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The Farnsworth House / Mies van der Rohe

The Farnsworth House was designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe between 1945 and 1951. It is a one-room weekend retreat in what then was...
01-03-2021 21:46

The Final Assessment for Bar Stools: Which Wood Material Win

First impressions are often last impressions, and the ambiance of a bar is quintessential in making a stunning first impression. Numerous elements are...
26-02-2021 21:47

BRADCO Industrial Unit / Em Paralelo Studio

Completed in 2020 and designed by Portuguese Architecture practice Em Paralelo Studio, BRADCO is located in the industrial area of Felgueiras, in the ...
24-02-2021 21:47
22-02-2021 21:51
19-02-2021 21:47

A? Design Award & Competition / Last Call for Entries

The A’ Design Awards and Competition 2021 submission deadline is coming to an end; the last day to send your project is February 28, 2021! If you ha...
16-02-2021 21:58

OMA?s Pierre Lassonde Pavilion / Suspended Time Essay by Fél

Having lived a few years in Quebec City, photographer Félix Michaud takes a unique look at OMA?s Pierre Lassonde Pavilion’s architecture at the Musé...
11-02-2021 21:51

The Best Gifts For Architects & Designers

When you need the right gifts for architects, it can be hard picking out something good, especially if you?re not an architect. Here is our guide to t...
10-02-2021 21:53
08-02-2021 21:47

A? Design Award & Competition / Call for Entries

The A? Design Awards and Competition is currently open for submissions, but you have to run; the deadline is February 28, 2021! If you have a design ...
07-02-2021 21:47
05-02-2021 21:48
04-02-2021 21:50

Norton House in Venice Beach / Frank Gehry

Completed in 1984 by renowned Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, the Norton House is known for its eccentric form and eclectic materiality, much...
03-02-2021 21:49

House in Krkono?e – Czech Republic / Fránek Architects

Since ancient times, the house has been standing in this protected area in the Czech Republic and as the only structure as far as the eye can see. Bas...
01-02-2021 21:50

Pinghe Bibliotheater in Shangai / OPEN Architecture

Completed in 2020 by Chinese Architecture firm OPEN Architecture, Pinghe Bibliotheater is a school in Shangai with an extensive program that has been ...
29-01-2021 21:47

Park Imperial South Residences / Barry Berkus

Completed in 1960 by modernist architect Barry Berkus, Park Imperial South Residences is a community of 30 units located on a 3.5-acre lot in South Pa...
27-01-2021 21:51

Salk Institute for Biological Studies / Louis Kahn

In 1960, the Salk Institute was commissioned by Jonas Salk, developer of the first safe and effective polio vaccine. Salk selected world-renowned arch...
25-01-2021 21:58

University of Navarra Museum / Rafael Moneo

Completed in 2014 by renowned Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, the University of Navarra Museum has been designed to blend with the existing campus wit...
22-01-2021 21:49


Founded by international bar veterans Agung Prabowo and Roman Ghale, PENICILLIN is Hong Kong?s first sustainable bar that champions a closed-loop prod...
19-01-2021 22:02

Helf?týn Castle Palace Reconstruction / Atelier-r

Completed in 2020 by architecture firm Atelier-r, the Helf?týn Castle Palace’s renovation in the Czech Republic complements the historical building ...
15-01-2021 21:49

The Geisel Library / William Pereira & Associates

The Geisel Library was designed in the 1960s by architect William Leonard Pereira, famous for its futuristic designs, associated with the space age, i...
13-01-2021 21:49

Casa Rio / Paulo Merlini Architects

Completed in 2020 by Portuguese Architecture firm Paulo Merlini Architects CASA RIO (RIO House) is a contemporary intervention in an old farmhouse loc...
11-01-2021 21:49

NuMu Museum in Santiago de Chile / Cristián Fernández Arquit

In July of 2020, the Fundación Engel launched the National Architecture and Landscaping Competition; the objective was to select a proposal from which...
06-01-2021 21:48

Gauting Outdoor Pool: Waiting For The Summer / Michael Nguye

“Waiting for the summer” is part of the ongoing series “By the roadside” by International Award Winning PhotoArtist Michael Nguyen. The photog...
04-01-2021 21:50

World Design Rankings 2020 / A? Design Award & Competit

The WDR ? World Design Rankings recently announced the 2020 Design Rankings of countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with ...
04-01-2021 21:50
31-12-2020 21:47

The Shop in Martha’s Vineyard / Erin Pellegrino

Renovated in 2019 by Erin Pellegrino’s design firm, this home in Martha?s Vineyard was originally designed by architect Chester Wisniewski, a former...
28-12-2020 21:48

Das Devesas Factory Renovation / Anarchlab, Architecture Lab

Completed in 2020 by Portuguese Architecture firm Anarchlab, Architecture Laboratory, the newly renovated factory is part of a set of constructions by...
27-12-2020 21:44

Brf Ferdinand Dwellings in Aspudden / Scott Rasmusson Källan

Completed in 2016 by Swedish Architecture firm Scott Rasmusson Källanderthe the Brf Ferdinand Dwellings in Aspudden play with natural materials found ...
23-12-2020 21:48
22-12-2020 21:46
20-12-2020 21:45

Casa Tersicore in Milan / Degli Esposti Architetti

Completed in 2018 by Italian Architects Degli Esposti Architetti, Casa Tersicore was built in Milan’s urban ring road traced by Cesare Beruto in the...
16-12-2020 21:46
14-12-2020 21:49
12-12-2020 21:52

The Use of Composite Materials in Modern Construction

More than a million decks in the Americas will clock two decades, according to construction experts. This means most likely that your deck will soon n...
09-12-2020 21:52

Wood Vs. Composite Materials Used in Building Construction

In the construction industry, wood has been the primary choice for building materials. However, in recent years, a few alternatives have been develope...
09-12-2020 21:52

Infante Building Restoration in Porto / Meireles Arquitectos

Completed in 2020 by Meireles Arquitectos, the Infante Building renovation is part of the Unesco World Heritage classified Porto area, which made the ...
05-12-2020 21:50

Qiannan Mountain Fire Station & Emergency Rescue Traini

Completed in 2020 by Chinese Architecture firm West-line Studio, the Qiannan Mountain Fire Station Center provides backup services for the old town an...
28-11-2020 21:45

Gymnasium in Shizuoka / Hiroshi Naito

Completed in 2015 and designed by Japanese Architect Hiroshi Naito, the Gymnasium in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, has a 4 level structure built with la...
28-11-2020 21:45
27-11-2020 21:50
25-11-2020 21:50
20-11-2020 21:50

Residenze Carlo Erba in Milan / Eisenman Architects + Degli

Completed in 2019, the housing project for Piazza Erba in Milano designed by Eisenman Architects, Degli Esposti Architetti, and AZstudio is a complex ...
17-11-2020 21:48

Tom Ford’s Ranch: Cerro Pelon / Tadao Ando

Completed in 2012, the Tom Ford’s Ranch designed by Japanese Architect Tadao Ando has a serene Japanese aesthetic that blends surprisingly well with...
12-11-2020 22:39

How to Start with Architecture Photography" 101 Guide

Architectural photography has picked up a lot of pace in these past few years. Most of it has to do with an increase in travel mania and blogging wher...
10-11-2020 21:52
09-11-2020 21:51

The Danteum / Giuseppe Terragni & Pietro Lingeri

In 1938, at the behest of Mussolini’s fascist government, Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri designed the Danteum, an unbuilt monument dedicated t...
07-11-2020 21:49
04-11-2020 21:49
02-11-2020 21:49
30-10-2020 21:50
28-10-2020 21:49

Pershing Square in DTLA / Legorreta + Legorreta & Lauri

In 1993, Legorreta + Legorreta and landscape architect Laurie Olin Architects completed the Pershing Square’s last renovation in the City of Los Ang...
26-10-2020 21:52

How to Start Thinking Like an Architect" Learning from

The Guest Editor for this special article dedicated to Peter Zumthor is Abed from ArchAnime, a team of architects and designers who provide short, fun...
25-10-2020 21:49

Working Gardens / Dividual

In 2020 Dutch Architecture firm Dividual completed their proposal “Working Gardens,” a speculative project that proposes transforming partially va...
25-10-2020 21:49
23-10-2020 21:48
20-10-2020 22:01

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum / Studio Zhu-Pei

Completed in 2020 by Chinese architecture firm Studio Zhu-Pei, the Imperial Kiln Museum rediscovers Jingdezhen’s city’s roots. The structure compr...
18-10-2020 21:57
15-10-2020 21:54
15-10-2020 21:54
12-10-2020 21:53

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s John Ferra

The John Ferraro Building, headquarters for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, is an iconic building in the City of Los Angeles. It was de...
11-10-2020 21:50

The Great Mosque of Samarra & The Abu Dulaf Mosque

The Great Mosque of Samarra and the Abu Dulaf Mosque were built in the 9th century, and they both testify the architectural and artistic innovations d...
06-10-2020 21:48
02-10-2020 21:47
30-09-2020 21:49

Mies van der Rohe Gas Station Renovation into a Civic Center

In 2011 Canadian architecture firm FABG completed the renovation of the Nun’s Island Gas Station in Quebec, initially designed by Mies van der Rohe,...
28-09-2020 21:51

The Compact City of Atlanpole / Hans Kollhoff

In 1988 Hans Kollhoff submitted his proposal for the “Technopole” competition titled “The Compact City of Atlanpole”. The design, conceived as...
26-09-2020 21:46
23-09-2020 21:54
21-09-2020 21:49

CopenHill Waste-to-Energy Plant & Recreation Center / B

Completed in 2017 by Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhill is a 41,000m2 waste-to-energy plant with an urban recreation center and environmental education hu...
19-09-2020 21:52
17-09-2020 21:46
16-09-2020 21:47

Modern Pivot Doors: Towards the Invisible Mechanism

We open doors countless times every day, from the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep. Doors are everywhere, and they are used to separate spa...
15-09-2020 21:52
14-09-2020 21:50

Maya Somaiya Library at Sharda School / Sameep Padora and As

In 2018 Indian architecture firm Sameep Padora and Associates completed the Maya Somaiya Library in Maharashtra, India. Inspired by the material effic...
12-09-2020 21:50
10-09-2020 21:50
08-09-2020 21:49
06-09-2020 21:47

Klein A45 Tiny House / BIG

In 2018, Bjarke Ingels Group and Klein completed the A45 prototype, a tiny house that can be built within 4-6 months. Inspired by traditional A-frame ...
04-09-2020 21:46
02-09-2020 22:16

The Twist Museum in Norway / BIG

In 2019 Danish Architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group completed the Twist Museum in Jevnaker, Norway.  With a simple twist, as a land art intervention,...
31-08-2020 22:15

Shiv Temple in Wadeshwar / Sameep Padora & Associates

Completed in 2010 by Indian architecture studio Sameep Padora & Associates, the Shiv Temple in Wadeshwar was built by the villagers using a local basa...
25-08-2020 21:48
22-08-2020 21:49
21-08-2020 21:46
19-08-2020 21:49

Balaji Temple in Andhra Pradesh / Sameep Padora & Assoc

In 2020 Sameep Padora & Associates completed the design of the Balaji Temple in  Andhra Pradesh. A stepped temple for the residents of villages around...
17-08-2020 21:45

Winner Round-Up / A? Design Award & Competition 2020 &#

With the 2020 A” design award and competition calling for regular submissions entries, ArchEyes highlights 20 of our all-time favorite design and ar...
16-08-2020 21:57
14-08-2020 21:47

Sculpture and Architecture Series by Augusto De Luca

Sculpture and Architecture is a series of black and white photographs by Italian photographer Augusto De Luca that explore the relation between sculpt...
12-08-2020 21:47

Middelboe House in Holte / Jřrn Utzon

In 1955 Jřrn Utzon completed the design of the Middelboe House in Holte, Denmark. The residence was built only a year before embarking on his career-d...
10-08-2020 21:47

Gropius House / Walter Gropius

In 1938 Walter Gropius completed the residence for his family in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The house was his first architectural commission in the Unite...
07-08-2020 21:45
05-08-2020 21:46

House Inside a Ruin / ORA

In 2020 ORA completed the renovation of a house in Zadní Arno?tov. The project called “House Inside a Ruin” is the architect’s manifesto of how ...
03-08-2020 21:46

AMAN Kyoto Resort / Kerry Hill Architects

In 2019 Singapore-based architect Kerry Hill and his team completed the design of the Aman Resort in the city of Kyoto, Japan. Aman represents the fru...
02-08-2020 21:43

Footbridge at Angers Saint-Laud Train Station / Dietmar Feic

In 2020 Austrian Architecture firm Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes completed the design of a new pedestrian bridge at the Angers Saint-Laud train stat...
31-07-2020 21:54
31-07-2020 21:54

URBAN ELEMENTS – Frames by Michael Nguyen

In 2020, Michael Nguyen’s released the second part of his series Frames – the Urban Elements photographs taken in various European towns. The pict...
29-07-2020 21:47
27-07-2020 21:48
25-07-2020 21:49
24-07-2020 21:44

Architecture Ruins / Tadao Ando

I like ruins because what remains is not the total design, but the clarity of thought, the naked structure, the spirit of the thing. ? Tadao Ando © Ka...
23-07-2020 21:47

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A Wood Frame Townhouse in Brooklyn Renovated by BFDO Architects

A Wood Frame Townhouse in Brooklyn Renovated ...

This 20-foot-wide wood frame townhouse, located at the end of a row along a narrow side yard, had existing front and rear extensions. The building volume was selectively manipulated?in some cases through addition, in others through subtraction?to... -
Casa Trevo: Monolithic Retirement Residence With a Rooftop Pool

Casa Trevo: Monolithic Retirement Residence W...

A massive monolithic hunk of sculpted concrete with no visible windows sounds like a pretty unpleasant place to live. Wouldn’t it be dark and cold inside" Could such an alienating structure, presenting no public face whatsoever, ever feel... -
Kenwood Lee House / Cousins & Cousins

Kenwood Lee House / Cousins & Cousins

Kenwood Lee House offered a rare opportunity; the client, a successful builder, was also the main contractor with an exceptional ability to interpret and deliver the architect?s design. Their mutual obsession with attention to detail proved... -
World?s Tallest Hybrid Timber Building Set for Construction in Australia

World?s Tallest Hybrid Timber Building Set fo...

For a long time, building tall structures out of wood seemed like a bad idea. Would they be strong enough to withstand severe weather" Wouldn’t entire buildings burn down in a flash if something caught fire" Questions like these kept large-scale... -
Disfiguring a PoMo Icon

Disfiguring a PoMo Icon

On Monday Snřhetta released renderings of their proposed renovation of 550 Madison Avenue, better known as the AT&T Building, designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee and completed in 1984. The main rendering reveals that a section of the... -
ecocapsule: the self-sustainable micro-home launched for production

ecocapsule: the self-sustainable micro-home l...

despite its relatively small size, the energy-efficient pod is capable of comfortably accommodating two adults. The post ecocapsule: the self-sustainable micro-home launched for production appeared first on designboom | architecture & design... -
A Small Space Was Carved Out For This Bubble Tea Shop In Hong Kong

A Small Space Was Carved Out For This Bubble ...

Design firm A Work Of Substance has completed Mother Pearl, a modern bubble tea house in Hong Kong, that measures in at just 350 square feet. -
Twelve by Jaime Salvá

Twelve by Jaime Salvá

Located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, this contemporary two-story house has been designed in 2019 by Jaime Salvá. Photography by Visit Jaime Salvá -
Ülemiste Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia

Ülemiste Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia

Ülemiste Terminal, Tallinn Railway Station, Estonian Architectural Contest, Images Ülemiste Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia Futuristic Railway Station in Estonia – design by Zaha Hadid Architects 8 Nov 2019 Ülemiste Terminal Design: Zaha Hadid... -

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