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10 Trending (and Stylish!) Coffee Tables Under $150

Architecture News
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10 Trending (and Stylish!) Coffee Tables Under $150 10 Trending (and Stylish!) Coffee Tables Under $150

10 Trending (and Stylish!) Coffee Tables Under $150

A coffee table is a central piece in any living room and can help you express your aesthetic. Moreover, a stylish coffee table is ideal for displaying showpieces that fit your style. In addition, this piece can provide you with storage space for magazines, TV remotes, coasters, and more. 
If choosing the right coffee table for your individual needs seems challenging, we have you covered. We’ve curated a list of the most popular coffee tables under $150. Beyond being versatile and stylish, they will fit a tight budget. 

Soho Coffee Table
This sophisticated coffee table will perfectly fit your living room if you prefer a minimalist and refined aesthetic. The combination of glass and a marble finish will complement the space while providing sufficient storage for magazines. Moreover, the compact design is ideal for small living rooms that could use a personal touch. Soho Coffee Table from TargetHeywood Retro Coffee Table
The Heywood coffee table features a dark oak surface and hairpin legs, with a minimalist design that doesn’t overwhelm the space. The compact design is ideal for small and medium living rooms with a sophisticated feel.
Heywood Retro Coffee Table from TargetJamesville Wood Coffee Table
This sleek coffee table comes with an intriguing design, becoming an outstanding focal point in any living room. The metal frame brings an industrial vibe, while the unfinished wood adds a nice dose of texture.
Jamesville Wood Coffee Table from T...
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10 Trending (and Stylish!) Coffee Tables Under $150 10 Trending (and Stylish!) Coffee Tables Under $150


Fuente de la noticia: decoist
Fecha de publicación: 25-01-2022 22:01
visto: 4

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