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Bridges That Allows Animals to Safely Cross Freeways Are Bei

It’s always a terrible sight to see an animal that got hit on the highway, whether it’s a deer, coyote, dog, cat, armadillo, or whatever. Unfortun...
21-09-2022 21:40

Tour the Most Expensive House on the U.S. Market

Ten years in the making, The One is the largest and grandest house ever built in the urban world. The iconic Los Angeles structure sits on nearly 4 a...
19-09-2022 21:45

Man Turns Abandoned Tiny Home Into Dream Cottage

YouTuber and self-proclaimed clickbaiter, George Dunnett, documents his humorous journey of transforming a tiny abandoned home in the United Kingdom ...
17-09-2022 21:42

The Insane Plan to Lift a NYC Iconic Theatre

After more than a century of entertaining audiences in Times Square with performances from the likes of Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, the Palace Th...
15-09-2022 21:47

Take A Look At What Living in a Tiny Irish Gatehouse Is Like

? Take a tour through this charming Irish historic gatehouse with owner Rebecca Stice as she describes its history, decor, and the challenges of livin...
14-09-2022 21:41

12 Photos of Huge Things That Will Remind You How Tiny Human

If you suffer from megalophobia, or the fear of huge objects, you might want to turn back now… Because the photos you’re about to see are going to...
28-08-2022 22:05

What’s Inside London’s Big Ben Clock Tower"

Have you ever wondered how Big Ben, the most famous clock tower in London, England actually works" Watch the video to learn about the tower’s stori...
23-08-2022 21:51

What Happened to Charles Schwab’s Mansion in Manhattan

Charles M. Schwab built his majestic modern mansion in 1906, 34 years later, the steel magnate would pass away with only pennies to his name. What ha...
21-08-2022 21:43

Why a Historic Theater in New York City Was Lifted 30 Feet I

The historic Palace Theatre in New York City was lifted 30 feet into the air by engineers to make room for a new performance space. Robert Israel, th...
19-08-2022 21:49

These Nifty Glass Houses Are Shaped Like the Outline of Hous

A Russian architect named Alexander Nerovnya designs houses with glass fronts that have traditional house outlines, giving the structures a very uniqu...
17-08-2022 21:43

Twitter?s ?Farmhouse Shaming? Page Is Hilarious and Here Are

The “chic farmhouse” trend seems to be everywhere these days…and I’m not talking about in farmhouses, FYI… And a Twitter page called “Farm...
04-07-2022 21:44

Weird Home Features That Are No Longer Being Used And Some T

? If you live in an older home or just visited one, you might have noticed they contain some odd features. How were these mysterious elements used and...
25-06-2022 21:40

Tiny Arched Home Kits Are Available for as Little as $1,440

The tiny home craze has been in full effect for a while now and here’s another kind of small dwelling that you should look into. A company in Cyprus...
17-06-2022 21:45
26-05-2022 21:43

A Look Inside Tokyo?s Smallest Luxury Apartment

A man named Norm Nakamura took viewers on a tour of the smallest luxury apartment in Tokyo, Japan. Nakamura was surprised by the amount of storage in...
12-05-2022 21:39

Check out the inside of this $12M Newly Built Colorado Castl

Enes Yilmazer serves as tour guide of the castle, inspired by the famous Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina, and designed locally by Boulder?s BVZ Arc...
22-04-2022 21:37

Explore New York City?s Lost and Abandoned Subway Stations

The New York City subway system opened in 1904 and today more than 5 million people use the system every day. In this video, host Ryan Socash gives v...
13-04-2022 21:43
14-03-2022 21:41

How Insulated Glass Changed Architecture as We Know It

    Electricity, insulation, and economics all came together in a very short period of time to shape how we live and work. Before electricity, big ...
03-03-2022 21:37

Grandpa Uses 129 Wooden Blocks to Build Luban Lock

Luban lock” for his grandson, and many have started calling Amu the modern-day “Lu Ban” – after the famous structural engineer who is said to ...
24-02-2022 21:44

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Graphic Standards for Architectural Cabinetry

Graphic Standards for Architectural Cabinetry

Time for another round of Graphic Standards for Architects ... you know, because drawings are important in our line of work. In our constant effort to improve our drawings, it\'s time we take a closer look at cabinetry. -
Why Pole Barn Homes" Everything You Need to Know before Building One

Why Pole Barn Homes" Everything You Need...

Looking for spacious building model with easy construction" Pole barn homes are among the most popular solutions. Unlike the old ?farmhouse? barns that you often see in the country, pole barn home now comes in various styles and materials. The... -
From Bolinas to Montauk: America's new second-home hot spots

From Bolinas to Montauk: America's new second...

Vacation homes have long been a draw for many Americans, from ski condos to beachside retreats. But rising real estate prices have meant that a growing number of second homeowners can?t afford America?s priciest destinations. Instead of... -
MPavilion 2018 by Estudio Carme Pins

MPavilion 2018 by Estudio Carme Pins

MPavilion 2018 by Estudio Carme Pins, Naomi Milgrom Foundation Victoria Building MPavilion 2018 by Estudio Carme Pins Contemporary Building for Naomi Milgrom Foundation in Victoria, Australia ? Design News 14 Feb 2018 MPavilion 2018 by Carme... -
This lantern inspired house design lights up a California neighborhood

This lantern inspired house design lights up ...

Photography by Paul Dyer   Feldman Architecture have sentus photos of their latest project, the Lantern House.   Photography by Paul Dyer Located in the suburban area of Palo Alto, California, the home has an open floor plan with direct... -
This Small Kids Bedroom Combines The Bed Frame, A Desk, And Shelves To Save Space

This Small Kids Bedroom Combines The Bed Fram...

Photography by Jos Hevia   Small bedrooms often mean you have to sacrifice some of the things you’d like to include. You might have room for a desk and a bed, but no shelves. Or maybe you can fit in a bed and some shelves, but no desk.... -

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