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Sustainable Gastronomy: The New Steirereck am Pogusch by PPA

Finalized in 2023, the “Steirereck am Pogusch” project, brought to life by PPAG architects, beautifully unifies sustainability and haute cuisine w...
14-07-2023 22:05
14-07-2023 22:05

Casa Madre by Taller David Dana: Architectural Harmony with

Completed in 2023 by Taller David Dana, Casa Madre stands on the urban outskirts of Mexico City. This single-family home integrates with its sloping t...
14-07-2023 22:05

The Komera Leadership Center in Rwanda by BE_Design

In the rural eastern province of Rwanda, a striking example of thoughtful architectural design stands ? the Komera Leadership Center. Presented by BE_...
14-07-2023 22:05

The Miho Museum by I.M. Pei: An Ode to Harmony

Inaugurated in November 1997, the Miho Museum, set in the verdant mountains of Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, stands as a tranquil fusion of art and nat...
14-07-2023 22:05

The Stewart House in Pasadena was Featured in the 58th Showc

The grand colonial estate, Stewart House, is the subject of this year’s Pasadena Showcase of Design. A total of 32 design firms have reimagined the ...
14-07-2023 22:05
14-07-2023 22:05
14-07-2023 22:05
14-07-2023 22:05

Loom on the Moon Illuminates Zlín’s Past with ‘M

Completed in 2022 by Loom on the Moon, ‘The Mirrors of Zlín’ marks a remarkable tribute to the 700-year heritage of the city of Zlín. This intrica...
14-07-2023 22:05

The First Unitarian Church of Rochester by Louis Kahn

The mid-twentieth century saw a seismic shift in the architectural world, with the rise of Modernism replacing the classical, ornamented designs of pr...
27-05-2023 21:56
26-05-2023 22:10

Archipelago “Author’s Houses” Pavilion by

Completed in 2023, the Archipiélago “Casas de autor” project is a testament to the innovative prowess of Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos. This groundbr...
26-05-2023 22:10

The Kandalama Hotel: Geoffrey Bawa’s Architectural Mas

The Kandalama Hotel, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Dambulla, Sri Lanka, seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Designed by r...
26-05-2023 22:10

Eight Shades of Grey: The Facade of the Med Campus Graz phot

The Med Campus Graz, designed by Riegler Riewe Architekten, corresponds to the regularity and objectivity of the graphic facade drawing. The HBK Modul...
26-05-2023 22:10

Victor Horta’s House & Studio: The Horta Museum

Victor Horta, a prominent Belgian architect, and designer, is celebrated as one of the pioneers of the Art Nouveau movement. His unique approach to ar...
26-05-2023 22:10

Villa Ottolenghi: A Testament to Carlo Scarpa’s Innova

The renowned Italian architect Carlo Scarpa is acclaimed for his meticulously detailed designs that stand as remarkable tributes to his innovative and...
26-05-2023 22:10

Embracing the Earth: House Rooted in the Soil by KiKi ARCHi

Tucked away in Kunming, Yunnan Province, known for its favorable climate and lush natural setting, stands the newly renovated Mid-Hill Residence by Ki...
26-05-2023 22:10

Project Gomila: A Collaborative Architectural Innovation in

In the historic heart of Palma de Mallorca, a transformative architectural endeavor, Project Gomila, is underway, led by renowned firms MVRDV and GRAS...
26-05-2023 22:10

How Construction Managers Are Reducing the Reliance of New P

Nowadays, people want their houses and businesses to be more energy efficient, and what can be more energy efficient than generating your energy from ...
26-05-2023 22:10

The Medanos Summer House by Besonias Almeida Architects

The Medanos Summer House, conceptualized by Besonias Almeida Architects, is nestled at kilometer 427 of Provincial Route N° 11, just 10 km south of Vi...
26-05-2023 22:10

The TWA Flight Center: Eero Saarinen’s Masterpiece at

The TWA Flight Center, designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen and Associates, is an iconic airport terminal and hotel complex located at JFK air...
07-02-2023 19:09
06-02-2023 22:03

The Gallery Extension at Nanjing Art University by Atelier D

The Gallery Extension at Nanjing Art University, completed in 2019 by Atelier Diameter, aims to enhance the campus’s vibrant artistic atmosphere and...
05-02-2023 21:57

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax Headquarters Building

The Johnson Wax Headquarters, also known as the Johnson Wax Administration Building, is the world headquarters and administrative building of S. C. Jo...
03-02-2023 21:59

Luxurious Achioté Villa by Formafatal in Costa Rica

The Achioté Villa, completed in 2022 by Formafatal Architects, is a pioneering project in Costa Rica featuring “rammed earth” construction. The tw...
02-02-2023 22:01

5 Myths About Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home is such an enriching and satisfying experience. You can build a perfect home for you and your family with the help of a profess...
31-01-2023 22:01
31-01-2023 22:01

Louis Sullivan’s Masterpiece: The Guaranty Building

The Guaranty Building, formerly called the Prudential Building, is a pioneering skyscraper in Buffalo, New York, designed by iconic Architects Louis ...
30-01-2023 21:59
30-01-2023 21:59

Tai?an?s Ceremony Hall: The Hometown Moon / SYN Architects

At the beginning of 2019, Shandong Lushang Group commissioned Syn Architects to develop the overall planning and design of the mountainous area, its v...
28-01-2023 21:59

The Robie House: A Masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright Archite

The Frederick C. Robie House is a renowned architectural masterpiece and a U.S. National Historic Landmark located on the campus of the University of ...
27-01-2023 21:57

Real Estate Options in Palm Jumeirah and Recent Sales Record

Dubai is a beautiful modern city and a tourist Mecca of the UAE. Citizens of other states always arouse genuine interest in this eastern city. Archite...
25-01-2023 21:57

House in Santa Joana / NU.MA Architects

Completed in 2020 by NU.MA Architects, the design of the House in Santa Joana was influenced by the repetition and systematization present in the surr...
24-01-2023 21:57

Classic Meets Modern: House Renovation / KiKi ARCHi

KiKi ARCHi has completed a house in Beijing that blends tradition with modernity. It combines the owner’s classical collection hobby with the design...
22-01-2023 21:59

Rose Garden Boutique Hotel / JSPA Design

The Rose Garden Boutique Hotel, designed by JSPA Design, is located in Daixi, a small town between Huzhou and Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. The site ...
21-01-2023 21:59

The Oatmeal Factory in Ningwu / JSPA Design

The project was designed by JSPA Design and consisted of an Oatmeal factory, transforming raw oat into flour products in Ningwu, China. The production...
20-01-2023 22:00

Design Ideas for a Family-Friendly Dining Kitchen

Modern life is hectic at the best of times. Between work and our addiction to technology, most people don?t spend enough quality time with their famil...
19-01-2023 21:57

Kavanagh Building / Sanchez, Lagos & De La Torre

The Kavanagh Building is a famous skyscraper in Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed in 1934 by architects Gregorio Sánchez, Ernesto Lagos, and Luis Marí...
19-01-2023 21:57
17-01-2023 22:03
16-01-2023 22:01
14-01-2023 21:58

Gerlos Youth Hostel in Hochkrimml / Lechner & Lechner A

The Gerlos Youth Hostel, designed by Lechner & Lechner Architects, is located in the Austrian Alps in the village of Hochkrimml at an altitude of 1700...
03-01-2023 21:55
02-01-2023 21:56

The Courtyard Residence in Melbourne / FGR Architects

Completed in January 2022 by FGR Architects, the Courtyard Residence in Melbourne resembles a rectangular origami of concrete and glass. The Courtyard...
22-12-2022 21:54

How Construction Draw Inspections Can Streamline Your Lendin

The construction process can be complicated and time-consuming. Each step requires a great deal of oversight, from the initial bidding to the final in...
22-12-2022 21:54

Amorph Livingsculpture House / Lechner & Lechner Archit

In 2013, Lechner & Lechner Architects completed the “Amorph Livingsculpture” House. The basic idea of the project was to visually interweave the l...
21-12-2022 21:54

Meet 11 Huayang Restaurant / Linkchance Architects

Completed in 2022 by Linkchance Architects, the Meet 11 Restaurant is an interior design inspired by and composed of timeless Arabesque elements, brou...
21-12-2022 21:54

Berned House / Arturo Berned

Exchanges between sculpture and architecture are always challenging and productive. The Berned House in Madrid, property of the sculptor Arturo Berned...
16-12-2022 21:59

10 Ways To Get A Better Deal On Your Rental Property

Rent increases over the years will not align with the rise in real estate values. A few modifications to the property and enhanced property management...
13-12-2022 22:01
12-12-2022 21:57

PARKLIFE, Spatial Installation In Downtown / TEAM_BLDG

The PARKLIFE installation designed by TEAM_BLDG is part of Design Shanghai – Xintiandi Design Festival 2022, where the architects explore the relati...
12-12-2022 21:57

10 Tips for Students to Improve Architecture Design Skills

Sharpening your architecture skills is a long-term process that requires many sleepless nights dotted with anxiety and Eureka moments. Beginnings are ...
01-12-2022 21:59

Flying House / ZROBIM Architects

Completed in 2022 by ZROBIM Architects the Flying House is located in a picturesque location surrounded by trees. Flying House Technical Information A...
12-11-2022 21:58

KONG_Fangzhang Building in Tongbai Palace / KiKi ARCHi

Tongbai Palace is one of the most important traditional Taoist temples in China. When New China was founded, the government decided to build a reservo...
11-11-2022 21:57

The Best Areas of Dubai for Buying and Renting an Inexpensiv

Buying property in Akoya Oxygen, a sustainable community also known as DAMAC Hills 2, is an extremely profitable investment. Currently, the developing...
11-11-2022 21:57

Hybernská Offices in Prague / AARH

A reconstruction of a historical monument that brings a contemporary architectural shape. AARH studio connected a technical-style glass and concrete t...
10-11-2022 21:55

8 Silly Mistakes That Can Lead To A Renovation Disaster For

© Nolan Issac | Source: Unsplash Renovating is a big job. It’s stressful, it’s messy, and there’s no guarantee that everything will work out the...
10-11-2022 21:55

House NA / Sou Fujimoto Architects

This Tokyo house NA by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has hardly any walls and looks like scaffolding. Sou Fujimoto House Na Technical Information A...
09-11-2022 21:56

5 Fiberglass Uses In Construction

Fiberglass began hitting mainstream popularity 100 years ago, and it continues to pick up steam today. There are several reasons fiberglass is popular...
07-11-2022 22:00
31-10-2022 22:00

Modern Custom Home Siding Trends You Should Know Before the

Even though siding has existed for decades, it is still a favorite choice for most homeowners who believe it provides a more modern and timeless look ...
21-10-2022 21:57

Top 3 Types of Sofas for a Snug Fall

Seasons changes often require a redecoration, especially the living room, to blend in with the new breeze of a new season. With fall approaching, you ...
21-10-2022 21:57

Smart Lighting Ideas for Your Home

The only limitations to lighting up your home with smart technology are your imagination and budget. Home automation has come a long way in recent yea...
12-10-2022 22:00

Casa Verónica in Nuevo Vallarta / Rea Architectural Studio

Completed in 2021 by Mexican Architectural firm REA Studio, Casa Veronica is a simple and pragmatic house built in Nuevo Vallarta that uses a warm col...
25-09-2022 21:44

Call for Submissions / A? Design Award & Competition 20

  The A’ Design Awards & Competition 2022-2023 is currently open for submissions! Until September 30, participants can submit their designs for reg...
19-09-2022 21:52

11 Amazing Drawings of Neofuturistic Architecture by Jan Kap

Jan Kaplický was a world-renowned Neofuturistic Czech architect who spent a significant part of his life in the United Kingdom. He constantly develop...
19-09-2022 21:52

Casa Mantegna in Italy / Andrea Mantegna

Completed in 1502, Casa Mantegna (also called Casa Mantegna) was built in Mantua for the famous painter Andrea Mantegna. The revolutionary design cons...
19-09-2022 21:52

8 Best 3D Modeling Software for Architect Students

3D modeling softwares are a necessary tool for architects. It allows the creation of building models, interior designs, or structural designs. Profess...
17-08-2022 21:50

Wade Street Gardens Townhouses in LA / KAP Studios

LA-based architecture practice, KAP Studios, has just completed its first residential project – four new family townhouses in Culver City for develo...
22-07-2022 21:47

Etam Flagship Store in Paris / MVRDV

In 2020, MVRDV designed the new flagship store for French lingerie brand Etam in a nineteenth-century Haussmann building. The project demonstrates res...
16-07-2022 22:16

Anna Garden House / Kiki ARCHi

In 2021, Japanese architecture firm KiKi ARCHi completed the Anna Garden House, a residential renovation project in the Changping District, 30km North...
12-07-2022 21:51
12-07-2022 21:51

SESC Pompéia Factory in Sao Paulo / Lina Bo Bardi

The SESC Pompéia Factory is a unique adaptive reuse project designed by one of Modernism?s best-known female architects: Lina Bo Bardi. Originally a d...
09-07-2022 21:51

Richards Medical Research Laboratories / Louis Kahn

The Richards Medical Research Laboratories project, located on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, was designed in 1957 by American architec...
06-07-2022 21:56

London’s Elizabeth Line Railway Stations / Grimshaw, A

Officially opened on the 24th of May 2022, the Elizabeth line is London?s newest railway. The new line, designed by Grimshaw Architects in collaborati...
01-07-2022 21:48

West Kowloon Pavilion / New Office Works

Completed in 2019, the “Growing Up” West Kowloon Pavilion designed by New Office Works (NOW) captures familiar elements fundamental to Hong Kong, ...
29-06-2022 21:48

Cuckoo House / Tropical Space

Completed in 2019, the Cuckoo House designed by Tropical Space Architects, is located in an urban zone of Da Nang, Vietnam. The residential project us...
28-06-2022 22:03

Bopal Civic Center in Ahmedabad / Shaan Patel 

Completed in 2021, the Bopal Civic Center project designed by Shaan Patel was an opportunity to provide an alternative form of public infrastructure f...
28-06-2022 22:03
26-06-2022 21:55

Kahn Korman House / Louis Kahn

A few months before his death, Louis I. Kahn completed Steven and Toby Korman?s commission to design a six-bedroom house in Fort Washington, Pennsylva...
20-06-2022 21:48

T-House in Wilton / Simon Ungers + Thomas Kinslow

T-House is located in Wilton, NY, about three hours north of New York City. It was commissioned by an aspiring author who wanted a country retreat to ...
19-06-2022 21:52
18-06-2022 21:50

Lushan West Sea Art Center / PLAT ASIA

Completed in 2021 by PLAT ASIA Architects, the Lushan West Sea Art Center is a multi-functional cultural complex renovation that focuses on the dialog...
17-06-2022 21:51

Social Media For Architects: 7 Tips To be Successful

Almost half of the world’s population uses social media platforms. And the number is continuously growing. Modern social media is no longer just a p...
16-06-2022 21:45
15-06-2022 21:50

Holiday Home in Comporta, Portugal / Estúdio AMATAM

Completed in 2021, the Holiday Home in Comporta, designed by Estudio AMATAM, is a house developed for two French families who spend holidays together ...
15-06-2022 21:50

Maravillas School Gymnasium / Alejandro de la Sota

In 1962, the Spanish architect Alejandro de la Sota completed the first steel-framed building in Madrid: the Maravillas School Gymnasium. De la Sota w...
15-06-2022 21:50
06-06-2022 21:53
05-06-2022 21:50
05-06-2022 21:50

4 Jaw-Dropping Architecture Hotels In The World

When you plan a trip, you most likely consider a destination and what it offers as a whole or a particular thing you want to see or experience that’...
03-06-2022 21:49
03-06-2022 21:49
31-05-2022 21:48
24-05-2022 21:52
22-05-2022 21:48

Is 3D Printing Still the Technology of the Future"

A few years ago, 3D printing was all the rage. People were excited by the possible applications of this new technology. Many were imagining the future...
19-05-2022 21:48
17-05-2022 21:51

Ministry of the Army Gardens in Brasilia / Roberto Burle Max

The Ministry of the Army is a well-known public garden Roberto Burle Marx composed in 1970, located in Brasilia, Brazil. The project was a joint effor...
17-05-2022 21:51

Living Room Design Ideas to Inspire Your Home Makeover

The living room is very often the most important place in the entire home. After all, it?s where you spend most of your free time, whether enjoying lo...
17-05-2022 21:51

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MPavilion 2018 by Estudio Carme Pinós

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