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bowlus’ silver armor offers luxury camping on wheels

\'heritage\' is a luxury travel trailer for those who love off-grid adventures but can\'t compromise on comfort. The post bowlus’ silver armor offer...
01-02-2023 22:16

villa jasmine: brazilian architecture by victor ortiz meets

villa jasmine boasts a unique and playful structure of mushroom-shaped columns. The post villa jasmine: brazilian architecture by victor ortiz meets t...
01-02-2023 22:16

three-wheeled spaceship solar car ‘aptera launch’

just by relying on sunray, the three-wheeled solar car ?aptera launch edition? can drive up to 40 miles per day. The post three-wheeled spaceship sola...
31-01-2023 22:17

desforma’s fluid furniture formed as if by sculptural

desforma\'s fluid, organic furniture is formed by a sculptural force of nature using a unique sinuous internal architecture. The post desforma’s flu...
31-01-2023 22:17

bavarian ‘rapunzel’ visitor center is inspired b

the building is wrapped in a floating shingle roof, while a sculptural spiral staircase symbolizes rapunzel\'s braid. The post bavarian ‘rapunzel’...
31-01-2023 22:17

studio meanbeam restores former thai fishing boat ‘sea

the woodworking craftsmanship was carried out by local shipbuilding experts in chonburi?s fishing community. The post studio meanbeam restores former ...
31-01-2023 22:17

alexander lervik sets up a furniture collection with pegs an

the limited edition collection applies bright colors on wooden armchairs and tables. The post alexander lervik sets up a furniture collection with peg...
31-01-2023 22:17

‘powerNEST’ generates 6x more energy with wind t

the wind turbines and solar panels of powerNEST also rely on the ?venturi effect? to dramatically increase wind speed over the turbine. The post ‘po...
30-01-2023 22:14

ex-NOMA fermentation chief ‘david zilber’ cooks

fermentation chief ?david zilber? ponders on the designing food systems to change the way food is prepared and ingredients are produced. The post ex-N...
30-01-2023 22:14

digital impact: the immersive visions of 15 global artists g

through the works of artists like refik anadol, random international, and six n. five, barcelona\'s exhibition is breaking barriers by creating a spac...
30-01-2023 22:14

hvila editions stars glowing dragon scales, amoeba sand vase

three artists and designers orchestrate a seeming fever dream with their artistinal techniques for the selected works by hvila editions. The post hvil...
29-01-2023 22:10

the star homes project explores ways for a sustainable &

led by ingvartsen arkitekter, the star homes project presents a robust and affordable housing prototype for a healthy future in sub-saharan africa. Th...
29-01-2023 22:10

DRIFT’s dancing flowers ‘shylight’ gracefu

DRIFT?s shylight for new york city ballet art series comes with custom choreography and performance supervised by the studio artists. The post DRIFTâ€...
28-01-2023 22:15

yayoi kusama & louis vuitton paint dots over historic m

the snapchat lens lets dots crawl over certain monuments as part of yayoi kusama and louis vuitton?s partnership. The post yayoi kusama & louis vuitto...
27-01-2023 22:11

‘play time’ celebrates maarten baas’ child

through his work, which is considered rebellious, playful, and theatrical, maarten baas seeks to find ways to deal with the phenomenon of time. The po...
27-01-2023 22:11

ISE 2023 gives the stage to unreal engine: the world’s

what does \'westworld\' and \'love, death + robots\' have in common" BK johannessen, unreal engine business director for broadcast and live events at ...
27-01-2023 22:11

bamboo bicycle club allows you construct your own sustainabl

recycled aluminum lugs connect bamboo poles for this DIY bike kit. The post bamboo bicycle club allows you construct your own sustainable commute appe...
26-01-2023 22:16

nendo engraves intricate patterns of pokémon cards into new

pokemon trading cards take over nendo\'s new office design for creatures inc. The post nendo engraves intricate patterns of pokémon cards into new off...
26-01-2023 22:16

listen to love hultén’s cacti make haunting sounds fro

for ?desert songs?, love hultén?s cacti garden uses a small device that translates biodata from organic material into midi tunes. The post listen to l...
25-01-2023 22:13

movable van office ‘alpine cross cabin’ recalls

the alpine cross cabin concept van also comes with a high-speed 4G/LTE router to enable working and streaming while on the road. The post movable van ...
24-01-2023 22:11

‘we are nature’ – interview with brazilian

designboom speaks with ernesto neto about hope, spirituality and nature ahead of his participation at this year\'s engadin art talks. The post ‘we a...
24-01-2023 22:11

uneven geometry rises dramatically for kengo kuma’s da

kengo kuma\'s \'murasaki penguin totsuka\' in japan is informed by the site\'s irregular topography. The post uneven geometry rises dramatically for k...
24-01-2023 22:11

arvind sanjeev’s AI-powered typewriter enables interac

the ghostwriter is a transmuted version of a vintage brother typewriter, now powered by the GPT-3 language model from openAI. The post arvind sanjeevâ...
23-01-2023 22:19

pastel green and overhead lights brighten up marc newsonR

marc newson also tops the public toilet?s exterior with a copper \'minoko\' roof, a reference to traditional japanese architecture. The post pastel gr...
23-01-2023 22:19

venice biennale ’23: georgian pavilion explores space,

the installation will represent dead and living nature through the story of an artificially altered settlement in the dusheti region of georgia. The ...
22-01-2023 22:15

unite d’habitation photographed by paul clemence in tr

glimpse inside marseille\'s unite d\'habitation, an icon which exemplifies le corbusier\'s new modern architecture. The post unite d’habitation pho...
21-01-2023 22:15

french cooperative hydr’open is on a mission to create

hydr\'open is developing its products using the fewest means and fewest materials possible. The post french cooperative hydr’open is on a mission t...
21-01-2023 22:15

life-size, hand-planted ‘burberry checks’ dot th

?burberry landscapes? come through as the fashion house?s homage to the adventures of its founder?s family members in these lands. The post life-size,...
20-01-2023 22:16

crushed concrete and glass get recycled into lime-cured bric

dubbed ?gent waste brick for DING,? the bricks are made from 63% recycled municipal waste of gent which includes crushed concrete and glass The post c...
19-01-2023 22:13

will the metaverse be as important as smartphones" meta

chris cox, CPO of meta platforms, shared his thoughts about the future of the metaverse at the annual 2023 world economic forum. The post will the met...
19-01-2023 22:13

boston dynamics’ humanoid robot ‘atlas’ ef

boston dynamics is helping ?atlas? interact well with fixed, and at times weighty, objects and move its way over and around them. The post boston dyna...
19-01-2023 22:13

antonio aricò and seletti debut terracotta collection ‘

the terracotta objects take stylistic cues from the ancient greek colonies of southern italy. The post antonio aricò and seletti debut terracotta col...
19-01-2023 22:13

l’oréal ventures into web3 with investment in metavers

digital village is described as a \'metaverse-as-a-service\' platform and NFT marketplace for brands, creatives, and communities. The post l’oréal v...
18-01-2023 22:18

MEAN* wraps traveling hermès pop-up in vivid orange 3D-print

MEAN* reimagines the iconic parisian newspaper kiosk evoking hermès\' iconic brand identity. The post MEAN* wraps traveling hermès pop-up in vivid ora...
18-01-2023 22:18

abandoned boeing turns into a luxury villa with hanging terr

perched on a steep cliff above the indian ocean, villa in pecutu is the first luxury hotel inside a commercial jet. The post abandoned boeing turns in...
17-01-2023 22:19

habibeh madjdabadi wins proposal for sweeping monument and p

a series of concentric rings hosting a social space expand outwards to form sweeping monumental arches at the vali-asr square. The post habibeh madjda...
17-01-2023 22:19

dynamic curved wooden volumes render camping villa’s o

the residence by 123DV frames a wooden facade frames toward the garden, while the ground floor, slightly recessed, forms a secure and intimate area. T...
15-01-2023 22:16

raffaele salvoldi shapes towering installations using ‘

to build his structures, salvoldi uses KAPLA, a dutch-invented construction toy made of identical wooden blocks. The post raffaele salvoldi shapes to...
14-01-2023 22:13

‘everything here is volcanic’ captures mexico

\'the exhibition wants to transport the chaotic, multifarious, supersaturated and superimposed nature of design as practiced now in mexico,\' curator ...
13-01-2023 22:12

‘casa elemental’ is a shifted stack of concrete

estúdio zargos shapes its casa elemental to harmonize with nature, its sunlit rooms filled with plant-life. The post ‘casa elemental’ is a shifted...
12-01-2023 22:17

thanks to a ‘crabwalk’ system, this hyundai IONI

the four-wheel module is expected to launch in 2025, according to hyundai mobis. The post thanks to a ‘crabwalk’ system, this hyundai IONIQ 5 can...
12-01-2023 22:17

this modular prefab house echoes the rhythms of the scottish

the outer hebrides modular house merges with its environment modestly and humbly, revealing an individually crafted home. The post this modular prefa...
12-01-2023 22:17

robot crop inspector ‘SentiV’ wheels itself into

the AI-powered robot crop inspector ?SentiV? is equipped with sensors and cameras and can analyze 20 hectares of croplands per day. The post robot cro...
12-01-2023 22:17

portable and durable ‘nanoTRAINO’ evacuation sle

weighting less than 640g, nanoTRAINO is the size of a water bottle and can be used quickly in case of an accident. The post portable and durable ‘na...
11-01-2023 22:12

3D-printed hydraulic turbine ?SETUR? generates electricity w

as the water runs through the bladeless hydraulic turbine SETUR, it creates a vortex which can then provide electricity. The post 3D-printed hydraulic...
10-01-2023 22:17

thin e-bike ‘nocturne’ with built-in display bur

thin e-bike ?nocturne? from edgenity is also equipped with multiple sensors that are usually for airplanes to help bikers with their ride. The post th...
10-01-2023 22:17

ukraine’s war-wrecked cars showcased in poignant exhib

the civilian cars are a stark testament to the horrific tragedy that is still unfolding in ukraine. The post ukraine’s war-wrecked cars showcased in...
10-01-2023 22:17

‘what a waste of love’: eisa baddour pays tribut

the floating letters are composed of wood waste salvaged from different parts of beaches, forests, and abandoned houses left behind by refugees in cyp...
09-01-2023 22:15

interview: BMW’s color-changing i vision dee digital c

the BMW i vision dee concept car digitalizes the driving experience with a full-width, full virtual head-up display. The post interview: BMW’s color...
09-01-2023 22:15

MVRDV unveils a ‘canyon of books’ for new centra

MVRDV\'s design takes its cues from the local geography and celebrates the sculptural power of rivers. The post MVRDV unveils a ‘canyon of books’...
09-01-2023 22:15

four-legged ‘evoBOT’ transports goods and packag

a self-balancing and autonomous transporter, ?evoBOT? can be a personal assistant to humans when it comes to carrying heavy objects. The post four-leg...
09-01-2023 22:15

yeongseok do’s celestial caged light sculpture embodie

modeled after the four-dimensional tesseract, the cube represents the minuscule yet powerful scale of human identity in the vast universe. The post ye...
08-01-2023 22:17

CAKE?s versatile & heavy-duty e-bike ‘åik’

unveiled at CES 2023, CAKES?s åik is designed around a modular aluminum frame, so bikers can outfit it with various accesories. The post CAKE?s versat...
06-01-2023 22:16

melissa pérez puga’s chocolate series embodies the tex

in addition to the chocolate balls, the designer completed a colorful packaging that nods to the oceanscape. The post melissa pérez puga’s chocolat...
06-01-2023 22:16

ukranian designers display art of resilience at maison&

from contemporized ancient weaves to sculptural lighting and bespoke furnishings, the exhibition shows how ukrainian designers are continuing to creat...
06-01-2023 22:16

gyuhan lee upcycles mcdonald’s paper bags into boxy, n

designer gyuhan lee adds korean paper ?hanji? into the mix of his materials to create his series of upcycled mcdonald?s paper bag lamps. The post gyuh...
05-01-2023 22:15

‘chrysler synthesis? cockpit jet-skis into CES 2023 wi

the unveiling of chrysler synthesis cockpit at CES 2023 signals the automotive company?s cabin-design direction in its all-electric cars. The post ‘...
05-01-2023 22:15

unveiled at 2023 tokyo auto salon, damd’s kit converts

according to DAMD, the kit is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love adventure and nature. The post unveiled at 2023 tokyo auto salon, damd’s kit...
05-01-2023 22:15

a sweeping introverted facade shelters a manga artist’

winding through the space, a \'void\' marked with contrasts of highs and lows and light and shade creates unenclosed yet defined areas. The post a swe...
05-01-2023 22:15

new l’oréal applicator uses AR to print up the perfect

revealed at CES 2023, the brow magic incorporates 2,400 tiny nozzles and printing technology with up to 1,200 dpi printing resolution. The post new l...
05-01-2023 22:15

volkswagen’s fully electric sedan ID.7 glows in neon a

volkswagen?s fully electric sedan ID.7 in CES 2023 has 40 layers of paintwork that illuminate when the vehicle is connected to a sound system. The pos...
04-01-2023 22:10

daniel bennan’s hand-carved, automated figurines of th

mechanically driven by hidden gears, each kinetic sculpture playfully captures the likeness of its musical counterpart. The post daniel bennan’s han...
04-01-2023 22:10

sebastian herkner inspired by japanese tea for duravit’

the handcrafted, curves shapes of the duravit zencha bath are reminiscent of japanese tea bowls. The post sebastian herkner inspired by japanese tea f...
04-01-2023 22:10

‘orbital reef’ floats in space as a business cen

the space station ?orbital reef? is underway along with a hypersonic spaceplane ?dream chaser? that flies the passengers. The post ‘orbital reef’ ...
03-01-2023 22:08

maison&objet showcases spanish rising talent in january

from 19-23 january, maison&objet 2023 showcases the design work of spain?s most promising creatives in the rising talent exhibition. The post maison&o...
03-01-2023 22:08

all-electric candela C-8 production ‘flying’ boa

the design envisions the future of sustainable waterborne travel as it silently flies above the waves with maximum efficiency. The post all-electric c...
02-01-2023 22:11

black and white checkerboard tiling flows all over ‘pa

stylus studio takes over the interior design project of an apartment in china applying modernized mid-century fittings and statement furniture. The po...
02-01-2023 22:11

mitsubishi’s ‘nomadpro canter’ truck is th

the truck is based on the concept of \'harnessing the healing power of nature,\' while offering a convenient mobile workplace. The post mitsubishi’...
31-12-2022 22:07

sirotov architects designs minimalist concrete architecture

the house combines the tropical atmosphere of bali with the brutalist concrete style typical of the studio\'s native kiev. The post sirotov architects...
30-12-2022 22:10

IED students focus on a regenerative link between locals �

from finding spatial solutions to milanese rooftops to creating floating platforms over rome, IED students focus on regenerative tourism to link innov...
22-12-2022 22:09

I’m not a shrimp: friedman benda exhibits carmen d?apo

d?apollonio transforms friedman benda\'s los angeles gallery into a surrealist landscape of playful characters in clay and bronze. The post I’m not ...
22-12-2022 22:09

ultra-thin electronic ‘skin’ to provide vivid vi

developed by a team of hong kong researchers, the wearable \'wetac\' system provides tactile feedback to users in VR and AR. The post ultra-thin elec...
19-12-2022 22:11

space campers envisions highly customizable, wedge-style top

echoing the cybertruck\'s nearly-impenetrable exoskeleton, the pop-up model will sport an \'aerospace-grade\' composition. The post space campers env...
19-12-2022 22:11

citroen reimagines iconic 2CV as chariot concept for upcomin

the otherworldy car features a boar\'s stomach suspension, and headlights that are powered by fireflies boosted with a magic potion. The post citroen ...
17-12-2022 22:13

pedro lobo’s BDSM-inspired ‘kinky ceramics’

the erotic sculptural series dresses traditional ceramic pieces with kinky BDSM artifacts. The post pedro lobo’s BDSM-inspired ‘kinky ceramics’ ...
16-12-2022 22:14

‘stan airbag’ quickly inflates bouncy cushion to

aside from protecting vital parts of the body, STAN backpack slash airbag also calls emergency hotline numbers when an accident occurs. The post ‘st...
16-12-2022 22:14

sturdy helmet ‘HOTAMET’ recycles discarded scall

HOTAMET helmet takes its design cues from the rib structure of scallop shells and its total weight only amount to 400 grams. The post sturdy helmet â€...
15-12-2022 22:13

book an airbnb stay in kisho kurokawa?s metabolist masterpie

\'capsule house K\' has opened through airbnb to guests seeking a metabolist-style retreat in a restored 1970\'s icon. The post book an airbnb stay in...
15-12-2022 22:13

this automatic content-creating robot makes gen Z’s li

the minimalist device features an HR camera, a lighting module, a circular built-in touchscreen, and many other customizable accessories. The post th...
15-12-2022 22:13

lucy sparrow exhibits her entirely felt-made mcdonald’

each food art piece created by lucy sparrow in her ?mcfelt collection? was entirely hand-sewn, hand-painted, and made from felt. The post lucy sparro...
14-12-2022 22:13

‘what design can do’ seeks the boldest climate d

are you ready to make a change" the ?make it circular challenge? is granting ?10,000 to the most outstanding climate solution! submissions are open un...
14-12-2022 22:13

mini sleeping trailer ‘hitch hotel’ expands up t

hitch hotel is designed to be easily towed by any vehicle. since it?s a sleeping trailer, it requires no gas or charging. The post mini sleeping trail...
14-12-2022 22:13

robert van embricqs’ unraveling wall hanging swiftly t

from a flat canvas of slender wood beams, flow wall desk emerges from the wall like a spiraling caterpillar to find its functional form. The post robe...
13-12-2022 22:16

watch VTN’s intricate bamboo welcome center filter sun

the massive structure by vo trong nghia takes shape as an assemblage of 42,000 pieces of bamboo. The post watch VTN’s intricate bamboo welcome cente...
13-12-2022 22:16

watch a magician bring thing to life in tim burton’s &

behind the highly expressive embodiment of the character is victor dorobantu, a real-life stage magician with no prior acting experience. The post wat...
13-12-2022 22:16

masquespacio draws from barcelona’s artistic scene to

the large room is occupied by smaller micro-spaces inspired by creative themes including architecture, movies, and music. The post masquespacio draws...
13-12-2022 22:16

build-it-yourself eVTOL kit ‘dragon’ assembles a

personal helicopter kit ?dragon? from rotor x doesn?t require the user to have a pilot?s license & can be flown for 20 minutes. The post build-it-you...
12-12-2022 22:13

‘competizione ventidue’ concept restomod reimagi

the gas-powered restomod concept is imagined as a \'celebration of art and engineering.\'  The post ‘competizione ventidue’ concept restomod reima...
12-12-2022 22:13

sydney’s powerhouse ultimo museum to undergo transform

the major branch of sydney\'s museum of applied arts & sciences will undergo a major renewal. The post sydney’s powerhouse ultimo museum to undergo ...
12-12-2022 22:13

AI-generated series redesigns vibrant household appliances i

\'what if antoni gaudí inspired the design of household appliances"\' - multidisciplinary designer marcus byrne illustrates a series of colorful every...
11-12-2022 22:10

anemoi’s mechanic rotor sails capture wind power to pr

this modern mechanism helps reduce fuel consumption and reduces pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. The post anemoi’s mechanic rotor sails capt...
10-12-2022 22:12

OMA punctuates brooklyn waterfront with newly completed R

the project takes shape as an assembly of shifting volumes wrapped in a facade of striated stone \'shingles.\' The post OMA punctuates brooklyn waterf...
08-12-2022 22:10

eolink’s floating pyramid wind turbine captures more e

the company states that its wind turbine can generate up to 10 percent more energy and that the pyramid shape don\'t colide with the tower. The post e...
08-12-2022 22:10

LAYER & ledger revolutionize accessibility to digital a

the ledger stax\'s energy-efficient e-ink display clearly shows transaction details and even personalized NFT lockscreens. The post LAYER & ledger re...
08-12-2022 22:10

to be installed in chile’s rubin observatory, world

the LSST camera will rightfully bear the title of \'the greatest of its kind\', with a lens diameter of around 160cm and a weight of more than 3 tons....
08-12-2022 22:10

bjarke ingels’ IQON tower rises over quito with a pixe

rising 430 feet, the tower will mark the tallest building in the ecuadorian capital, and BIG\'s first in south america. The post bjarke ingels’ IQON...
07-12-2022 22:15

meta’s personalized avatars are launching on whatsapp

the new whatsapp feature is rolling out as 36 custom stickers depicting the avatars in different poses and showing a range of emotions. The post metaâ...
07-12-2022 22:15

MSCHF?s ATM machine publicly ranks & displays a person&

MSCHF?s ATM machine in art basel miami beach has drawn the internet\'s attention, and others think it\'s a way for rich people to get mugged. The post...
07-12-2022 22:15

hongik university’s students see the smart-life future

from a stool that deflates if it doesn\'t like its seater to a 3D magazine, hongik university\'s students are ready for the industrial design online d...
07-12-2022 22:15

nike brings RTFKT’s sneaker NFTs to life with ‘c

the sneakers will be limited to 19,000 pairs that will be sold as digital collectibles that redeem physical counterparts. The post nike brings RTFKTâ...
06-12-2022 22:27

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Glass-Walled Home in the Rocks of Norway

Glass-Walled Home in the Rocks of Norway

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Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid

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Snøhetta?s new chair is made from ocean plast...

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Neuländer Quarree precinct in Hamburg

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These new homes stand out with colorful louve...

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Muji?s first hotel will open in China in Janu...

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Office construction boom predicted for 2017

Office construction boom predicted for 2017

Walkable downtowns will be all the rage It?s barely February, but analysts are already predicting a bumper crop of office construction in the U.S. this year. Researchers from Dodge Data & Analytics anticipate a 10 percent increase in... -
A World of Contrasts: Modern Japanese Home for an Elderly Couple

A World of Contrasts: Modern Japanese Home fo...

Elegant, uncomplicated and showcasing a blend of western aesthetics and classic Japanese design, A Warm Final Residence designed by Takashi Okuno perfectly accommodates the needs of its elderly residents. With a gray and white exterior, the exterior... -

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