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Junya Ishigami completes "semi-outdoor" plaza with sloping floor for Japanese university

Architecture News
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Junya Ishigami completes "semi-outdoor" plaza with sloping floor for Japanese university Junya Ishigami completes "semi-outdoor" plaza with sloping floor for Japanese university

Junya Ishigami completes "semi-outdoor" plaza with sloping floor for Japanese university

Rectangular openings allow sunlight and rain to enter this multipurpose covered plaza designed by Junya Ishigami for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan.

The plaza is situated on a corner of the Kanagawa Institute of Technology's campus beside the KAIT Workshop building, which was also designed by Ishigami and completed in 2008.

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Junya Ishigami completes "semi-outdoor" plaza with sloping floor for Japanese university Junya Ishigami completes "semi-outdoor" plaza with sloping floor for Japanese university


Fuente de la noticia: dezeenmagazine
Fecha de publicación: 19-02-2021 21:43
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