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Could This Ancient Design Technique Help Keep Homes Cooler W

Summer temperatures are heating up, most notably in parts of the country that are unaccustomed to such drastic heat waves like the Pacific Northwest. ...
27-07-2021 21:43

Blue Island Estate: The Floating Luxury Community Where Home

Who wouldn’t want to live on their own private island" Lately, more and more people are trying to make that dream a reality, perhaps even more so...
24-07-2021 21:44

Disney Princess Pads Reimagined for the 21st Century

If some of our favorite Disney princesses got transported to the 21st century, what would their homes look like" “If you took away the magic and gav...
21-07-2021 21:43

50-Year-Old Industrial Warehouse Transformed Into an Organic

An old industrial grain storage complex built in the 1970s may not sound like the coolest (or safest) place to build a playground, but Beijing-based a...
15-07-2021 21:54

These Houses in Rural Japan are on Sale for Just $500

Would you live in a so-called “ghost village” if you only had to pay $500 for a house" Here in the United States, you can barely even get a studio...
14-07-2021 21:47

TECLA: A 3D-Printed Dome Home Made of Locally-Sourced Raw Ea

3D-printed architecture met an exciting milestone this spring when Mario Cucinella Architects completed a sculptural home in the Italian city of Raven...
09-07-2021 21:51

Houses of Cards: Ultramodern Granite Duo Shake Up the Status

In art, there are no rules. Give the exact same material to two different sculptors, and they’re likely to make dramatically different objects. The ...
07-07-2021 21:45

Ancient Cave Dwellings in Italy Transformed Into a Luxury Ho

In the southern Italian town of Matera, a system of natural caves called Sassi first inhabited during the Paleolithic Age has become a bustling touris...
01-07-2021 21:44

Cliff-Clinging ?Mountain House? Takes Advantage of Every Pos

Designed for a multigenerational family on Quadra Island in British Columbia, Canada, this wild “Mountain House” reimagines what residential archi...
28-06-2021 21:39

Swirling Coffee Shop in Vietnam Envisioned as a Giant Bird?s

There?s one sure way to make your building stand out on a street full of colorful but conventional architecture: give it some curves. For ?September C...
25-06-2021 21:41

Medieval City Revealed Beneath the Waters of Italy’s L

As the water of Italy’s Lake Resia slowly drained earlier this year, the remains of a centuries-old city reappeared, revealing an entire 14th-centur...
21-06-2021 21:42

Houston’s Mysterious “Darth Vader House” C

For decades, Houston residents have wondered about the mysterious “Darth Vader House,” their nickname for a sprawling luxury residence in the city...
15-06-2021 21:51

Guerrilla Greening: GIFs Present Lushly Vegetated Visions of

Cities get called “concrete jungles” for good reason, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Introducing a lot more vegetation could dramatically c...
11-06-2021 21:43

Couple Turns Reclaimed Shipping Containers Into Floating NYC

Looking for a way to enjoy New York City in the summertime, a couple recently designed a seasonal floating residence out of reclaimed shipping contain...
09-06-2021 21:44

The Big Green Bus: See How a Carpenter Transformed This Doub

When you think of double-decker buses, you most likely picture the large, bright red ones driving down the streets of London. You probably don’t thi...
08-06-2021 21:51

The World?s Largest Greenhouse Unveiled at This Year?s Venic

Designs for the largest single-dome greenhouse on the planet have just been unveiled at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale...
04-06-2021 21:41

Tree-Inspired Solar Powered Shopping Center Offers a Twist o

Just about anything we can come up with has already been perfected by nature. To find the best ways to make bullet trains more aerodynamic, produce th...
01-06-2021 21:48

Chicago Gets Its First Renovated Passive House

Woman-owned architecture firm HPZS has completed the first certified single-family Passive House renovation in Chicago, demonstrating that retrofittin...
28-05-2021 21:46

Crazy Network of Illegal Subterranean Tunnels Transformed In

For 40 years, neighbors of the modest Victorian home at 121 Mortimer Street in the Hackney neighborhood of London heard strange noises coming from und...
25-05-2021 21:48

Dunk House: A Sky-Blue Home for a Basketball Player by Studi

There’s no mistaking the fact that this pale blue residence is home to a basketball enthusiast. After all, the first thing you see from the curb is ...
21-05-2021 21:44

This Radiating Glass House Concept Pushes the Boundaries of

A revolutionary elevator model is the backbone of this sleek, spiraling glass home conceptualized over the rice fields of Xianggong, China by Italian ...
19-05-2021 21:50

Read Beneath a Giant Skylight in This 3D-Printed Concrete Bo

One of the most exciting aspects of 3D-printed architecture is the way it allows us to break free from the squares and rectangles that usually define ...
14-05-2021 21:52

Zaha Hadid?s Prspera Island Project Blends Sustainability w

Turns out luxury architecture can be both customizable and environmentally-friendly, according to Zaha Hadid Architects and their new Roatán Prósper...
04-05-2021 21:52

Selgascano?s Second Home Hollywood is an Experimental Outdoo

Some architects attempt to liven up drab and uninspiring office spaces by bringing in a little greenery. Spanish architecture firm Selgascano did the ...
30-04-2021 21:49

Architoys: NFT Auction Sells Digital Images of Virtual Archi

If you aren’t particularly tech-inclined, the mere thought of NFTs might give you a headache. Fully known as “non-fungible tokens,” which means ...
25-04-2021 21:48

MoMA’s New “Reconstructions” Exhibition Sp

How does race structure America’s cities" That’s the question New York’s Museum of Modern Art asks with its new exhibition, “A nation constitu...
19-04-2021 21:48

America’s First 3D-Printed Neighborhood to Pop Up in t

California’s population is growing so fast, the state needs up to 3.5 million new housing units by 2025. That’s a tough target to meet using conve...
15-04-2021 21:49

Sunflower House: Carbon-Positive Home?s Round Roof Follows t

We’re entering a new age, and it’s time for architecture to evolve accordingly. The same old static structures made with environmentally harmful m...
11-04-2021 21:50

The Gaia Off-Grid Container House Costs Just $21,000 to Buil

Many people dream of downsizing into a tiny house or off-grid cabin to reduce their expenses and simplify their lives. But the process of making that ...
08-04-2021 21:48

Fairytale Clubhouse Rises from a Clearing in a Japanese Fore

At the edge of a forest in Tochigi, Japan, a 165-foot-long pedestrian bridge delivers you into a clearing with three strange structures popping out of...
02-04-2021 21:48

Dubai is Getting a Wacky Clothespin-Shaped Tower in 2023

When the line between figurative art and architecture blurs, it’s usually in the form of sculptural organic structures, like the spiraling shell hou...
29-03-2021 21:42

OSSO Architecture Turns Old Paper Factory Into Hip Brooklyn

Boerum Hill is one of Brooklyn’s oldest neighborhoods, once part of the original Dutch settler town of Breuckelen. In the 1960s and 70s, the area fe...
26-03-2021 21:43

Partisans’ Groundbreaking “Fold House” Ben

Pushing the limits of physics and design, Canadian architecture studio Partisans has created a residence that rolls and bends into its surrounding lan...
26-03-2021 21:43

Brette Haus Tiny Homes are Big on Versatility, Sustainabilit

Brilliant design takes many forms, from simple to complex, small to large, and minimalistic to extravagant. In the case of Brette Haus tiny homes, exc...
24-03-2021 21:52

IKEA Puts Form and Function to the Test in Its First-Ever Ti

Using a combination of green technology and inviting hygge style, Swedish home goods retailer IKEA is jumping on the tiny house bandwagon with a new 1...
16-03-2021 22:17

Stone Barn Wall Built into New Home

A gorgeous fusion of old and new, this dwelling incorporates historic stone walls already on the building site, tapping into the leftover structural ...
15-03-2021 21:53

Modern Magic: Building a Treehouse for Kids [Plans & Pi

There is a method behind the magic of a backyard tree house – and while it is not all fun and games, the construction process can be a participator...
15-03-2021 21:53

These Enchanting Ice Castles Add Wonder to a COVID Winter

Colossal crystal stalactites rise 30 feet into the air, forming the walls and towers of Brent Christensen’s striking Ice Castle attractions. Winding...
03-03-2021 21:41

Bricks Go Bold with Organic Shapes and Patterns Based on Ben

In the West, bricks are almost always used to create straight, uniform walls in rectilinear buildings. India, on the other hand, has a long history of...
03-03-2021 21:41

A New Stefano Boeri Vegetated Tower is Coming to Milan?s 

Stefano Boeri Architects have a unique vision for futuristic architecture infused with living vegetation, incorporating thousands or even millions of ...
26-02-2021 21:42

NCaved House: Mold Architects Embed Home into Greek Cliffsid

Villainous lairs tend to share a few key defining qualities. They’re masculine in design, made of cold, hard materials like steel, glass, stone, and...
23-02-2021 21:43

8 Prefab Homes You Can Build in 3 Days or Less

Call it a mother-in-law suite, a granny flat, a guest house, a backyard office, an accessory dwelling unit, or just your own sweet compact home. Whic...
22-02-2021 21:45

Vincent Callebaut?s Stunning Sustainable Twisting Taipei Tow

French architect Vincent Callebaut has a lot of big ideas, envisioning grand, visually spectacular architectural solutions to pressing problems like c...
19-02-2021 21:43

Stacked Treehouses at China?s Senbo Resort Designed to Mimic

Subverting the notion of the tree house as a place of solitude, these stacked clusters of cabins at Xiaoshan Xianghu Resort in China stress social int...
16-02-2021 21:51

Sou Fujimoto Creates ?Palace of Musical Wonders? in Hungary

Thanks to the design wizardry of Sou Fujimoto, Budapest will have a new crowning architectural jewel by the end of 2021: the Hungarian House of Music....
09-02-2021 21:44

“Peach Hut” Brings Contemporary Architectural Ge

Why should big cities have all the fun" People living in poor and isolated rural settings deserve access to nice things, too. In the Henan province o...
02-02-2021 21:47

Opposite Office Proposes Protecting the US Capitol with a De

In the aftermath of the invasion of the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th, 2021, many people wondered what went wrong, and how we could ensure that...
27-01-2021 21:46

Spiraling 3D-Printed Tiny House Inspired by the Fibonacci Se

As 3D printing homes becomes more common, could we finally see residential architectures break out of the same old box shapes" If the Fibonacci House ...
25-01-2021 21:50

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber Buy a Mansion on Miami’

Iconic ’90s supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband, businessman Rande Gerber, are set to be the newest uber-famous residents of Miami’s celebri...
21-01-2021 21:43

12 Homes Tucked Into ?Great Wall? of Rammed Earth in Austral

In remote Pilbara, an arid, sparsely populated region in the north of Western Australia, a new zig-zag structure is visible from the sky, cutting into...
18-01-2021 21:43

For Miley Cyrus, Sex and Interior Design Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to home decor, style is subjective. And while there are common aesthetic themes like cottagecore, mid-century modern, or industrial, som...
16-01-2021 21:42

Amsterdam Museum Built Around a Glass Tank Containing a Ship

Usually, the only way to view a submerged shipwreck in person is to don scuba gear and dive beneath the surface of the sea — but if this proposal by...
15-01-2021 21:44

Sou Fujimoto Builds a Grassy Hillside in the City for ?Shiro

With a series of bland 1970s high-rise buildings as its backdrop, the new addition to the Shiroiya Hotel in Maebashi, Japan could easily have been unr...
13-01-2021 21:44

Playscraper: Eight Stacked Tennis Courts with Transparent Wa

By the year 2050, nearly 70 percent of the world’s population will live in major metropolitan areas. This trend toward urbanization represents an ad...
07-01-2021 21:40

Trump’s New Executive Order Decrees Only “Beauti

Sitting U.S. President Donald Trump has issued an executive order calling for the exclusive use of classical architecture for all new federal building...
05-01-2021 21:42

Stefano Boeri’s Flowery COVID-19 Vaccination Pavilions

Italians will soon be returning to their public piazzas, not yet for social gatherings, but to combat COVID-19 by receiving vaccines at stylish and ef...
31-12-2020 21:42

Branch-Shaped House in the Forest Enables Solitude at Family

Family get-togethers can be joyous occasions, but there comes a time when just about everyone present wishes they could retreat to a quiet place for a...
31-12-2020 21:42

Crumbling Italian Castle Transformed Into a Modern Lookout T

Over a thousand years ago, Castello Montbui was a key center of power in the Queralt mountains of Igualada, Spain, offering its inhabitants a commandi...
27-12-2020 21:40

NKAA Fits Caf and 3-Generation Home Into Tiny Corner Lot in

On a street corner in the city of Huê, Vietnam, surrounded by much more conventional buildings, a translucent tower glows, revealing its interiors to...
24-12-2020 21:42

Framlab’s ?Open House? Fights Loneliness in the City w

We tend to think of our basic needs in terms of tangibles: housing, food, water, oxygen. But in order to thrive, humans need a lot more than that. The...
22-12-2020 21:42

Mountain House in Mist: Translucent Reading Space on Stilts

Tucked into a hillside within the ancient mountain forest of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, a translucent reading room on stilts glows like a massi...
19-12-2020 21:45

Sliding Cabin Lets in as Much (or as Little) Nature as You W

Dutch architect Caspar Schols has created the perfect dwelling for maximal nature enjoyment. The wood and glass sliding shells of his new ANNA cabin a...
11-12-2020 21:42

HomeAdvisor Maps Famed Architect Paul R. Williams’ Mos

Paul R. Williams made quite the name for himself in the architectural world, designing more than 2,000 houses and 2,500 total buildings over his 50-ye...
08-12-2020 21:42

PLP Architecture Designs Striking ?Geek Community? Facility

The latest in cutting-edge technology comes together with natural surroundings at the biophilic “Geek Community Project,” a massive facility for r...
02-12-2020 21:44

Post-Pandemic “City of Tomorrow” Envisions an El

COVID-19 almost certainly won’t be the last pandemic we contend with in our lifetimes. At the same time, we’ll be dealing with both climate change...
26-11-2020 21:42

Casa Trevo: Monolithic Retirement Residence With a Rooftop P

A massive monolithic hunk of sculpted concrete with no visible windows sounds like a pretty unpleasant place to live. Wouldn’t it be dark and cold i...
23-11-2020 21:46

Portugal?s Hottest New Vacation Rental Digs Deep in Its Desi

It seems like something out of an elven fantasy novel: a hidden home with entry requiring a descent into the depths of terra firma. Serenely buried in...
19-11-2020 21:48

Oslo?s Stunning New Public Library Cantilevers Over the Wate

In Oslo, Norway, a stunning new library has been given the prominent setting it deserves over the Oslo waterfront. Set just across the street from the...
16-11-2020 21:44

Neoclassical Pool by IONS Design Perfect for Palatial Luxury

If you have more money than you know what to do with (or just like to daydream), Dubai-based design firm IONS Interior Architecture is full of outrage...
12-11-2020 22:35

A Victorian-Style Greenhouse Goes Modern for London?s Design

Ever since it first gained wide popularity in the 19th century, the Victorian glasshouse has become an iconic feature of large estates and botanic gar...
10-11-2020 21:47

2,400-Foot-Tall Futuristic Tower Proposed for Roosevelt Isla

A newly proposed tower for Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island stands to transform the city’s iconic skyline and change the way its residents live and wo...
06-11-2020 21:47

Flat-Pack IKEA House: Built & Shipped for Under $100,00

Some of IKEA’s furniture can’t even be ordered online … but a whole house" Yes, they will ship and build it all for a price that one might expe...
04-11-2020 21:45

Rock the House: Bizarre Rural Boulder and Stone Home Design

It seems too strange to be real – a home emerging from a set of giant stones, seemingly cut out of the rock itself. Yet there it stands in rural Po...
25-10-2020 21:45

Aston Martin Designs Sleek New “Sylvan Rock” Hom

What sort of residence might you expect from luxury British carmaker Aston Martin" Whatever you envision, it’s probably not too far off from the rea...
23-10-2020 21:43

Create Your Own Glamping Airbnb With O2 Treewalkers Treehous

The travel industry might never be the same as it was before the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t eager to get out of the...
21-10-2020 21:45

Sustainable Cameroonian Village Harvests Water from the Sky

A new village being constructed in the rainforests of Cameroon is attempting to solve age-old human water needs using only materials and resources nat...
16-10-2020 21:47

Modular HexBox Canopy Comes Together With Traditional Wooden

In many woodworking traditions around the world, wedged mortise-and-tenon joints have long been a way to join wooden components without the use of glu...
15-10-2020 21:48

Nest-Like Woven Pavilion Built Around Living Bamboo

Poking out of a vast bamboo forest is a golden structure that looks like it was woven by birds or small woodland creatures. Organic in shape, its form...
10-10-2020 21:45

Modern Handcrafted Shipping Container House for Sale in Colo

Shipping container houses may be made of inexpensive recycled materials, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Case in point: a unique net-zero hom...
07-10-2020 21:45

Terunobu Fujimori?s New Tea House Built on a Disused Missile

There’s something magical about the work of Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori. His tiny tea houses have a sense of vitality and movement to them,...
04-10-2020 21:45

Solar-Powered Yacht Villa Can Rise Above High Water on Deman

Living in a houseboat sounds awesome until you consider what happens during a bad storm. After all, crashing waves, battering winds, and potential flo...
24-09-2020 21:40

The 10 Most Amazing Airbnbs for Your Quarantine Vacation

Pining for a getaway in these strange times of reduced travel" You might be surprised just how many unique and awesome vacation rentals are practicall...
22-09-2020 21:43

California Startup 3D Prints Homes in Just 24 Hours

A new style of prefabricated dwellings, fully 3D printed in one day, stands to revolutionize the home construction scene. The sleek, energy-efficient...
17-09-2020 21:41

COVID-19 Sparks Changes in Home Life Among US Families

2020 will undoubtedly be a year to remember, but no one could’ve predicted that it would also change the way people exist inside their homes. The de...
15-09-2020 21:46

Tokyo Designers Bring Transparency to Public Restrooms ? Lit

“Inviting” and “appealing” aren’t exactly words typically associated with public restrooms. In an effort to change that perception, a Japane...
03-09-2020 21:43

No Defense: How Hostile Anti-Homeless Design Darkens Our Cit

You?re not just imagining it ? urban architecture has gotten a lot more uncomfortable lately, and not by accident. So-called ?defensive architecture,...
31-08-2020 22:07

World’s Last Blockbuster Video Hosts $4 Airbnb Sleepov

The last six months may have been total chaos on a global scale, but it’s also been a great time for nostalgic memories of family gatherings full of...
26-08-2020 22:08

“City Dreamers” Documentary Highlights 4 Influen

Any casual lover of architecture knows the names Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, and Robert Venturi, but far fewer have heard of Phyllis...
24-08-2020 21:44

House Gallery Boafo: Modern Rammed Earth in Ghana

Rammed earth is almost as ancient as architecture itself. This construction technique compresses locally available natural raw materials like dirt, c...
12-08-2020 21:43

Getty Research Institute Invests $2 Million in the Conservat

Innovation is typically met with curiosity and enthusiasm, but when it comes to architecture, it often tends to affect commercial value negatively in ...
06-08-2020 21:40

This Romantic Brick Home Offers a Bridge Between Forest and

Seen from above, this home looks like the ruins of an old bridge, or perhaps part of a forgotten fortress. Trees emerge from the spaces between the od...
04-08-2020 21:43

Elon Musk Releases New Renderings of Tesla Gigafactory in Be

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just given us a new look at what his company’s Gigafactory Berlin will look like once complete. The Brandenburg-area facilit...
31-07-2020 21:48

Horizontal Skyscraper by Safdie Architects Opens in China

Setting a record as the “world’s longest horizontal skyscraper,” Raffles City by Safdie Architects has officially opened in Chongqing, China. Th...
28-07-2020 21:40

Ship-Shaped Floating Houses Form a Self-Sustaining Community

On the surface, floating cities seem like a far-out, somewhat unrealistic approach to dealing with climate change. Can we really be self-sustaining w...
26-07-2020 21:42

Workstation Cabin: Geometric Backyard Pod by Hello Wood

Hello Wood’s new Workstation Cabin has a futuristic feel with its faceted geometric silhouette, but its wooden exterior can complement all sorts of ...
23-07-2020 21:42

World?s Tallest Hybrid Timber Building Set for Construction

For a long time, building tall structures out of wood seemed like a bad idea. Would they be strong enough to withstand severe weather" Wouldn’t enti...
21-07-2020 21:42

All-Bamboo “Hideout Horizon” Offers Tropical Lux

In Bali, you can find all of the must-have elements of a tropical vacation together in one place: open-air dining, hammocks with amazing views, lush f...
15-07-2020 21:42

Parking Lot Turned Into Temporary Modular Residences for Hea

All over the world, healthcare workers are living in temporary rentals, motels, and even RVs to avoid bringing the novel coronavirus home to their fam...
13-07-2020 21:39

Health Center by Thomas Heatherwick Designed as Three Massiv

The incorporation of living greenery into architecture is a very welcome trend, provided it’s done in a way that can be realistically maintained. In...
10-07-2020 21:41

Glass Surfer Cabin Floats on Air Above the Atlantic Ocean

There’s something vaguely villainous about most modern cliffside home concepts. Almost always made of concrete and glass, these proposals are often ...
07-07-2020 21:46

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paolo pettigiani’s photo series catches mesmerizing sceneries of pink water in france

paolo pettigiani’s photo series catches...

the photographer catches the fascinating pink water adding a vibrant dramatic contrast with the surrounding landscape. The post paolo pettigiani’s photo series catches mesmerizing sceneries of pink water in france appeared first on designboom |... -
Dagilupi Farmhouse by Corsaro Architetti

Dagilupi Farmhouse by Corsaro Architetti

Dagilupi Farmhouse is a traditional guest house located in Ostuni, Italy, redesigned in 2019 by Corsaro Architetti. Description The objective of the project was to restore an abandoned rural building and transform it into a... -
FR-EE envisions communal living in burning man with the holon temple

FR-EE envisions communal living in burning ma...

influenced by the community-driven atmosphere of burning man, architect fernando romero of FR-EE co-founds the design group ?planet collective? and envisions the ?holon temple?. the temporary timber pavilion could be constructed for the annual... -
LED Lighting Makes Each Space In This Bookshelf Glow

LED Lighting Makes Each Space In This Bookshe...

Architecture and interior design firm FCstudio, have recently completed an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and included in the design is a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit by the front door. -
House in Tehran with Unusual Geometrical Architecture

House in Tehran with Unusual Geometrical Arch...

The private house “Mosha” looks like a small curious Alien peaking from the ground. The house is impressive located in the nature of the Alborz mountain range near Tehran. With its distinctive and interesting architectural character, the house... -
Klein A45 Tiny House / BIG

Klein A45 Tiny House / BIG

In 2018, Bjarke Ingels Group and Klein completed the A45 prototype, a tiny house that can be built within 4-6 months. Inspired by traditional A-frame cabins, the house also has... The post Klein A45 Tiny House / BIG appeared first on ArchEyes. -
‘viewfinder’ is a large periscope-like sculpture that reflects the ocean below

‘viewfinder’ is a large periscope...

located in a coastal suburb of sydney, the sculpture is composed of a 200kg mirror cantilevered by 6 tonnes of concrete and steel. The post ‘viewfinder’ is a large periscope-like sculpture that reflects the ocean below appeared first on... -
RIBA News & Events 2020, London, UK

RIBA News & Events 2020, London, UK

RIBA Events 2020, Architecture Gallery London, UK Buildings, British Architects News RIBA News & Events 2020 Royal Institute of British Architects Exhibition + Talks + Events in London, England, UK 3 Jan 2020 RIBA News & Events in... -
Bjarke Ingels Architects and Toyota imagine a wild new smart city in Japan

Bjarke Ingels Architects and Toyota imagine a...

Squint Opera The planned urban living experiment will be erected at the foothills of Mount Fuji Mere months ago, the Alphabet-backed Sidewalk Labs laid claim to developing the most ?innovative district in the entire world,? with its big... -
Potted Topiary Tips That Maximize Greenery

Potted Topiary Tips That Maximize Greenery

Topiaries add beauty and charm to our surroundings. During the fall and winter, these sculptural plants can be used to celebrate indoor gardening as the weather outdoors grows colder. Topiaries can grace your tables and shelves all year long, and... -

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