his sculptural ce

the south african ceramic artist is currently engaged in one of his most ambitious undertakings: a series of sculptural stools inspired by his lexicon ...
22-12-2020 21:58

Amazing Alpine Escape: Unwind Inside this Luxury Duplex in V

A winter holiday in some of the world?s best luxury resorts spread across the Alps can be an expensive affair indeed. And it is often amazing chalets ...
22-12-2020 21:58

A Tropical-Mediterranean Hotel in Zakynthos

On the small Greek island of Zakynthos, the architectural firm Block 722 designed the Olea All Suite Hotel as a modern retreat, offering an extraordi ...
22-12-2020 21:42

omni’s ‘globetrotter’ combines with a scoo

with the help of an electric scooter, the device can be attached to the front of a wheelchair ? transforming it into an electric means of transportati ...
22-12-2020 21:58

A Dark Gray Metal Extension Adds A Modern Element To This He

Australian based Megowan Architectural has designed the modern renovation and addition of a heritage protected workers cottage in Port Melbourne, Vict ...
22-12-2020 21:35

one rotation of GE’s ‘haliade-X’ wind turb

over the past few years, general electric has been developing the world\'s most powerful offshore wind turbine... The post one rotation of GE’s ‘h ...
22-12-2020 21:58

U House by Urastudio

U House is a concrete retreat located in Ula, Turkey, recently designed by Urastudio. Description U house consisits of two turned over ...
22-12-2020 21:41

blow bubbles & avoid lockdown monotony with ‘soap

\'soap mask\' does not provide protection, not a bit - but it enriches lockdown with brief moments of colorful optimism. The post blow bubbles & avoid ...
22-12-2020 21:58

Think Vertical: Small Madrid Home Gets an Inventive New Uppe

It is amazing how constrained our imaginations can be because of the way the world around us shapes our perceptions. When it comes to interior design ...
22-12-2020 21:58

Framlab’s ?Open House? Fights Loneliness in the City w

We tend to think of our basic needs in terms of tangibles: housing, food, water, oxygen. But in order to thrive, humans need a lot more than that. The ...
22-12-2020 21:42

NASA scientists and partners achieve long-distance ‘qu

the qubits were teleported 44 kilometers (27 miles) over a fiber-optic network using state-of-the-art single-photon detectors and off-the-shelf equipm ...
22-12-2020 21:58

Townhouse DT by Juma Architects

Located in Brussels, Belgium, this inspiring four-story townhouse has been recently redesigned and extended by Juma Architects. Descriptio ...
22-12-2020 21:41
22-12-2020 21:46

‘booger stopper’ helmet – a smashing way t

a set of banging cymbals tells on the nose-picker immediately. The post ‘booger stopper’ helmet – a smashing way to stop nose picking appeared ...
22-12-2020 21:58

Workstation Cabin: A Multi-Purpose Home Office by Hello Wood

Due to covid-19 still affecting parts of the world and others still taking precautions, working from home has become the norm for many. Not everyone h ...
22-12-2020 21:41

A Minimal Chic DIY Boho Hanging Indoor Shelf Planter

We know that photos can be an amazing source of design inspiration, so this article may contain affiliate links that will direct you to a particular ...
21-12-2020 22:01

Housing in Amatepec by Manuel Cervantes Estudio

Designed in 2019 by Manuel Cervantes Estudio, this inspiring residence is located in Amatepec, Mexico City, Mexico. Description Housing in Ama ...
21-12-2020 21:43

Design Inspiration: 25 Bedrooms With Reclaimed Wood Walls

Adding reclaimed wood to your home is an affordable, easy and creative way to give the interior a quick facelift without having to splurge on a major ...
21-12-2020 22:01

Best Books of 2020

In 2020, the second year for A Daily Dose of Architecture Books, I featured more than 150 books in six day-of-the-week categories: Monograph Monday  ...
21-12-2020 21:36

Ep 065: The Hypothetical Show

It takes 5 people to answer 3 questions on this, The Hypothetical Show. Three questions of varying degrees of absurdity are discussed, but all will br ...
21-12-2020 21:36

Impressive Rattan Sculpture into a Bangkok Restaurant

At Enter Projects Asia rattan is a true passion. After completing the decoration of a yoga temple, the studio’s designers are back with a large scal ...
21-12-2020 21:43

Two Apartments Were Combined To Create This Minimalist Space

NAME Architecture has designed the \'White Apartment\' as a result of transforming a single family sized flat along with a studio in Paris, France. ...
21-12-2020 21:36

Fluid Art: 3 Mesmerizing Paint Pour Techniques

Acrylic Pour String Pull with Mardi Gras beads: Supply List: Blank canvas Painting knife Acrylic paints We chose gold, rose gold, white, black, and ...
21-12-2020 22:01

A Charismatic + Comfortable Apartment in Murcia, Spain

Lab House is a recently completed project comprising a partial remodel of an apartment in Murcia, Spain. The home had recently been renovated but the ...
21-12-2020 21:41

20 Tips for an Organized Bathroom

If you’re longing for your powder room to have the relaxing feel of a spa, you’re not alone. In fact, designers are increasingly focused on this s ...
21-12-2020 22:01
20-12-2020 21:45

Hire a Contractor or Install Insulation Yourself" 5 Thi

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to insulate their property. Insulation increases a home?s energy efficiency, boosts its thermal comfort l ...
20-12-2020 21:36

The Decoration of this Parisian Hotel Makes You Travel Back

Hotel Les Deux Gares is a true visual experience in the heart of Paris. Between the Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est stations, this hotel opened its d ...
20-12-2020 21:41

Mountain House in Mist: Translucent Reading Space on Stilts

Tucked into a hillside within the ancient mountain forest of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, a translucent reading room on stilts glows like a massi ...
19-12-2020 21:45

noah wangerin’s filtered face shield reinterprets 16th

wangerin shares a collection of three objects reflecting our current world -a face shield, an exterior deck chair, and an air purifier- and how to bui ...
19-12-2020 22:03

enter projects transforms bangkok’s visaka yoga headqu

\'project rattan\' is realized as a continuation of enter projects\' signature style, fusing 3D technology with traditional craft. The post enter proj ...
19-12-2020 22:03

West Village Loft, NYC Interior

West Village Loft, NYC Home, Manhattan Real Estate Refurbishment, New York Architecture Images West Village Loft in NYC Dec 18, 2020 West Village Loft ...
19-12-2020 22:18


LunugangaGeoffrey BawaMarshall Cavendish Editions, 2006Hardcover | 10-1/2 x 12 inches | 220 pages | English | ISBN: 978-9812618443PUBLISHER\'S DESCRIP ...
19-12-2020 21:36

raw metal and pure geometry form manu bañó’s OBJ-01 la

less is definitely more for this beautifully simple lamp designed by manu bañó of esrawe studio. The post raw metal and pure geometry form manu bañóâ ...
19-12-2020 22:03

Houses for Sale

Houses for SaleMichael Meredith, Hilary SampleCorraini Edizioni/CCA, November 2019Hardcover | 8-3/4 x 12-1/2 inches | 126 pages | 128 illustrations | ...
18-12-2020 21:35

Y?s Kitchen Designed by Shushi Architects in Japan

Y?s Kitchen designed by Shushi Architects is located in Minato City, Japan. The project is the restoration of one dwelling unit in 7 story apartment. ...
18-12-2020 22:04

Courtyard Xiaoya by Jianyu Jiang

Located in Jiaxing, China, Xiaoya is an elegant courtyard on the roof of a factory designed in 2020 by Jianyu Jiang. Description The trans ...
18-12-2020 21:43

TOP 10 reader submissions of 2020 – social impact

from an electric bus made from recycled PET bottles to a center for women in morocco, we share some of our favorite projects with social impact. The ...
18-12-2020 22:02

Stunning Wooden World: Bamboo Lodge by QAD

This stunning wooden hotel interior, Bamboo Lodge, located in Yibin, China is designed by QAD. The architect states: ” My design philosophy is natur ...
18-12-2020 22:04

The Remodel Of This Mid-Century Modern Home Is Filled With D

Strand Design in collaboration with Str8 Modern, has completed the remodel of a mid-century modern home in Golden Valley, Minnesota. ...
18-12-2020 21:35

Feng Shui House by Steffen Welsch Architects

Recently redesigned by Steffen Welsch Architects, this modern Feng Shui home is situated in Melbourne, Australia. Description The practice o ...
18-12-2020 21:43

Foxhall Redo

An older house is like a broken-in pair of boots?so comfortable that it?s easy to overlook the scuffs and worn spots until suddenly you grasp that it? ...
17-12-2020 21:35

SONY’s gastronomy flagship project wants to apply AI t

the gastronomy flagship project by SONY AI wants to create robotic solutions that can assist chefs in their cooking processes. The post SONY’s gastr ...
17-12-2020 22:03

Pegasus House by Dalman Architects

Located in Pegasus Town, Waimakariri, New Zealand, this inpsiring single-story holiday house has been designed in 2020 by Dalman Architects. ...
17-12-2020 21:44

Set in Stone

In a verdant patch of Fauquier County, life gallops along at the speed of a polo pony. So it seems incongruous that the clock would all but stop at a ...
17-12-2020 21:35
17-12-2020 21:45

This Remodeled Mid-Century Modern Home Was Given A Contempor

Chelsea Hing Interior Design Studio has given a contemporary new vision to a mid-century modern home in Brighton, Australia, that had been left untouc ...
17-12-2020 21:35

Kellett Street House by C.Kairouz Architects

A clean, modern, white & timber home in Northcote, Melbourne, full of angles and light. The house was designed to encourage bright & uncluttered space ...
17-12-2020 21:44

Dezeen Awards 2020 trophies made by Saunders Seasoning and A

This movie reveals the production process behind this year\'s Dezeen Awards trophies designed by Atelier NL, which were crafted by Saunders Seasonings ...
17-12-2020 21:45

House with Four Roofs by Gaiss

Designed for a young family by Gaiss, this inspiring single-story house is located in Riga, Latvia. Description Riga based architecture stu ...
17-12-2020 21:44

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News most viewed Today

Glass-Walled Home in the Rocks of Norway

Glass-Walled Home in the Rocks of Norway

Lille Aroya is a residence nestled in the rocky seaside of Larvik in Norway. Designed by architect Lund Hagem , this villa was originally the holiday home of a couple who recently decided to renovate the house so it better meets their expectations.... -
Casa Joana by Studio Arte Architecture & Design

Casa Joana by Studio Arte Architecture &...

Welcome to Casa Joana, a minimalist house designed by Studio Arte Architecture & Design located in the historic city of Silves, Portugal. Built in 2020, Casa Joana is a stunning property that combines minimalism and rural styling to create a... -
How Today?s Designers are Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright?s Principles

How Today?s Designers are Influenced by Frank...

June 8, 2017, marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the greatest American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. And while 150 seems like a number that’s pretty far off into the distant past, after chatting with Foundation President Stuart Graff, we... -
Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid Project, News, Design Project, Architecture Images Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid Sports Venue Building Development in Spain – design by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos 23 Jan 2018 Wanda Metropolitano... -
Snøhetta?s new chair is made from ocean plastic

Snøhetta?s new chair is made from ocean plast...

And it?s beautiful to boot Sustainability used to be a tradeoff?do you want something eco-friendly or do you want something that looks good" That?s changed recently, with a slew of high-design products, buildings, and installations that... -
Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg

Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg

Neuländer Quarree precinct, CG Gruppe AG Hamburg Buildings, German Architecture Images Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg Mixed-use Architecture Development at Harburg Inland Port, Germany – design by SAOTA 30 Apr 2019 Neuländer Quarree... -
These new homes stand out with colorful louvers

These new homes stand out with colorful louve...

Can?t miss it Plenty of new housing developments these days choose an unoffensive gray of sorts for their whole exterior, but not this one. Over in Sacramento, California, Johnson Schmaling Architects designed the Oak Park homes to stand... -
Muji?s first hotel will open in China in January

Muji?s first hotel will open in China in Janu...

Yes, expect lots of Muji goods inside Editor\'s Note: This post was originally published in July 2017 and has been updated with the most recent information. You better sit down for this, minimal Japanese home goods fans. Your favorite... -
Office construction boom predicted for 2017

Office construction boom predicted for 2017

Walkable downtowns will be all the rage It?s barely February, but analysts are already predicting a bumper crop of office construction in the U.S. this year. Researchers from Dodge Data & Analytics anticipate a 10 percent increase in... -
A World of Contrasts: Modern Japanese Home for an Elderly Couple

A World of Contrasts: Modern Japanese Home fo...

Elegant, uncomplicated and showcasing a blend of western aesthetics and classic Japanese design, A Warm Final Residence designed by Takashi Okuno perfectly accommodates the needs of its elderly residents. With a gray and white exterior, the exterior... -

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