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26-06-2022 21:55

Kahn Korman House / Louis Kahn

A few months before his death, Louis I. Kahn completed Steven and Toby Korman?s commission to design a six-bedroom house in Fort Washington, Pennsylva...
20-06-2022 21:48

T-House in Wilton / Simon Ungers + Thomas Kinslow

T-House is located in Wilton, NY, about three hours north of New York City. It was commissioned by an aspiring author who wanted a country retreat to ...
19-06-2022 21:52
18-06-2022 21:50

Lushan West Sea Art Center / PLAT ASIA

Completed in 2021 by PLAT ASIA Architects, the Lushan West Sea Art Center is a multi-functional cultural complex renovation that focuses on the dialog...
17-06-2022 21:51

Social Media For Architects: 7 Tips To be Successful

Almost half of the world’s population uses social media platforms. And the number is continuously growing. Modern social media is no longer just a p...
16-06-2022 21:45

Maravillas School Gymnasium / Alejandro de la Sota

In 1962, the Spanish architect Alejandro de la Sota completed the first steel-framed building in Madrid: the Maravillas School Gymnasium. De la Sota w...
15-06-2022 21:50
15-06-2022 21:50

Holiday Home in Comporta, Portugal / Estúdio AMATAM

Completed in 2021, the Holiday Home in Comporta, designed by Estudio AMATAM, is a house developed for two French families who spend holidays together ...
15-06-2022 21:50
06-06-2022 21:53
05-06-2022 21:50
05-06-2022 21:50

4 Jaw-Dropping Architecture Hotels In The World

When you plan a trip, you most likely consider a destination and what it offers as a whole or a particular thing you want to see or experience that’...
03-06-2022 21:49
03-06-2022 21:49
31-05-2022 21:48
24-05-2022 21:52
22-05-2022 21:48

Is 3D Printing Still the Technology of the Future"

A few years ago, 3D printing was all the rage. People were excited by the possible applications of this new technology. Many were imagining the future...
19-05-2022 21:48

Living Room Design Ideas to Inspire Your Home Makeover

The living room is very often the most important place in the entire home. After all, it?s where you spend most of your free time, whether enjoying lo...
17-05-2022 21:51
17-05-2022 21:51

Ministry of the Army Gardens in Brasilia / Roberto Burle Max

The Ministry of the Army is a well-known public garden Roberto Burle Marx composed in 1970, located in Brasilia, Brazil. The project was a joint effor...
17-05-2022 21:51

Therme Suite Room Vals / Kengo Kuma

The therme Suite room project designed by Kengo Kuma in 2015 is a penthouse restoration on top of the Vals Therme Hotel in  Switzerland using local ma...
07-05-2022 21:48

Google Campus in Mountain View, California / BIG + Heatherwi

The Google Mountain View Campus, designed by Bjarke Ingels Architects + Heatherwick Studio, is a combination of two projects ? Charleston East and Bay...
30-03-2022 21:53

Don’t Be Boxed In By Office Décor – Create a Liv

Boxwood hedges are a popular choice for office front décor. They provide privacy and a natural look that is perfect for any setting. However, traditio...
29-03-2022 21:46
25-03-2022 21:46

Georgia O’Keeffe Home and Studio in Abiquiu

The Abiquiu home and studio is a 5,000 square foot (460 m2) Spanish Colonial-era compound that was utterly ruined when Miss O’Keeffe found it. She b...
22-03-2022 21:44

Sayama Forest Chapel / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

The Sayama Forest Chapel in Saitama, Japan, by Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura has a “V” shape timber structure inspired by traditional Jap...
22-03-2022 21:44

The 36 Best Gifts for Architects & Designers, According

When you need the right gifts for architects, it can be hard picking out something good, especially if you?re not an architect. So here is our guide t...
17-03-2022 21:55

Fisher House / Louis Kahn

The Fisher House, also known as the Norman Fisher House, was designed by the architect Louis Kahn and built for Dr. Norman Fisher and his wife, Doris ...
09-03-2022 21:49

Castelgrande Castle Renovation / Aurelio Galfetti

Completed in 1989 by Aurelio Galfetti, the restoration work on the Castelgrande began in 1980. The lar­gest of the three castles in Bellinzona stands ...
07-03-2022 22:20

Serial Vision Home / Mesura

Serial Vision Home is an apartment renovation project in Barcelona defined by a long, wide corridor that functions as the vertebral axis to transition...
05-03-2022 22:11
10-02-2022 21:42

Schminke House / Hans Scharoun

Hans Scharoun designed a house in 1930 for Fritz Schminke, who was the owner of a noodles factory in Loebau, Saxony, Germany. The client wished for â€...
27-01-2022 21:43

The Future of Steel Construction: 4 Innovations to Watch Out

If the worldwide steel market were its own country, it probably would have the third-largest gross domestic product (GDP), behind the U.S. and China. ...
26-01-2022 21:46

House of Music in Hungary / Sou Fujimoto

On the 23rd of January 2022, the House of Music in Hungary opened in Budapest: a new contemporary cultural landmark dedicated to music in Budapest. Th...
26-01-2022 21:46

Sydney Opera House / Jørn Utzon

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney. Located on the banks of the Sydney Harbour, it is often regarded as one of t...
20-01-2022 21:45

Charles University Faculty of Humanities Headquarters Renova

The conversion project preservers the external shape and proportions of the original 1980s canteen building. The main intervention is the creation of ...
19-01-2022 21:43
18-01-2022 21:46
18-01-2022 21:46
14-01-2022 21:41

Princesa Apartments in Madrid / Fernando Higueras + Antonio

The Princesa building was completed in 1975 by Fernando Higueras and Antonio Miró. Originally built for military retirees, it is now the inner-city ho...
14-01-2022 21:41

Windmill House in Ponta Delgada / BOX Architects

The Windmill House designed by Portuguese practice Box Arquitectos is a narrow, white home in the dense urban center of Ponta Delgado, with two volume...
13-12-2021 21:42

Jobs Opportunities to Seek with an Architectural Degree

When careers come to mind, the most common ones typically include medicine, law, and entrepreneurship. Despite the flexibility of these careers, there...
10-12-2021 21:45

James Simon Galerie in Berlin / David Chipperfield Architect

Completed in December 2018 by David Chipperfield Architects, the design of the reception building consist of a stone basement, framed by a modern cont...
09-12-2021 21:51

Casa Malaparte in Capri / Adalberto Libera

Casa Malaparte, also known as Villa Malaparte, is a house conceived around 1937 by the well-known Italian architect Adalberto Libera on Punta Massullo...
09-12-2021 21:51

Internal Landscape Villa in Novy Jicin / Studio Atelier ?t?p

Completed in 2020 by Studio Atelier ?t?pán, the Internal Landscape Villa in Novy Jicin is a modern reinterpretation of a classical Greek atrium house....
09-12-2021 21:51

Riverview Complex in Gda?sk, Poland / APA Wojciechowski Arch

The Riverview Complex designed by APA Wojciechowski Architects comprises 7 residential buildings with retail units erected on a former meat plant site...
09-12-2021 21:51

Zorro Apartments in Zory / Franta Group

Designed by Polish Architecture firm Franta Group, Zorro is a 51 apartment residential complex that aims to create a new prefabricated building model ...
09-12-2021 21:51

Friendship Hospital in Bangladesh / Kashef Chowdhury / URBAN

Completed in 2018 by architecture firm Kashef Chowdhury / URBANA, the Friendship hospital is arranged around a series of intimate courtyards, which b...
21-11-2021 21:45

Casa Selene / Degli Esposti Architetti

Completed in 2021 by Italian architects Degli Esposti Architetti, Casa Selene is a residential project that uses asymmetrical compositions to play wit...
17-11-2021 21:42

RIBA International Prize 2021 Shortlist Projects Announced

Three exceptional architecture projects from around the globe were revealed on the 16th of November 2021 as this year shortlist projects for the RIBA ...
17-11-2021 21:42

Casa UNO / Juan Pablo Baeza – Fábrica Móvil

Located 20 kilometers away from the coastline in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico where the average humidity is 90-60%, Casa UNO was inspired by the ar...
15-11-2021 22:08

How much does a kitchen renovation cost"

The decision to renovate a kitchen is often put off many times. However, if you know how much it costs to renovate your kitchen, you can start saving ...
12-11-2021 22:16

How to Design an Air Conditioning System for a Room"

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home is no easy task. It?s a long term decision that has to cater for all possibilities. But in th...
10-11-2021 21:47

Timber House Villa at Sengokubara by Shigeru Ban

This timber house Villa at Sengokubara, Japan designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has a square plan and the main living room is centered o...
08-11-2021 21:45

Is It Time for Restaurants to Start Offering Rocking Chairs&

The restaurant industry has rebounded like never before, so much so that lots of people are starting to think about putting their money back into this...
08-11-2021 21:45

A? Architecture, Building & Structure Design Award Winn

The A’ Design Awards & Competition 2021-2022 is currently open for submissions! The A? Design Award & Competition has a philanthropic goal to advanc...
05-11-2021 21:43

The Hill in Front of the Glen House / hw studio

Completed in 2021 by hw studio, this primitive house named “The Hill in front of the Glen” in Morelia preserves the rough atmosphere of the mounta...
29-10-2021 21:48

Call for Submissions / A? Design Award & Competition 20

  The A’ Design Awards & Competition 2021-2022 is currently open for submissions! Until September 30, participants can submit their designs for regu...
21-09-2021 21:47

A House Hunter’s Survival Guide: 7 Tips for Navigating

Buying a home is one of the most teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling things a person can experience. It?s stressful enough pouring your life savings into the...
10-09-2021 21:48
08-09-2021 21:47
30-08-2021 21:49
04-08-2021 21:49

Best Ways To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

You probably heard that excessive exposure to sunlight is dangerous. Nevertheless, inviting more natural light to your home is an effective way to lif...
31-07-2021 21:48

House in Minohshinmachi / Yasuyuki Kitamura

Completed in 2020 by Japanese architect Yasuyuki Kitamura the one-story House in Minohshinmachi was designed for a young couple with a very limited co...
31-07-2021 21:48

Sanya Farm Lab / CLOU architects

Sanya Farm Lab is a 4000 sqm 4-storey exhibition space, located in Nanfan High Tech District of Sanya, the southernmost city on tropical Hainan Island...
19-07-2021 21:52

5 Tips for Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Heavy machinery is the most expensive construction asset in terms of price tag and maintenance costs. Experts estimate that they carry hefty breakdown...
06-07-2021 21:50
02-07-2021 21:49

Saint Theresa Catholic Modernist Church / William Cody

The Saint Theresa Catholic Church, completed in 1968 by American architect William F. Cody is considered one of the architect’s masterworks. Cody wa...
30-06-2021 21:47

House LO / Ateliér Lina Bellovi?ová

House LO by Ateliér Lina Bellovi?ová was completed in 2018 in Ch?iby, Czech Republic, and uses Hempcrete as its primary building material due to its g...
28-06-2021 21:44

Arch-Texture House Renovation in Australia / Luigi Rosselli

Luigi Rosselli Architects recently completed the Arch-Texture Residential renovation project in Australia embracing the arch to connect the architectu...
23-06-2021 21:52
23-06-2021 21:52

First Zaha Hadid Exhibition to Open in Shangai´s Modern Art

With a retrospective display of projects dating from 1982 to today, including projects such as the MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome (2010) or ...
21-06-2021 21:47

Grow Community Center in Amiens / Overcode

Completed in 2020 by the French Architecture firm Overcode, the Grow Community Center in Amiens was built for the ALCO non-profit organization dedicat...
17-06-2021 21:48

A? Design Award & Competition 2021 – 2022 / Early

Since 2010, the A’ Design Award & Competition recognize, reward, and promote the very best of design. It was developed as a modern interpretation of...
16-06-2021 21:49
15-06-2021 21:57
11-06-2021 21:48

Attractive Air Conditioning Options for Existing Homes

Installing a new air conditioner in an older, existing home is a great way to enhance the comfort of the occupants, but it also presents several probl...
11-06-2021 21:48
07-06-2021 21:47

Gothenburg University Library / Cobe

The Danish architecture firm Cobe has won the prestigious international competition for a new university library in the heart of Sweden?s second-large...
06-06-2021 21:45

Neuroscience Institute at Campus CEA Paris-Saclay / Dietmar

The Campus Plateau de Paris-Saclay is the Silicon Valley of Europe. Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, together with Celnikier & Grabli Architectes and ...
02-06-2021 21:49

Coworking Spaces: What are the Pros and Cons"

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals who work remotely, are self-employed, or are part of a small company. With more...
01-06-2021 21:53
31-05-2021 21:53

Higueras House / COA arquitectura

Completed in 2020 by Mexican Architecture Studio COA Arquitectura, the Higueras House is located in a plot abundant in trees and vegetation with a jun...
26-05-2021 21:55

Aneto & Table Restaurant in Portugal / Just an Architec

Completed in 2018 by Portuguese Architecture firm Just an Architect, the Aneto & Table Restaurant takes wine as the connecting element for the propose...
25-05-2021 21:52
24-05-2021 21:52

Kokonut Apartments at Riviera Maya / Riparia

Completed in 2021 by Riparia Architecture Studio, Kokonut is a fragmented residential building at the Mexican Riviera Maya consisting of three volumes...
17-05-2021 21:55

Calçada House in Porto / Ren Ito Arq.

Calçada House is located in Porto, Portugal. There was an existing house from the 18th century and several annex buildings that Ren Ito Arq. refurbish...
23-04-2021 21:56

Modern Appliances to Complement any Kitchen Aesthetic

The kitchen is like the heart of a home. It’s a warm and welcoming room that provides food, comfort, entertainment, and togetherness. A kitchen’s ...
22-04-2021 21:54

Platan Restaurant & Guest House Renovation in Tata Cast

Inspired by the design philosophy of repurposing heritage sites that can no longer perform their function, Zoltan Varro designed a contemporary landsc...
14-04-2021 21:53

Yantai Experience Centre / More Design Office

MDO was commissioned to create a landmark at the corner of the central axis of a new development area in Yatai City, a coastal city on the Shandong Pe...
12-04-2021 21:51

The Field / TEAM_BLDG

Located at the former site of an aluminum factory in the Huli District of Xiamen, The Field Studio and Exhibition Space designed by TEAM_BLDG was init...
11-04-2021 21:54

Cuisuba Yi Cultural & Visitor Center / West-line Studio

Completed in March 2021 by Chinese Architecture firm West-line studio, the Cuisuba Yi Cultural & Visitor center was conceived as a landmark to pay hom...
09-04-2021 21:55

Villa Reden Apartments / Franta Group

Completed in 2021 by Polish architecture firm Franta Group, Villa Reden is a complex of eight apartments in Chorzów, Poland. Each of the apartments ha...
08-04-2021 21:53

House in Santarém / dp Arquitectos

Completed in 2020 by Portuguese architecture firm dp Arquitectos, the House in Santrém overlooks Portugal’s countryside. Defined as a collection of ...
05-04-2021 21:57

Boge Friggars Summer Houses / Scott Rasmusson Källander

Completed in 2019 by Swedish architecture firm Scott Rasmusson Källander the Boge Friggars Summer houses are located in a small lot on Gotland, Sweden...
05-04-2021 21:57
24-03-2021 21:57

Concrete Memorial in Chishui / West-line-studio

Completed in 2010 by Chinese architecture firm West-line studio, the Concrete Memorial in Huangpi Dong, China, is configured by a succession of three ...
22-03-2021 22:00

Brion Cemetery & Sanctuary / Carlo Scarpa

The Brion Cemetery (1968?1978) in San Vito d’Altivole near Treviso, Italy, is a masterpiece of modernist architecture. Designed by Carlo Scarpa, the...
22-03-2021 22:00
18-03-2021 22:26

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Fisherman’s House by Ines Brandao Arqui...

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